I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot



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330.Chapter 330 A Marriage with A License?


"Honey, don't..." "Baby, be good and take the medicine." The handsome and noble man hugged the delicate woman in his arms and coaxed her in a low voice. There were so many scum around her that qiao mianmian found herself a strong backer who could let her do whatever she wanted. After being betrayed by her fiance, she got married to mo yesi, the most distinguished crown prince in Jiangcheng. Qiao mianmian said, "You saved me. I promised you my life." The man chuckled, "How can you save your life once? I'm a traditional man. I gave it to you for the first time. You have to take responsibility for me." "Mianmian, marry me and you will get a rich and beautiful husband who dotes on you and helps you to abuse scum." Before the marriage, mo yesi was the abstinent male god who was not close to women in the eyes of everyone. He was handsome, noble, and unparalleled. After marriage, mo shao's daily life mode: doting on his wife + doting on his wife + occasionally helping his wife abuse scum

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