Chapter 521 Terrifying

In this situation, they could only choose to move forward, because if they did not move forward, the consequences would be unimaginable. At this stage of illness, they could not care about so many things at this time.

It has to be said that at this stage, they did not think much about it, but now the two sides are fighting, if they do not play at this time, there is indeed a problem. Who would think that they have to play at this time no matter what the other reason is? If they didn't do anything at this time, the local authorities might think they were afraid, which would make them look down on their country even more.

Some things really have no way, regardless of the outcome of the matter to this stage can only be this way, thinking of this situation, the deputy general is really worried, if it can be seen that the other party is really powerful, they will undoubtedly be sent to death at this time.

But there was a serious problem. If they didn't do it at this time, the consequences would be unimaginable. No matter what, there was only one choice.

It was really painful to think about it. No matter what the outcome was, things could only go on like this, so when they thought about it, they suddenly felt that things were getting worse.

And no matter what the other reasons are, in this situation, we can only look at it, think about it, things are really complicated, because they are very clear that if this thing continues, it will really make things very troublesome.

But now it was really only possible to make a move, so at this time, their army rushed up at a fast speed. Although many people were afraid from the bottom of their hearts, they were afraid that at this time the general had already issued an order. If they did not make a move at this time, they would be deserters. If they were deserters, they could be beheaded.

If it really reached this stage, the consequences would be unimaginable. When they thought about it, they knew very well that there was no other choice at this time. The deputy general finally compromised, and he rushed up at this time.

When a small group of them rushed up and saw a lot of ying long flying in the sky, you know, after such a thing appeared, they had no way at all. How could a person fight with a monster?

Sure enough, other countries could not belittle them. They not only sent humans, but also joined forces with other races. In this way, they would not be able to fight against them at all.

There was already a big gap in itself, so it was really a little helpless. After thinking about this, things seemed to become more and more complicated. I can't even imagine what would happen next. If this goes on for a long time, things are really a little helpless.

There are many things you can't just look at the surface, because if you only look at the surface, things will be very bad, so now this lesson really let people have no other way. At this time, something also drilled out from under the ground, very fast, but saw that the ground suddenly opened a very deep hole, followed by my various lizards climbed out, these are all hidden in the rock layer of poison. Lizard.

The lizards looked so big that they could not be compared to ordinary lizards at all. They should be dozens of times bigger than ordinary people. They were much bigger than ordinary people. After seeing these lizards, many soldiers could not help but start to retreat. They were really scared and could not fight them at all.

They knew that they could not win the bet, and they knew very well that it was impossible to win at this time. The gap was too big, and they knew it very well.

The battle itself did not have any confidence, and after seeing so many warcraft, they were really afraid. If this continued for a long time, the consequences would be unimaginable, so at this time they could not help but start to retreat. After seeing this scene, the general was very angry. He knew that they could not fight now, but even in this way, they could not retreat.

If the soldiers in front of him had the hind legs, then the ones behind him would be even more afraid to move forward. He was very sure at this time, so no matter what, he could not let such a thing happen. After thinking of this, he couldn't help but say angrily, "Whoever dares to move back, directly behead in the same place!"

In itself, they were at a time when the two armies were at odds. How could they be allowed to retreat at this time? Who knew what the consequences would be? No one could accept it, let alone a general.

After hearing this, the left vanguard was very anxious at this time, because he knew that the situation was really not optimistic now. You know, with their ability, they could not fight at all. The consequences of such a long time would be unimaginable, so at this time he could not help but say, "General, if we continue like this, we will be very dangerous. Look at the other party, they are all warcraft. They have a warcraft army. And we have nothing. If we do that, we will be completely at a disadvantage, and we will probably be completely annihilated."

The situation was really like this. There were so many other warcraft corps, so many poisonous lizards coming out of the ground, and so many ying dragons flying in the sky. It had to be said that they looked really terrible. In their current situation, it was impossible to fight each other. If this went on, it would be very likely that the whole army would be destroyed.

There were some things that they really couldn't do, and they couldn't do it with all their might, because the disparity in strength was so great that it wasn't something that could be solved in a few words, so now that they saw this situation, they knew it very well in their hearts.

When the general heard this, he was very clear in his heart, because at this stage, he understood more than anyone, but now that he was in the battlefield, he could not retreat. If he retreated, the consequences would be unimaginable, and he did not want to retreat, because for him, it was a very fortunate thing to be able to go to the battlefield.

So at this point, he nodded and said with certainty, "Of course I know that, but even in this case, I have no other way. As you can see, this situation no longer allows us to retreat. If we retreat after the war, things may not be as simple as they say. For us, this thing can only go on and on. Because we can never let the soldiers behind us feel powerless."

It was the usual practice for a man to bleed without tears, and he knew very well that no matter what, he would not be able to stay here, so at this time, he began to order that he should rush into battle and wait for when.

Some things have come to this point, there is really no way. If this continues, the consequences will be unimaginable. I feel that the current situation really does not give people any reason, especially in the current situation. If this continues, they can only be completely annihilated, but I really can't think about it anymore.

At this time, the two sides were fighting together. It had to be said that the Great xia did not have the opportunity to fight because they could only retreat.

There were a lot of people on the other side, and they were very powerful. Almost all of them were elites, but they were different on this side, so it was a headache to do things after seeing this situation. If this continued, there was no way at all.

This situation was really a little helpless, but also had to go all out, because this might be the only way, if not, who knows what will happen next at least until now, there really is no better way.

If this continues, the point is that everyone knows that this is a lost battle. No matter who commands this battle, the outcome is the same, but being a general is still very stressful, because seeing so many soldiers charge up is a way to die. He really doesn't know how to choose.

At this moment, the two sides were at loggerheads, and the Great xia was about to be completely destroyed. Seeing this situation, it was really a little helpless. If this continued, things would become unimaginable, and some things really made people have no way.

After seeing this situation, my heart was really sad, so it was really a little helpless at this time, but there was really no other way. At that moment, I suddenly felt that a few light waves rushed over immediately, and saw a purple flame directly falling from the sky onto the ground, forcing all these magical beasts to retreat.

In this way, everyone on the scene was stunned, completely unaware of what had happened. After they saw all of this, they were completely stunned, because it was too fast, could not see clearly, and it was really terrible, but that moment, could actually make all the warcraft retreat, this was simply unimaginable.

The general was also surprised at this moment. She never thought that things would turn out like this, because he didn't see anything at all. He was the strongest person here, but he didn't even know the speed.

Because there was no way to know who was responsible for this sudden attack. They didn't know if they were friends or foes, but the scene suddenly became chaotic.