Chapter 527 Ambition

No matter what stage it is now, it can only be like this. If it continues like this, things will be the same, so thinking about it really gives people a feeling of helplessness.

Especially at this stage, if this continues, it really makes people helpless, because they are very clear that some things, really can only be watched helplessly, if you want to clarify her, it is really difficult.

No matter what the other reasons were, at this juncture, they knew this very well. At this time, no one dared to retreat, because the consequences of retreating would be unimaginable, especially in such a situation, no matter who they were, they understood.

In fact, this matter itself was not terrible. What was terrible was that they did not know that the opponent was so powerful. In this way, the situation would be reversed very quickly. After the enemy saw this situation, they were very worried. Once these three people existed, it was not easy for them to attack this country.

At this time, xuebingyan wouldn't care so much. He just wanted to solve this person in front of him. Of course, he didn't solve it directly. Everything was slow. He felt that what you said to that person was too much, so he would stay for a while longer.

To put it bluntly, at this time, she was also playing a big game. She should not have asked about these things, and should not care about these things, but now she suddenly had such a different idea. If it were someone else, perhaps it would not be like this.

At this stage, things have become very complicated, and the whole battlefield is in a mess, which has caused the parties to fight, because they do know very well if they do not act at this time, and when, moreover, the Great xia side has already been eager to move, because they know very well, for them, this is a good opportunity.

The two sides were fighting together. Without the help of the warcraft, their fighting power had obviously decreased a lot, so that the Great xia would not be so easily defeated by them.

When the enemy saw this situation, he was really angry. He never thought that they could easily break it, and it was still the case. If it was someone else, it would have been very angry, but there was really no other way now.

You know, at this moment, their leader was still at war with others and had no time to command them, so they could only rely on themselves in this situation, but the enemy also threw too hard, mainly because they had always failed and could rarely get up once, so this time they were very hard.

The Great xia soldiers looked like they were on fire. They had to get rid of each other at this time, because to them, it was too much to be bullied by them all the time. No matter who was fighting at this moment, they just wanted to vent their anger.

When the enemy saw this situation, they did not need to start to retreat again and again. They never thought that things would turn out like this. If they continued like this, the consequences would be unimaginable.

There are some things that can't just look at the surface. If they only look at the surface, this situation is the most terrible for them, because there is no way out for them in this situation. If they continue like this, things will get worse, so they know this very well. They can't retreat at this time no matter what.

The deputy general was very happy to see this situation. Their Great xia could finally save a little face, at least not be looked down upon by others. If they were looked down upon by others, then they could not win at all. Because the morale of the soldiers was completely gone, so this situation was completely advantageous to them. Most importantly, The local warcraft could not be produced at all, and their hands were still at war, so no matter what, they could not fail.

Now that the two armies are fighting each other, it really looks terrible. In a situation like this, the consequences would be unimaginable if it were to continue. If it were anyone else who understood this, no matter what the other reasons were, they would know that the situation could only be like this.

And regardless of other reasons, even now they knew that if this continued, the consequences would be unimaginable. If anyone else understood this, so now their goal was the same. They had to defeat each other no matter what, otherwise they could only count.

And maybe he would lose miserably, just like the current situation, if it was someone else, it probably wouldn't be like this, mainly because it was too light on the enemy, because the other party did not see any experts, who knew that these three would suddenly appear, although he heard the rumors of these three people, but after all, he did not see them with his own eyes, how could he not know that they were so powerful.

There are some situations that if they happen continuously, no one can do anything about it. Just like this situation, they should know this very well, so there is really no way. If these three people are really just rumors, then it is okay, but the problem is that it is really like this.

No matter what they thought, it gave people an indescribable taste, because the situation like this is really a little helpless, if it really continues, they can only retreat, but this situation can never retreat, because once they retreat once, for future soldiers, it will become a shadow in their hearts.

Thinking about these things really gave people a feeling of helplessness, because at this point, if this continues, who knows what the result will be?

Some situations are understandable, but this stage is really helpless, because if we continue like this, the consequences will be unimaginable. There is really no way to change this.

At this time, Bazun was almost playing with those people. In fact, the main reason was that there was no way to deal with those monsters. For him, these monsters were really useless and could be solved in one go, so he had no interest at all. After he finished dealing with those monsters, he turned to the enemy on the other side.

"It's not enough for you to do these magic tricks, is it? Are you belittling us? In fact, you guys should have more. At least I think it'll be more fun. Why don't you take a few more shots? Because I think it's so boring. I haven't had a real fight in a long time. Otherwise, you can send another master. I'll be waiting for you here!"

It sounded arrogant, but it was true, because for so long, he had not met a real opponent. After playing for so long, he felt no change at all. The most important thing was that these people were weaker than one, and now they could still be in these monsters. These patterns were not a problem in his eyes, and could be solved in two or three times.

So for him, this kind of battle was really a little helpless, it sounded really boring, if it continued like this, he really wanted to give up.

There was really no other way, because once it went on, things became unimaginable. No matter what the other reasons were, when the two sides heard this, their hearts froze. How could they not have expected such a result? If it went on like this, the consequences would be unimaginable.

No matter what the other reasons were, the current situation was really a little helpless, and now this thing made them feel a little complicated, because they were very clear, how could they not have thought that they were so strong, although they knew that these people were really strong, but never thought that they would be so powerful.

The soldiers of the Great xia were very happy to hear this, because they knew that these people were theirs after all. In this way, everything would be better. The most important thing was that the soldiers could turn around, and they had never experienced the taste of victory. This time, they could experience enough.

When the general heard these words, he couldn't help but be stunned. He knew very well that these people were indeed very powerful, but at this stage, they were really shocked. If this continued, the consequences would be unimaginable.

No matter what the other reasons were, even in this situation, things would become more and more complicated, but he now felt very happy in his heart, at least she felt different things, so that things would become very good.

So at this moment, he immediately said, "Everyone rush forward! For us, this is an opportunity. We must win the war no matter what. We have been oppressed for so long. We must take revenge no matter what!"

When this was said, the whole army was on fire because they knew very well that the feeling that they had been oppressed for so long was that one day they would be able to retaliate. No matter who they were, they knew in their hearts that this stage was the only chance now.

If they could defeat each other at this moment, then they would have nothing to worry about. At this juncture, if they continued to worry, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As long as you can win, the situation is very optimistic, so that you can get a good result, at least not to mention anything else, until now the situation will become even better.