News of Wan Jingtian

When I first entered the room, I saw Li Xueer standing there with a face full of surprise wrapped in a towel. I could tell that the door was less than ten centimeters away from her, and I almost solved her directly. This guy was lucky.

When she saw me, she immediately asked with a sullen face. She probably didn't expect this to happen. Then I sat down on the sofa next to her.

It seems that she doesn't remember who I am, but it doesn't matter. I'll let her know who I am soon.

"Li Xueer doesn't remember me after only a year! When you were with Wan Jingtian in the village a year ago, don't you remember?!"

I sat on the sofa and although my tone was very calm, my anger was getting deeper and deeper in my heart. To me, this woman was no less sinful than Wan Jingtian.

She'd better cooperate, or I can't guarantee what I'll do.

"So it's you, you're that Wu Hui!"

After listening to me, Li Xueer finally remembered, then looked at me with a gloomy face and said. I don't think she would have thought that I'd come to her as soon as she came to Zhonghai.

"Tell me where Wan Jingtian is so that you may still be alive."

I looked at Li Xueer and said in an unusually cold voice. It's a pity that Wan Jingtian didn't come with this woman this time, or else things would be interesting.

"You want to know where jingtian is? It depends on whether you can live or not!"

After listening to me, Li Xueer sneered, then took out three pieces of rune paper from the side, and the next second, the three pieces of rune paper started to burn.

"What's the most powerful thing about the The Voldemort Faction, do you know?!"

"I don't know."

"That means you can summon a demon!"

The next second, when the rune paper was about to burn out, Li Xueer said to me with a sneer. Her words really surprised me. The The Voldemort Faction could call out magic objects.

The next second, when her yellow symbol was finished, the three monsters appeared in the room. They were said to be monsters because they all fit the characteristics of monsters.

The head of the demon, and then holding an unknown weapon. If we were to send a war of warcraft, we wouldn't need makeup at all.

"Kill him for me! Be quick and clean!"

When all three of them came out, Li Xueer burst out laughing and said, in her eyes, I have become a dead person.

Almost as soon as Li Xueer's words fell, those three guys rushed at me.

"Wu Hui, you're dead. These are the three strongest guys in the demon world. I don't know how many people died in their hands. You're going to be like those people today!"

Li Xueer saw the three monsters getting closer and closer to me. She couldn't help but shout loudly. But what happened next made her open her mouth wide. I guess she never thought that things would turn out like this.

"A demon should stay in the demon world and run out for nothing!"

When I saw these three guys charging at me, I punched them without thinking, and in an instant, one of them flew out of the window, followed by another two punches, and soon the three magical objects that Li Xueer had high hopes for disappeared.

"Your magic thing doesn't seem to be that powerful."

"How... How is that possible? Even a master can't do this."

I stood up from the sofa and walked slowly towards Li Xueer. I said to Li Xueer with a sneer as I walked. It was so boring. These three guys didn't even give me enough space between my teeth.

Seeing me walking towards her, Li Xueer clutched her scarf fiercely and kept retreating. The calm expression on her face had long disappeared, replaced by a look of fear. She probably never thought that things would turn out like this.

"Tell me where Wan Jingtian is?!"

The next second I was in front of Li Xueer, and then I reached out a hand to grab her neck. Because her neck was caught, Li Xueer reached out both hands and the scarf fell off. Her body appeared in front of me without any scruples.

But I don't even bother to look at it. I just want to know where Wan Jingtian is now!

"Don't think... Don't think about it."

"No punishment for a toast."

Although Li Xueer looked very uncomfortable, she was not prepared to say anything, and then looked at me fiercely. After listening to her words, I was immediately unhappy.

With great force, the woman flew out, and then Li Xueer landed heavily on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Can't you just show mercy?!"

"Anyone else is fine, but this woman is the only one!"

The little Fox standing at the door might not be able to bear it, and then said to me, after all, they are all female creatures, so it might be easier to develop feelings.

After listening to her words, I thought about it and said it out loud. For this woman, I would not be interested in pity. Seeing me like this, she simply did not say anything over there.

"Hehe, Wu Hui, I didn't expect you to grow to this level in a year, but can you beat a bullet?!"

The next second, the small Fox took out a gun from somewhere and pointed it at me. It seemed that this woman had prepared a lot of registration methods to make sure.

"Go to hell!"


I didn't say anything, just stood there quietly. The next second, the woman shot, and then she smiled. In her eyes, I was dead.

"How... How is that possible!"

"I'm sorry, I can really dodge a bullet!"

But soon the smile on Li Xueer's face disappeared, replaced by fear, which was no wonder, because not only did I dodge the bullet, I also caught myself.


I threw the bullet to the ground, then stepped up and came to this guy. When I came to her, I lifted her up again.

"Even if you kill me, I won't tell you where jingtian is!"

As I grabbed her by the neck, Li Xueer's breathing started to quicken, and then she said it with difficulty. To be honest, there was a moment when I was really touched by this woman. Even if I killed you, you wouldn't tell me where Wan Jingtian was? Why are you so infatuated?

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. How can I kill you if you tell me what I want to know?!"

"What... Do you want to do?!"

"I'm going to use soul searching!"

This woman is really thinking too much. I can't just kill her like this, so there's no need to play. I wasn't going to use soul-searching, but now I've decided to play.

"What, soul searching?!"

Li Xueer's face turned pale when she heard my words. It seemed that she knew the power of this technique.

"Are you crazy? How dare you use this technique?!"

"Then it's none of your business. Are you ready? Then I'm going to start."

This soul-searching technique was indeed a great burden to the body, but as long as I could get what I wanted to use, everything was worth it.

"No... No!"

At this moment, that Li Xueer finally got scared, because my other hand had already started to stroke her head.

Once the soul-searching technique is used successfully, the information in the other party's head will be taken away by me, and then the other party will become a fool.

"You can't do this. I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I don't want to be a fool."

"I've given you a chance, but you didn't appreciate it."

After listening to this guy's words, I shook my head. Why do people like this always choose when they know they have no choice? But I'm not going to give her this chance.

"Soul-searching, open it for me!"

By this time, my spell had been completed, and then I shouted, and Li Xueer's eyes were lost. My eyes were closed tightly, and this was the most critical moment.

"I see. It looks like we're going to meet Wan Jingtian soon."

Ten minutes later, I finally let go of Li Xueer's neck. I already knew what I wanted to know from this guy.

Wan Jingtian is coming to Zhonghai in a few days. We are finally going to meet. It's still a little exciting to think about it.

"Dad, I'm back."

"Have you solved the problem?"

"It's settled."

"Very well, this body will be yours in the future."

"Thank you, dad."

Not long after, Xiao Le came back, and I told Li Xueer's body that now that Li Xueer was in a daze, it was a good opportunity for Xiao Le to borrow her body.

After hearing what I said, the man over there laughed and jumped into Li Xueer's body.

"Daddy, am I pretty?!"

"Ahem, it looks good, but put on your clothes first!"

The little girl took my hand and said with a smile. I was a little embarrassed when I heard what she said, because this guy wasn't wearing any clothes. She was really trying to seduce me.

Fortunately, the small Fox rushed over and put on her clothes. Then the three of us left.