Love in One Night's Indulgence

Author:Su Qiqi







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535.Chapter 535 Remember What I Said

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"On her wedding day, she was betrayed by the younger sister and her fiancé. For the dignity of the family, she could only swallow her sadness. Shen Jiayin, this young girl who has followed the rules for 20 years, decided to get indulged in this night. She thought it was only a body trade and she would get away with it after this night. But she got in trouble with the wrong man. This man with bandit temperament, not only wanted her body but also commandeered her heart. Mrs. Huo wanted to eat cherries, and Mr. Huo had sent people to New Zealand to do some shopping overnight. Mrs. Hauo loved operas, and Mr. Huo took the whole theatre to perform for her alone. Mrs. Huo liked young handsome guys and Mr. Huo... Mr. Huo pinched her chin and narrowed his eyes, ""do you want to try me or aother guy?"""

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