Chapter 45 Take My Life

Senior brother listened to me and burst out laughing.

"You're talented. I didn't expect you to recognize the master."

I looked at my senior brother in disbelief, and the shock in my heart was overwhelming.

"Master, why do you look like a senior brother, and why did you kill me?"

The master stopped laughing with a crazy smile on his face.

"Since you're going to die anyway, master will tell you everything is fine..."

In the master's narration, I finally understood the whole story.

More than ten years ago, the master felt that the limit had come, so he secretly looked for a way to live long.

Later on, he really found a way to put a spell on himself.

At that time, the master prepared everything, but the last step went wrong, causing the voodoo to be uncontrolled and almost died.

One day, the master had a voodoo attack, but he was saved.

Although the voodoo had been cured, his body had completely collapsed and was about to run out of oil.

At this moment, the master suddenly thought that he got a book from the home of the person who saved him, which had a way to increase his life expectancy.

The solution was to find a person, through some special medicine and secret methods, to transfer his soul to that person.

In order to survive, the master tried the method in the book.

In the end, he managed to survive with the help of his brother's body.

The master's words were beyond my comprehension, and I didn't come to my senses for a long time.

After a long time, I found my voice and asked the master if he was afraid that I would find out if he had driven him out of the master's room.

The master nodded and smiled smugly. "When I kicked him out of the master's room, I was afraid of revealing my flaws. When my body was buried, I immediately left. I contacted you after so many years just in case. As I thought, you didn't see anything wrong with me."

My heart was burning with anger. I didn't expect the master to kill his senior brother in order to live.

More importantly, the master was right. After all these years, I really didn't find anything wrong with him.

Wait, the master said that someone saved him and got a book?

I suddenly remembered something and asked, "Master, was the person who saved you a capitulating master?"

The master was stunned and blurted out, "How did you know?"

I closed my eyes and smiled bitterly. I didn't expect that the person who stole aiwa's book would be the master.

The reason why Aywa didn't recognize the master was that the master used his own body at that time, but now the master used his brother's body.

Instead of answering the master, I asked him why he used his brother's body.

My senior brother and I were orphans and were brought up by our master.

From a young age, my senior brother and I treated our master like our own father.

The master's face was ferocious, but his tone was unusually calm, as if a storm was coming.

"You're talented. Actually, the master didn't choose Ah Qi at first, but you!"

The master's words startled me, and I couldn't hear anything. The only thing left in my mind was that the person I chose wasn't my senior brother, but me.

"Back then, I was going to use your body, but you were Tong Zi's body at that time. Your yang was too strong, and my soul was too weak, and the chances of success were too low. That's why I chose Ah Qi."

"Master has already taken my brother's body, and now he wants to kill me. Why?"

I looked straight at the master, my heart strangely calm down.

"Something's wrong with this body. I want your life..."