Chapter 246 A Beautiful World

I just strutted off like this. If I can't even leave a master like me, then who else can?

When we returned to our own club, the landlady immediately burst into tears of joy. After all, such a thing could be said to be very rare. If not for seeing it with her own eyes, then she would not believe it at all.

"Hahaha, it's still qiangzi and you're awesome. You brought back all the princesses in one go." The proprietress said that she liked my awesome strength so much.

After all, I don't think there are many people who can do this. Besides me, who else has the courage to go alone? Many times, we have to have courage. If you don't have any courage, then you're just a rookie.

As long as you are a rookie character, then you don't want to get the respect of others. Sometimes respect needs strength to set off, if there is no strength, it is not possible.

"Well, I have to sign a contract with you. Otherwise, you'll be jumping ship in the future." In fact, I had thought about it a long time ago.

Only by signing a contract is the most stable guarantee.

Otherwise, what would they do if they were to jump ship and run away again? After all, this is an age where money is the most important thing. Whoever gives more money, then hang out with whoever it is. This is a normal thing, so no matter what, I have to make sure that this is a good thing.

I can't let them run away like this. If they run away again, it will be over. I don't want this to happen either. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if they start talking.

"Ah, no way, Brother Qiang, you still have to sign the contract?" The women all said in a flurry, "Haven't we ever signed a contract like this?"

I thought that if you didn't sign a contract before, it doesn't mean you don't have to sign a contract now, but if you say you don't have to sign a contract all the time, then what should we do if they run away one after another? After all, we can't say that we've been bickering with each other endlessly, can we? That's boring.

Under my strong request, these women have finally signed the contract, and they can't leave easily within three years. Unless there is a major reason, otherwise, once they leave, they will compensate us for the loss of 50,000 yuan.

There were also a lot of rewards and punishments, so they would definitely not dare to continue to be presumptuous, at least if they had to change jobs, they would have to look at the contract.

If you change jobs easily, it will cause great trouble for yourself. No one will like such a troublesome thing. This is absolutely certain.

"Haha, qiangzi, you really have a way. I like business partners like you." The proprietress smiled.

"Really?" I said, "I also like partners like you." After all, the proprietress was a person who offered to give me shares. If that was the case, I would certainly be very happy. If I was unhappy, would I still be a person?

In the following days, because all of our accompanying princesses came back, our business was very good. In this case, our profits came back, so after a month, our business gradually stabilized.

And at this time, when I went to school, it was also a matter of life and death.

After all, I am about to take the college entrance examination. At this time, of course, I have to study hard. Otherwise, if I don't do well in the exam, I will be finished.

I promised my mother and the others that I would go to a good university. There's no doubt about that.

Only when I go to a good university can I have a future in my life. This is also my promise to my mother. I can't say that even giving up my promise is not my style.

Therefore, in the next few days, I have been studying hard and making up for all kinds of bad things. Fortunately, my luck and character were good, so I finally got more than 600 points and went to my favorite university.

It is the most famous school in china, peking university.

It has been my long-cherished wish to go to beijing university for many years. Now that I have finally completed this task, of course, it is something to be happy about.

"Congratulations, darling, you got into peking university!" Wang Jia said. After all these days of cramming, I got into peking university just like Wang Jia.

If we go to college, we can have an honest relationship, and we can bring it home for my mother to see. Otherwise, we were only in high school before.

There is no such problem now.

Now we can show off our love and all kinds of sweetness together.

The whole family is also happy and proud of my achievements. After all, our family has such a great person, can they not be happy? This is a famous college student, how many people can do this? Basically nothing.

Although I went to college and fulfilled my dream, I still felt a little sad.

After all, those people who used to hang out with me didn't get good grades, and we will be separated from each other in the future. This kind of thing is very tragic.

However, there are so many helplessness in life, even if you are not willing to admit it, it is not possible.

Fortunately, although they didn't get into a good university, I had arranged for them to have a way out. All the venues in our city were under their supervision.

A few years later, when I came back from college, they were already local celebrities. They were all rich and found their love.

And I live happily with Wang Jia. After we graduate, we start to take the postgraduate examination and plan to study abroad. I am like this, no matter what I do, I must do my best. And now, there is an unprecedented big change in this era, and our society is facing a serious challenge.

Since that's the case, we must broaden our horizons. If we can't do this, we are just rookies.

I don't want to be such a person, so we started to work hard, and finally let us achieve our goal, and then went to the united states to study there as we wished, which was a very happy thing.

When I went abroad, I realized how wonderful the outside world was. It was like killing everything in a second. I always thought that if people lived in one place all the time, it would be meaningless. They had to go to different places and experience different lives. Then your life would be in the middle of the wonderful.

It would be pointless if I had been mediocre and muddle-headed all the time. This is how I like to challenge myself and surpass everything.

It would be boring if I stayed in one place all the time, and I don't like it either.

After returning from studying abroad, Wang Jia and I started our own business in china. Because we had working experience in multinational corporations, we introduced advanced production technology and quickly developed the company smoothly. In a few years, we became the number one tycoon in the country.

And after I had achieved great success, it was in my heart that I often missed my brothers and sisters in the past, especially the days I spent together.

People are like this. When you look back, you will always remember your former brothers and friends. After all, they fought together. If you can forget easily, then you are not a person.

A few years later, when I swam across the streets in a ferrari, I couldn't help but sigh. I couldn't remember what happened back then. After all, those poor years were long gone.

People are like this. Remember the good life and forget the unhappy ones. If you keep holding on to the bad things before and look down on them, then you will never be able to achieve real success as a person.

After all, when you are alive, you have to look ahead and not look at the things behind you. Otherwise, you really can't get happiness and enjoy life.

Life is in a hurry for dozens of years, the only constant word is love, so no matter what, you have to treat the people around you, make good relations with the people around you, and love each other is the most important thing.

"We finally got everything we wanted." When I was thirty years old, I stood at the top of the wangfujing in the imperial capital and looked at the floating clouds before me. I couldn't help but sigh and say to Wang Jia beside me.

All these years, she had been by my side, and it made me understand one thing.

That is, no matter what, the person who loves you the most and is willing to stay by your side is always your lover. Only love is the most permanent thing. Other things will expire sooner or later.

"Yes, many years ago, when I was with you, I knew you were different." Wang Jia said, "Because you have an unparalleled aura on you, which is what I want the most, so for so many years, I have been determined to follow you."

I was also very emotional. Over the years, although many things had happened around me, no matter what happened, I was still loyal to me, and only Wang Jia could do it. How could I let such a woman down?

Besides, without Wang Jia, I would not have achieved my current achievements and status. After all, behind a successful man, there must be a woman who gives silently.

For so many years, it was Wang Jia who had been playing such a role that made me feel at ease and struggle hard. Finally, we got everything. All the achievements, glory, and status seemed to fall from the sky all of a sudden. It was too late to think about it.

And this joy, it is also very comfortable for me.

After all, the feeling of stepping on the peak of life is something that everyone likes. If someone doesn't like this kind of thing, it is a brain-dead.

"Thank your wife." I said lightly. Then he kissed Wang Jia.

We quickly embraced and kissed each other. We hugged each other so tightly that I would never be separated from her again in my life.

Only when I'm with Wang Jia can I live a happy life.

I love you, and I love this beautiful world.