Chapter 47 It Was Me

The holy city auction house was full of players inside and outside, and it was completely blocked. It's normal to watch the show, especially when the "Five million" show is going on all of a sudden, which makes the onlookers excited. The cause of the incident was the'death horse'. The bird was reluctant to use it in the treasury and was placed at the auction house for three million gold coins. The Iron alliance has always allowed mounts to be sold, unlike equipment. The birds were kept in the storeroom for seven days, asking a lot of prices, but they didn't buy a single one. The reason was simple. After the initial frenzy, prices had been adjusted. A suit of t 1 was only a few hundred gold coins, and a golden quality combat mount was only a thousand. The surname of the death horse was very practical, but when the level was raised, it was not bad for its additional surname. There was only one level difference between the gold and purple qualities. Apart from the fact that a fierce man like Feng Yunjiuge might want them, few of them could really see the death horse. Everyone agreed that there was no market for it, and there were many people bargaining, but no one who really bought it. The system charges 50 gold coins a day for items that cost more than a million gold coins in the auction house. The birds in the library are just ordinary players, not as rich as Li Yi. He just can't stand it after a few days. The price was reduced from 3 million to 2 million and then from 2 million to 1.5 million, but in the end, there were more questions and fewer people actually bought. Until today, the bird received an anonymous message in the library. The other party directly asked for five million dollars to kill his warhorse. Listening to the tone of the other party, it seemed that he did not know that he had lowered the price to 1.5 million. The bird took advantage of the psychological attack in the library, and immediately nodded and agreed to sell. The man then said that he was a Southern continent player and sent a paid email to the bird in the library with five million gold coins on it. As long as the bird hung the death horse in the library, the two sides completed the transaction. It was common to pay by mail, especially with five million gold coins hanging on it. There was no way the other party could lie to him, but just as the bird was trying to hang the death horse on the mail in the library, someone patted him on the shoulder from behind." Hi, old li!" The bird turned around in the storeroom, and the other party was stunned. He arched his hand and apologized," sorry, sorry, wrong person." Ding! Ding! The bird turned back in the library and continued to read the email. He found that the man sent him another email urging him to trade. He didn't think much about it. He took out the last email and hung up the death horse. It turned out that the man sent two more emails at the same time, but canceled the first one with five million gold coins and put a fake one in front. Five million gold coins were gone, and the bird only received five hundred gold coins in the treasury... Congratulations on your successful transaction! The system prompt sounded and the bird was stunned in the library. Cheated, five million turned into five hundred... He was in a hurry to make a deal. He wanted to die now. The first rule of the game is to file an official complaint, receive an answer, and anonymously trade information is not protected by the system... He didn't even know who lied to him, and the bird couldn't find anyone to vent in the warehouse. The bird held it in the treasury for a long time. Finally, it used up all the gold coins on its body and shouted out a world that no one could understand:" % $ # % ^ ** & *!" The swearing was so fierce that it fell off the screen. Then the bird stood in the storeroom and cursed at the auction house. From the beginning of the liar's curses to the eighteen generations of the liar's ancestors, even his grandparents did not let it go. What had happened was that he was not careful and could not blame anyone else, especially since the bird was not a member of the Little drunken cat association in the library, he was a subordinate of the Little drunken cat association Huakucha. The bird cursed in the storeroom for a long time, but there was nothing he could do except to make himself angry. At this time, he thought of asking for help and looking for the boss. Huakucha was also confused. How could he understand such a thing? So he found himself in a good mood and called Li Yi back... This kind of thing is not for anyone to be responsible, but for everyone to get together and come up with an idea. After listening to the cries of the birds in the library, Li Yi was speechless for a long time. He had done a lot of things in his previous life, such as mail being swapped. There were countless players who knew this trick, and the other party used anonymity. Li Yi asked," by the way, you said someone patted you on the shoulder. Do you remember that person's face?" The bird thought for a long time in the library." I remember that his eyes were big and his smile was ugly." It was no accident to be slapped in the middle of a transaction. It was clearly a diversion to let the next trick succeed. The bird cried loudly in the storeroom." I want to sell some money to yue zi. This time, there is no hair left." Huakucha was also very angry." Well, you wouldn't sell it to me if I asked you to sell it to me. This time, it's