Do Me A Favor

"So soon?"

"I guess so. I feel that the heat in my body has been completely absorbed anyway."

"It seems that this inner core is indeed yours."

An hour later, I finally stood up from the ground. With all my efforts, I finally managed to digest that power in my body.

The little Fox obviously didn't expect me to be so fast, and then she looked at me in surprise. Her reaction made me wonder, isn't it just an inner pill? How hard can it be to digest something? But then the words of the little Fox made me open my mouth wide.

"If the average person ate an inner pill, it wouldn't take three or five years to digest it, so I said it was indeed yours."

"Three or five years? Is it that exaggerated?!"

I had to say that the words of the little Fox really shocked me. For the first time, I realized that my digestive system was so good that I had no friends.

No wonder every time I eat with a friend, I finish more than half of the dishes as soon as they are served. It seems like a lot of things are predestined.

"Here you go. Next month's rent."

"Look at you, why are you so polite?"

The next small Fox took out a few ghost teeth from their arms, and when I saw them, my face suddenly showed an unprecedented smile. Although I told her not to be so polite, I quickly reached out and put them in my pocket. Good things, really good things.

Seeing me like this, the little Fox over there rolled their eyes at me.

"Dad, shouldn't we go back?!"

"Go back, go back. We'll go back now. Let's go back and burn some incense for you."

"Long live daddy!"

At this time, Xiao Le came to us and asked. After listening to her words and looking out at the dark night, I immediately said with a smile.

Of course, I didn't forget that the inner core was found by this little girl, so I must make some delicious food for her when I go back, such as sandalwood.

When the little girl heard what I said, a bright smile appeared on her face. Then the three of us walked out.

"I'll leave it to you, brother pighead."

"Thank you, thank you. You must come and visit me in the future, brother."

When we came down, we saw the pig's head looking at us with a bright face. It seemed that he already knew what had happened above.

After listening to my words, the pig head over there ran to me and held his hand gratefully. I naturally knew why he was so happy. Without the nine-tailed Fox, this guy was the boss here. After all, I crippled all three and four of them!

After giving him a few words, the three of us continued to leave. Now what I want to do most is to go back and take a hot bath and then get into bed. It's a little exciting to think about it.

"What agreement have you reached?!"

"I can only help you in the future. What did that pig do to you when he kidnapped you? If I did anything, I would go over and give it a good beating."

"Okay, then you go."

"Well, I was just joking."

On the way back, the little Fox finally couldn't help but ask me out of curiosity. After listening to her, I explained.

As for what I just said about beating up that pig's head, it was just a joke. How could a pig who only knew how to eat go too far?

I thought that after I said this, the little Fox over there looked at me with disdain, but to my surprise, the little Fox stood there and looked at me with a very strange look.

"Wu Hui."

"Well, why did you call me?!"

I was shocked. The small Fox over there called out my name directly after standing there, which made me wonder for a moment. What kind of medicine was she selling in this gourd?!

But then her words suddenly made me understand what was going on. She also knew the word "Thank you."

"Thank you so much this time."

"It's a piece of cake. If you really feel bad about it, just do me a little favor tomorrow."


For the small Fox said thank you, I was a little embarrassed, to tell the truth, I really didn't mean to save her, after all, what I care about is the ghost tooth, the ghost tooth!

The little Fox over there nodded without hesitation after listening to me, which made me very satisfied.

Tomorrow is the day Li Xueer comes to Zhonghai. I can't wait to see this woman, and then find Wan Jingtian through this guy. I swear I'll stuff Wan Jingtian into the toilet.

"The man who hit me, old hai, none of you will leave today."

Just as we were about to return to our quarters, a dozen cars stopped not far away, and from them came people who were holding guys in their hands. From their fierce looks and what they had just said, we could tell that these guys were very, very difficult to provoke.

"Let's take a detour."

"What are you afraid of? You ate the internal medicine today and didn't exercise your muscles and bones?"

I already know what these guys are going to do next, but I didn't expect to meet a fire fight. My idea is to go another way.

After listening to what I said, the small Fox over there said to me immediately.

"No matter how powerful they are, they can't be more powerful than them. After all, they are here in numbers, and they have guys with them."

After listening to the little Fox, I immediately rolled my eyes at her, although I also very, very much want to knock these guys to the ground and can't get up.

But the other side has more than 50 people. No matter how powerful I am, I can't be their opponent. He kuan and the others were armed.

I have no doubt that if I find fault with them, then I will die very miserably.

"You idiots, get out of the way!"

After listening to what I said, the little Fox over there suddenly had a wicked smile on her face. When I saw her smile, I suddenly felt a thump in my heart. How did I feel that something was going to happen?

Soon, I knew what terrible things were going to happen. That little Fox actually imitated my business and roared at the two gangs over there.

I never expected this guy to imitate my voice so much. I have no doubt that if she goes to a good voice, she will definitely win first place.


Just as I was about to yell at the little Fox, I tragically realized that the little Fox had disappeared. Yes, even Xiao Le had disappeared. At this moment, I really couldn't express my feelings in words.

Yours, yours, yours.

"Boy, did you just call him?!"