Chapter 46 Refining

It turned out that the master's body had begun to rot without knowing when.

If he didn't renew his life in time, he would die soon.

I calmly asked the master when he started plotting against me.

The master told me while he was at the side, not knowing what to do.

Not long after occupying his senior brother's body, he discovered that his body was rotten and tried to change it again.

But after several attempts, none of them succeeded.

So he changed his mind and tried to recuperate.

It just so happened that he had a way to find a person with extremely yin body and refine it.

This not only restores the body, but also increases life expectancy.

Over the years, the master had been using this method to maintain his body.

But in the past few years, it has been found that this method is no longer feasible. Not only is the body not well, but the rate of corruption has increased.

There was no other way. The master had to try something else.

When the master could not find a solution, a turning point appeared.

One time, when I was traveling with my master, I was injured.

The master accidentally sucked my blood, and he found that the rate of decay in his body slowed down.

Then the master tried a few more times and found that my blood really slowed the rate of corruption.

So he decided to refine me.

Hearing this, I felt as if I had been hit in the head with a stick.

No wonder every time my master asked me to play, I would get hurt and bleed. I thought it was bad luck.

Now it seems that everything is a master's trick.

At this moment, although I can't see, I know my face must be very ugly.

The master said to himself as if he didn't see the anger on my face.

Ever since he decided to refine me, he began to lay out a plan.

Because my body is extremely yang, if I want to refine it, I must first transform my body into an extremely yin constitution.

Huang Ling was his man from the beginning. The most important step to get me into the game was to get dirty from Huang Ling's house and then go to the Yang yi family.

The kid in Yang Yi's house, from the beginning, was prepared for me, just to transform my body.

Later on, I was really fooled, and I was bitten by that little ghost.

By this time, my body had begun to change.

In order to completely transform me into a yin constitution, the master specially asked me to look for the Miao jiang witch.

Because of the witch's words, I did not doubt it and drank the body oil directly.

And the body oil, is the last step to success, it can stimulate the yin qi in my body, thereby expelling the yang qi.

On the surface, I took the antidote, but in fact, it worsened the condition.

And the kid from the Yang yi family was also ordered by the master to get Huang Ling back.

Just to test whether my body has completely turned into a yin constitution.

I didn't expect it to be successful. Now I just need to be refined.

I sneered from the bottom of my heart. If there was no corpse, Li Da, the master would have succeeded.

At this time, the master came up with a bowl of dark things and asked me to drink it.

I looked at the master quietly and said calmly, "You don't have to waste your time. The voodoo in my body has been solved. Even if you kill me, you won't be able to live."

With a bang, the medicine in the master's hand fell to the ground.

The master grabbed me by the neck, his eyes red and frightening.

"What did you say? How can you solve that voodoo?"

The master pinched so hard that I could hardly breathe, and my chest throbbed.

"That day, when I said I was going on a trip, I was actually going to cure voodoo!"