Seeing Li Xue' Er

"It's too late to call the hero now."

When I heard what he said, I sneered and threw the whole car out without thinking. Yes, I threw it out.

The people around him who had finally climbed out of the car saw this scene, and then he opened his mouth wide. They probably never thought that my strength had reached this point.

You know, under normal circumstances, a person can lift a hundred kilograms of things with both hands is already very powerful, but now I actually lifted several times the weight, how can this not make them nervous and excited?!

"A bunch of guys don't come home at night with their wives in their arms, but they fight here! You deserve it!"

When I saw these guys, I immediately sneered. When I saw this smile on my face, they immediately complained that it was not good, and then they were ready to leave this side, but how could their speed be my speed now?!

I picked them up one by one and threw them out of the way. All I wanted was to be so rude and all I wanted was to be so rude!

Bang bang"

In less than a minute, the guys who were so arrogant that they seemed like they were going to tear me apart fell to the ground one by one, and the lowest of them was broken bones.

"How do you feel?"

"Well, it's better than ever. I feel full of power."

After taking care of these guys, little Fox and Xiao Le appeared in front of me. I have forgotten what little Fox did to me just now, and then said to her with a smile.

It turns out that having power is such a joyous thing. At this moment, I really feel invincible.

"There are people outside. There are mountains outside. Don't be so excited. Let's go."


The little Fox couldn't help but pour cold water on me when they saw how excited and happy I was. In fact, I also knew that she was doing it for my good, letting me know that there were many people in the world who were more powerful than me.

But now my heart is still exceptionally happy, exceptionally happy, I feel that my revenge, what should be avenged, will be avenged! Then the three of us went home, and the next day was coming. Li Xueer, I've been waiting for you for a long time.

"Has everything been installed?!"


In the middle of the hotel room, I asked the little Fox. After listening to me, the little Fox nodded immediately. When I saw her nod, a bright smile appeared on my face.

After turning on the computer, I saw the situation in the other room. Yes, I just asked the small Fox to put the camera in that room. You know Li Xueer is going to stay in this room later.


"It's finally here!"

Half an hour later, the door finally opened and two men and a woman appeared in the room after the complaint. The man was dressed as a bodyguard, while the woman was Li Xueer, who hadn't seen her for a year.

Yes, it was Li Xueer. I could never forget her appearance. To be exact, I would never forget anyone who appeared on the cliff that day.

"Check it out. The person we sent to contact the Black snake last time is missing. I don't know if the voldemort bell is in his hands."

After entering the room, Li Xueer sat in the chair next to her and then said to one of the men on the left. She could see that she was very angry now and was probably still thinking that it was okay for the last man to suddenly disappear, the voldemort bell.

"Yes, miss."

The bodyguard nodded at her words, then turned around and went out. After he left, Li Xueer gave orders to another person.

"I need a break from the good guard."

"Yes, miss."

After listening to Li Xueer, the last bodyguard left. Then Li Xueer was the only one left in the room. After looking around and finding that there was no one left, Li Xueer felt relieved and took out a small box in his arms.

After a careful look, she put the box back on her body. After doing this, she removed her clothes and went to the bathroom to take a good bath.

"What are you going to do?"

"Do what needs to be done."

After confirming that Li Xueer was officially staying in this room, my heart finally settled down, then I stood up from my seat and walked out. Seeing me walking out, the little Fox asked in confusion.

I answered without thinking. To me, the most important thing I want to do now is to pay a good visit to that Li Xueer. I haven't seen him for a year. I wonder if you still remember me!

"Hmm? What's the matter with you?!"

When I got to the elevator, a man in a suit came out of the elevator. The man was ready to leave, but I blocked him.

This guy was none other than the bodyguard Li Xueer had called at first, and now he looked very unhappy. Nonsense, if anyone were blocked, they wouldn't be in a good mood.

"Look at you."

"You want to die."

After listening to what I said, the guy became obviously angry, and then he was ready to attack, but I punched him far away.

"This guy left it to you, Xiao Le."

"Okay dad!"

After the other side knocked this guy out, I said to Xiao Le over there. After listening to me, Xiao Le immediately laughed and went straight into his body.

After she was possessed, she went out and everything was going according to the plan.

"Let's go."


After the guy that Xiao Le was attached to left, I said to the little Fox behind me. After listening to me, little Fox nodded immediately, and then we got on the elevator.

"What's the matter with you?!"

"Yes, I'm looking for Li Xueer."

"What, you..."


When I came upstairs, I saw a second bodyguard standing at the door. When he saw me and the little Fox, he was confused. Then when I said the word Li Xueer, the guy's face changed.

You can tell that the name Li Xueer is not something that ordinary people can know. He was going to do it, but how could I give him a chance to do it? It was just a slight strike and the guy fell to the ground. It was really not a challenge at all.


Looking at this door, I did not choose to knock on it, but directly kicked it over, and in an instant the door flew far away.

"I'll take care of you outside. I don't want anyone to disturb me."

After kicking the door open, I told the small Fox next to me that it was not a problem to solve this problem with her magic. The little Fox nodded and began to get busy. I went straight into the room.

"Who are you? What do you want to do?!"