Chapter 48 Counterattack

I thought Li Da was buried in a dry well and his soul was gone, but I didn't expect him to still be there.

Li Da's eyes were red and he looked at the master with clenched teeth.

I quickly called Li Da to help me untie the rope.

But Li Da didn't look at me at all and rushed straight at the master, shouting, "You murderer, I want you to pay for your life."


The alarm went off in my head, and I remembered the miserable bodies in the dry well.

Did the master kill all those people?

Thinking of this, my heart was filled with fear.

My master taught me and my senior brother not to hurt innocent people since we were young, and we all did it.

But what about him?

In order to survive, hundreds of people were killed, and their hands were covered with the blood of innocent people.

At this moment, he was no longer the master in my mind.

It was a devil who did not compromise his means to achieve his goal.

Li Da was kicked away by the master before he met him.

The master made a few moves, and all of a sudden, the golden light shot up and hit Li Da.

Li Da screamed and puffed white smoke.

In my eyes, in my heart, I kept struggling with the rope in my hand, but I couldn't break free.

I looked at Huang Ling beside me and hurriedly said, elder sister Ling, for the sake of helping you before, let me go.

Huang ling gave me a blank look and said coldly, "I won't let you go. Give up."

As he spoke, he never looked at me again and cast his eyes at the master.

I gritted my teeth and looked at Huang Ling angrily, cursing her in my heart countless times.

Suddenly, I saw a knife beside me. It was used by the master to cut my hand.

I quickly moved my body over and slowly moved the knife upwards.

Because it was inconvenient, the knife cut the rope very slowly and only half of it was cut in half a day.

I cut the rope quickly while keeping Huang Ling from noticing.

At this moment, Li Da's voice had weakened and was about to die.

I was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and my speed was much faster.

Just as I was sweating with anxiety, the rope finally broke, and the other ropes were quickly cut.

Suddenly, my chest hurt, and I knew that the drug drop was about to take effect.

Looking at the little ghost floating in the air, I remembered what my master said before.

If you kill the kid who dropped the medicine, the medicine drop will be released, and the person who controls the kid will also be attacked.

I took out a few Huang Fu from my pocket, some on the knife, some wrapped around my hand, lifted my breath, and rushed towards the kid.

The little ghost suddenly turned around and his whole face appeared directly behind his head.

I froze, and my speed slowed down a lot. The kid ran away directly from my knife.

At this moment, Huang Ling turned around and was about to speak.

I rushed up and covered her mouth.

I knocked Huang Ling unconscious and rushed towards the kid.

The little ghost also knew the danger and flew towards the master while shouting.

But Li Da's voice was so loud that the master didn't notice the kid.

I chased after the kid to prevent him from flying to the master.

I pretended to hit the kid in the chest and grabbed his foot while he was dodging.

Because I had the Huang Fu in my hand, the kid couldn't break free and started screaming.

I pressed the kid to the ground and stabbed him in the heart with a knife.

Suddenly, the little ghost let out a shrill cry, and then his body became void.

Soon, the little ghost disappeared.

At the same time, the master also let out a scream and spat out a mouthful of blood...