The Capital of Arrogance

Just as I was looking around for the little Fox and Xiao Le, a group of people who were about to take action came straight to me and looked at me ferociously.

Maybe they even surrounded me to prevent me from escaping.

"If I say I didn't say it, do you believe me?!"

"We might have believed it, but now from your voice, we can't believe it."

I forced a smile out of my face, and then said to the group of guys in front of me helplessly. In fact, at this time, what I shouted in my heart was not my father, really not my father.

But then I regretted it, because the little Fox just imitated my voice. At this moment, I really don't know how to explain it.

"Cripple one of his legs!"

A middle-aged man with sunglasses said coldly to a man next to him. Almost as soon as he said that, a strong man came to me with a baseball bat.

"How dare you say that about our boss? Now I'll let you know what's wrong!"

The big man with the baseball bat came up to me, then he raised the baseball bat in his hand fiercely. Just as the baseball bat in his hand was about to hit me, I punched him in the face.

Although I know I'm not a match for this group of guys, it's not my style to sit back and wait for death, so let's do it first.


The next thing that never occurred to me happened. When my fist hit the guy's face, the guy felt like he was hit by a car, and then he flew out.

Yes, it really flew backwards. It felt faster than a bullet, and I couldn't even believe my eyes. You know, I really didn't use much strength just now.


I have to say that my move really shocked the people around me. They immediately looked at me with a pair of frightened eyes. At this moment, they looked at me as if they were looking at a monster.

"It looks good."

Two seconds later, I finally came to my senses and held my hands tightly. It must be because of the inner pill I just ate. I didn't expect that I was so powerful.

Bang bang"

"You are too weak!"

I sped up and came to the front of two of them. Today, I want to see how strong I am.

Those two guys obviously didn't expect me to come to them at such a fast speed. The next second, before they could react, my fists hit them.

At this moment, I used 80 % of my strength, and in an instant, the two guys flew out directly, faster than the first guy.

After three seconds, the two guys landed on the ground. Yes, three seconds, and then they flew over thirty meters.

It's more than 30 meters. It's only been on tv. I feel like I can't control the joy in my heart.

"Good boy, I didn't expect to have a bit of ability, everyone long-range attack!"

The man with glasses was still speaking, and soon he saw what was going on. Then the people around me hurriedly retreated, but they still kept me in a tight circle.

"Go to hell!"

"Go to hell!"


When they kept their distance from me, they got excited and threw the things in their hands over without thinking. There were baseball bats, stones and even kitchen knives among them.

In the past, if I were to tell the truth, I would only have the opportunity to be a good appointee, but at this moment in my eyes, these flying things are unusually slow.

"What? It's all caught!"

The next second, I quickly reached out and grabbed everything they threw at me. Seeing this, the guys who threw at me opened their mouths wide one by one.

I don't think they would have expected me to be able to reach such a speed. This is something that should only happen on tv.

"Give it back to you!"

Holding these things in my hands, I immediately sneered, and then suddenly threw them out with both hands. The next second, a group of guys standing in front fell to the ground one by one, and then they kept wailing.

"Damn, everyone get in the car and kill him!"

My performance was beyond their imagination, and then they got into the car separately, and the next second they hit me. In their eyes, I may be really powerful, but no matter how powerful I am, I am afraid I am not as powerful as the car!

"Don't let me down!"

When I saw the car rushing towards me, I could have avoided it, but at this time I didn't want to avoid it at all, and then I took action in an instant.


When my fist hit the front of the car, the front of the car dented and the whole car split into two.

Yes, I just split a car in half.

"Get out of here!"

At this time, the other cars just arrived in front of me, and I sneered, then quickly raised my right foot, and saw those cars flying out like balloons.

Yes, a car that weighed several thousand kilograms was kicked out by me one by one, which could only be described as horror. Looking at this scene, my heart could not restrain.


I looked up at the sky and laughed. At this moment, the huge sound wave directly shattered all the remaining car windows, and then the whole earth seemed to tremble. At this moment, I felt as if I had learned the lion roar skill.

This is a terrible reality. This reality is that I can really show what I can do on tv by myself.

"You called me the happiest."

"No, please don't."

I stopped laughing. As a gentleman, I had to keep a low profile. Then I went straight to the front of a car, in which the guy with glasses was sitting.

Seeing me standing in front of him, the guy's face turned pale instantly. No wonder, after all, the strength I showed just now was too shocking.

Seeing him like this, I suddenly sneered in my heart. Now I know I'm scared? What did you do that morning? If you don't give ni some color today, you really don't know how high the sky is.

I reached out and grabbed the car. Yes, I picked it up by myself.

"My mother, my mother, hero, please spare your life."

Seeing that I had lifted the car up directly, the spectacled man sitting in the car suddenly looked frightened. He probably never thought that things would turn out like this, and then he actually offended such a terrifying person.