Murder Weapon

"I purposely revealed that the seventh tail was my weakness to prevent these guys from going against me one day, so that they would pay attention to my seventh tail. I just didn't expect that the first person to fall for it was you!"

When they saw my bitter face over there, the nine-tailed Fox suddenly showed a smug expression. It seemed that this guy had cheated many of his companions, and today, I, this big fool, actually jumped out.

I stood there and stared at the nine-tailed Fox without moving. It was obvious that since this guy could become the number one demon king, then he had his reasons.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you directly. I'll torture you slowly and cut off your skin piece by piece."

"Don't be so cruel!"

After listening to this guy's words, I immediately rolled my eyes. This guy's feelings are still a little different. He actually wants to cut off my skin.

If a person has no skin, is it still human? Ah, I was drunk too. I liked to see him so proud. It was as if he was saying that I would eat you.

"Nine-tailed Fox, you let them go, I promise you."

Just as the nine-tailed Fox was about to walk towards me, the little Fox tied up there hurriedly opened its mouth and said to him, the words of the little Fox moved me a little.

After all, I know what kind of terrible things this small Fox will suffer if it agrees with him. I didn't expect that this small Fox would be so interesting at the critical moment.

"Promise me now? Unfortunately, it's too late. I have to kill this man."

After listening to what the little Fox said, the nine-tailed Fox immediately turned around and said to her with a cold smile. After listening to the words of the nine-tailed, the little guy's face immediately became extremely ugly.

"Hehe, looks like you made a mistake."

"One thing? I really admire you. Even at this point, you can still smile."

I don't think we can let this guy keep pretending to be forced. It's time to give him a good lesson and let him know not to pretend to be forced. It's time to pretend to be struck by lightning.

As for what I said, the nine-tailed Fox over there suddenly sneered. I saw two words in his eyes, which were stupid.

"As long as I want, you will die without a trace."

I continued shaking my head and saying, this guy is really upset and upset, so I'm going to solve him and let him know how stupid it is to exist in this world.

"Are you still spouting nonsense at this time? Then I will let you go to ashes now!"

It was obvious that the nine-tailed Fox was stimulated by what I said. He must have thought to himself, what is the reason for a tiny human being to dare to speak like this?

Then the nine tails behind him started to dance, and it was clear that he was about to launch an attack on me.

"Wu Hui, get out of here. You won't be a match for this guy."

Seeing the appearance of the nine-tailed Fox, the little Fox who was tied to the pillar shouted loudly. I was depressed for a moment. Did she not believe me so much?!

"Then I will show you my true strength today."

"If you say that at this time, then go to hell."

The nine-tailed Fox obviously couldn't stand my nonsense anymore, and then he rushed straight at me. When I saw him rushing towards me, a slight smile appeared on the corner of my mouth, and then calmly took out a gold amulet from my arms.

This gold amulet was left to me by my father in the past. To be honest, I wasn't going to use it today, but because the magic removal seal couldn't work for the time being, this was the only thing I had to deal with this guy.

"It's really overkill."

After taking out the gold amulet, I immediately said regretfully, to be honest, a gold amulet against a nine-tailed Fox, I was really at a loss.

But now there was no better way. Then I chanted the spell and my hands began to dance.

"Play god, you must die today!"

Seeing that I took out a piece of gold talisman, the nine-tailed Fox over there had not changed at all. In his opinion, the thing I took out was really nothing more than ordinary.

But soon he knew how wrong he was with this idea. The saddest thing about a person was probably not knowing what kind of scary people he was facing.

Over there, Xiao Le had already come to the little Fox, and then a ghost and a demon opened their eyes wide and looked at us, knowing that the next battle must be very fierce, and in their eyes, they did not think that I would win in the end.

"Go to hell!"

Half a second later, the nine-tailed Fox arrived in front of me, and by this time my chant was over. The nine-tailed Fox shouted and then attacked me with its tail.

The little Fox over there and Xiao Le screamed. In their eyes, the next second I was sure to be pierced by this tail, the sight was a little chilling.


"This... How is this possible?!"

At this moment, what the nine-tailed Fox did not expect was that just as his tail was about to touch my body, the gold amulet in my hand suddenly emitted a strong white light, and the next second he was thrown out.

Yes, it was as if a powerful force had thrown him away. The face of the nine-tailed Fox was full of disbelief. The next second, he jumped up from the ground and continued to rush towards me.

"It must have been an accident. You must die this time!"

"Why not accept this reality?!"

The nine-tailed Fox came to me again, and then one of his tails rushed at me like a mountain of lightning. When I saw this tail coming at me, I shook my head helplessly. It seemed that if I didn't show this guy a little strength, he really thought he was invincible.


A huge scream came from the nine-tailed Fox, and a tail fell from the nine-tailed Fox.


The nine-tailed Fox probably didn't expect this to happen, and then he continued to charge at me and attack me with his tail. The next thing he never thought of in his life happened, and his tail was cut off one by one by my white light.

"I suddenly realized that you're quite handsome without a tail."


Soon, the nine tails that the nine-tailed Fox was so proud of disappeared one by one. Don't tell me, this guy has a tail and I feel comfortable looking at him.

After listening to me, the face of the nine-tailed Fox suddenly changed, and then he continued to prepare to rush over, but at this time he had completely become the appearance of the Fox.