good. Have you been deceived?" One and a half million. If the bird told him the price in the warehouse, he would pay without thinking. The bird choked in the treasury." Boss, it's too late to say this. I'm so fucking sorry now. Don't say 1.5 million, I'll sell you half a million." After being cheated, he always looked like this. Li yi had experienced this..." Bah, 500,000. Don't you know who I'm using the Kucha for? If I wanted to take advantage of you, I'd have taken advantage of you a long time ago. You're too petty. You can't trust me. This time, good!" Li Yi said," okay, brother hua, stop talking. He's depressed too."" Let's split up and investigate. It's a good thing we can find something like this. If we can't find it, we can only be careful next time." Li Yi is telling the truth. The internet is not real. You don't even know what the other person looks like or what his name is. How do you track him down?" Hey, boss, take your time. I'll go down first. Have some wine to relax..." The bird was depressed in the library and went offline." Big eyes, ugly smile. Is it him?" According to the clues provided by the birds in the library, Li Yi suddenly remembered a person. Take out' God's Peephole', type in' it's me' and click ok. A flash of red light flashed, and a 3d video of a player appeared on the God's Peephole. It's the guild that belongs to my (male) camp (Western continent): no level 23 race: human occupation: traveler life: 678 strength: 5 spirit: 2 agility: ... Target location: Invincible continent, holy city, near the auction house, coordinates, 1521135: 1324567 ... Is this really the kid? Li Yi was stunned. In her previous life, in the King of the gods, there were two big liars who were the most popular. One was Anyi, who almost cheated the whole world, while the other was called' it's me'. He cheated even harder than Li Yi. Among the 100 players I hate the most in the The gods, Li Yi ranks second, and I am fourth. This is not to say that his deception is not as good as Li Yi's, but that he is very low-key, never easily exposed, and has been secretly deceiving. It was not until one time that he had tricked the To dominate the world into using the" flowing star knife" that his name was published. Li yi lied, it was revenge. His purpose was very simple, just to make others as uncomfortable as him, but' it's me' was different, this guy was purely to cheat money, without any feelings... I'm the big liar! I remember that in my previous life' Arthur' was very arrogant and had threatened not to accept' Anyi' and' it's me' as the two big liars, but in the end, he didn't jump for long before he was cheated by the two big liars one after another. Li Yi was the first to deceive me, and the second to deceive me. It took less than a month to add up the time before and after. From here, you can see how fierce my deception was. The bird was swindled in the treasury at the holy city auction house, and the liar' it's me' bid him. All these signs showed that Li Yi was right." Brother Anyi, what's wrong?" Huakucha couldn't help but ask when he saw that li yi was lost in thought." Nothing." Li yi shook his head. Before he could figure out the truth, there was no point in publicizing it now. Instead, it would complicate things." Damn it, my purple heart-protecting bracelet has been tricked!" Suddenly, a scream came from the auction house, and another person was cheated." A level 70 heart-protecting bracelet? Damn, that thing is the best, life-saving equipment. How did you get cheated?"" Email, I clearly saw 500,000 gold coins on it, but when I traded, there was only 50 gold coins. Shit, I... I..." The player was excited." Why don't you pay attention? There was a thief named bird in the library just now, and he was deceived like that."" I... I was just laughing at him, but I didn't expect..." The tricked player was about to cry. In the game, the most abominable thing is a liar. What players have worked hard to get, the liar easily got it... Li Yi walked out of the auction house and quickly found' it's me' in the crowd. She was dressed in black, her eyes were big, and she smiled as if she were not flat. If she looked like him, the bitch would forget that she was a handsome man." Elder brother Anyi, long time no see!" Just as Li Yi was secretly observing' it's me', hua feihua came running over coquettishly, her face beaming with joy, looking more affectionate than her father." Well, long time no see." Li Yi replied politely. Hua Feihua took a few steps forward and smiled coquettishly." Elder brother Anyi, thank you for what happened last time."" Well, you're welcome." The players around looked at Li Yi and started to talk. Anyi was a famous person in Invincible continent. It was an honor to talk to him. Flowers, not flowers, undoubtedly understood this. She loved to play with this kind of thing. When Li Yi was' harassed' by Hua Feihua, the big liar was me sneaking into the crowd and leaving quietly. Hua Feihua was still acting coquettishly." Elder brother Anyi, when will you bring me the next copy?"" I don't have time. Go find Wang er. He'll love to make copies with you." When Li Yi left, Hua Feihua's face turned very ugly." Elder sister Huahua, long time no see!" At this moment, the bitch forgot to ride a black donkey and ran over. When she saw Hua Feihua, her triangular eyes lit up and she stared at her upturned butt, gulping." Get lost!" Hua Feihua cursed angrily. Plop! The bitch forgot to jump off the black donkey and started rolling... (To be continued