Internal Medicine

But at this moment, this Fox's body is not as big as normal, it is as big as half a room. How could this guy attack with his body in the end?

"Why can't I move?!"

The next second, the nine-tailed Fox was ready to rush at me as if they were climbing a mountain or falling into the sea, but what he didn't expect was that he couldn't move at all.

Nonsense, if my gold amulet was so easily broken by you, wouldn't it be ridiculous?

"Don't worry. It's time for a good show to begin. Then be mentally prepared."

After listening to this guy's words, I immediately sneered, then waved my right hand, and then the talisman in my hand exploded into a dazzling light, and then the gold talisman disappeared.

Soon, the white light seemed to have a life as it directly wrapped up the nine-tailed Fox, which was wrapped up in the white light, and the nine-tailed Fox immediately issued a roar of tao tian, but unfortunately, it did not have any effect at all.

Do you know why I said waste? Because this symbol hasn't played a full 150 % role yet."

At this moment, the whole body of the nine-tailed Fox has been covered with golden light. I know that in two seconds at most, this guy is going to say goodbye to the world. I have to tell him the truth before that.

From the moment I took out this gold charm, I said it was a waste, because this guy really wasn't worth a gold charm, and if the demonic seal was fine, I would have solved it in a few seconds.

But because there is no magic seal, so I can only use this gold symbol for the time being, it is really overkill, but he should be satisfied to die under this gold symbol, after all, this is a real gold symbol.

"What, fifty percent!"

As soon as I said this, the nine-tailed Fox suddenly shouted. I don't think he would have expected this to work out 50 % of the effect of this golden charm, right?!


But the next second, the nine-tailed Fox burst into the biggest shouts, because the golden light directly compressed, and soon this guy turned into a cloud of dust, poor nine-tailed Fox, as long as we obediently let go, then there is no need to die.

But everything was fated. Even if I let this guy go this time, there will be other people who will solve him next time. This is the biggest sadness in life.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Did I not realize that I was handsome until now?!"

I came to the little Fox, and this guy was looking at me with his big eyes, as if he had seen me for the first time. I was a little speechless about it.

"You... Why are you so powerful?"

"Look at what you said. I'm already so good, okay?!"

I finally understood what was going on. This little Fox couldn't accept me for being so powerful, so she probably had to be careful with me from now on.

In fact, it wasn't how powerful I was. The main reason was that the killing power of the gold charm was too great. In general, killing a Fox with a gold charm was really not worth it, although this guy was a nine-tailed Fox.

"Dad, dad, look, look, what good thing I found!"

Just as I untied the rope on the little Fox, Xiao Le over there came over excitedly and found something good?

Then I looked down and saw a ball about two centimeters in diameter lying peacefully in my smiling hand.

"Where did you get the glass ball?!"

After seeing this thing, I said it without thinking. Isn't this a glass ball? It's a dime out there. It's so ordinary. I used to play a lot when I was a kid.

"What, what do you mean by this?!"

"Glass ball, isn't it?!"

After listening to me, the little Fox over there looked at me with a pair of incomprehensible eyes and said, then she took this thing in xiao le's hand.

I was depressed for a moment. It was obvious that this was a ball. There was nothing special about it. But then the words of the small Fox surprised me. It seems that the world is really big, and I know too little.

"This is the inner core of the demon."


I have to say that when the little Fox finished saying this, my face suddenly changed, and then I took the thing from her hand.

To be honest, I never thought that this thing was actually the legendary inner core of a demon. You know, I've heard of this thing a long time ago. Whether it's a novel or a tv show, this thing is so fascinating.

When I held that thing in my hand, I did feel something strange, and a warm current flowed into my body, and the cells in my body seemed to have deepened.

"You eat this now. I'll take care of it for you."

"Eat it? Is this edible?!"

The next second, the words of the little Fox made me open my mouth wide again. Is this food edible? Is she kidding?

Would it be like eating a foreign object and pulling it out of the chrysanthemum?!

"If you don't eat it, I'll eat it. It's enough to triple your fighting power."

"I'll go, so strong!"

Seeing my hesitation, the little Fox over there was suddenly unhappy, and then said directly to me. After listening to her words, I swallowed that thing without thinking. Whatever, I'll eat it first.

"Don't resist that force. Just find a way to guide it all over your body."

"What? I found it. Dad ate it like that! I'm so unhappy!"

When I ate that so-called inner pill, I felt it dissipate in my stomach, and then I felt a strong force rushing from the lower body to the upper body. What was going on?!

In other words, I didn't die just like that, did I? If that was the case, it would be disastrous. But then the words of the little Fox made me slightly relieved, and then I sat on the ground.

Seeing me sitting on the ground, the little Fox over there began to protect me. As for Xiao Le over there, he looked at me with a look of displeasure, which I can understand. After all, I ate what she found.

Don't worry, daughter. Dad will make it up to you later, so you can rest assured.

I felt the heat of my body and wanted to run around. I took a deep breath and immediately began to use my mind to guide me. The first time I failed, the second time I failed, and finally the third time I succeeded. Soon, the heat filled my body, and the feeling was beyond words.