Chapter 280 Did You Go to Mian Mian Just Now?

Making a sweet wife angry: my husband is addicted to spoiling! > Vote for recommendation: one chapter on douluo continent iii legend of dragon king tianhuo avenue holy ruins douluo continent 3 legend of dragon king douluo continent Thinking of this, She regained her composure and her heart was not as flustered as it had been at first. She sipped her coffee slowly, put the cup on the table, then looked up at Zhangbo and said with a smile, "Okay, I'll go right away." After that, he looked at Mofuren apologetically, "Moyi, I'm sorry. I can't have afternoon tea with you for the time being." When Mofuren heard that Mo Yesi was looking for her, he immediately said with a smile, "Go ahead. You and Asi have been on good terms since childhood. It's been more than a year since we met. He must have a lot to talk to you. You young people talk to each other more, don't worry about me." Mofuren did not admit in her heart that Qiao Mianmian was her daughter-in-law. She still liked Shen Rou. In her opinion, her son was so outstanding that even if he was divorced, the status of a second marriage would not affect anything. Besides, Shen Rou was still so infatuated with her son. So even though Mo Yesi was married, she still wanted to set him up with Shen Rou. I wish they could be alone. "Moyi, I'll go first." Shen Rou gave a decent smile, got up slowly, turned around and left with Zhangbo. On the way. Shen Rou pretended to be very casual and wanted to get some information from Zhangbo, "Zhangbo, when Asi looked for you just now, how did he feel?" Zhangbo had been working in Mo residence for decades. There were naturally a few brushes for him to be the old butler now. When Shen Rou asked, he immediately figured out what she wanted to know. It seemed that she had guessed what the young master wanted to talk to her about. Uncle zhang thought for a moment and reminded her, "The young master doesn't look well. He seems to be angry about something." Shen Rou's face changed slightly, "... Really? Does he look angry?" "I guess so." Zhangbo pretended to be strange and said, "I don't know what happened to second young master. He was fine before, but his face suddenly changed." Shen Rou's hand, which was hanging by his side, tightened and his heart began to panic again. Hearing what uncle zhang said, she began to lose her mind again. Thinking of Mo Yesi's temperament, she became more and more nervous.* Outside the study door, Zhangbo knocked on the door and said respectfully to the people inside, "Second young master, Shenxiaojie is here." "Let her in." The voice coming from the study was very cold and could not feel the temperature. Hearing this cold voice, all of shen rou's confidence before she came turned into nervousness. Zhangbo reached out to open the door and bent down in a "Please" position, "Shenxiaojie, please go in." Shen Rou stood at the door for a few seconds, bit his lip, took a deep breath, and slowly walked in. Zhangbo closed the door a little, leaving a gap. When Shen Rou entered the study, he felt a cold air rush towards him. When he looked up and saw Mo Yesi's handsome face, which was as cold as ice, his heart thumped and he could not help but clench his hands. "Asi, you're looking for me." She squeezed out a smile from the corner of her lips and pretended that nothing had happened, "Is there something wrong?" Mo Yesi looked at her coldly, "You went to see Mianmian just now?" Shen Rou's face froze. She didn't expect mo yesi to be so direct. It was from a famous Shenjia. She had seen a lot since she was a child, and her courage and knowledge were much higher than ordinary girls. After a few seconds of panic, she quickly calmed down. She squeezed another smile from the corner of her lips and said casually, "Yes, I went to see her just now. Did Mianmian tell you?" One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapte