Chapter 48 How Much Do You Know about Falling Flowers in Your Dreams?

For the next few days, Li Yi kept an eye on the' it's me'movement, but this guy seemed to have found something, cheated a few times and then stopped, and the deception did not reveal anything, so Li Yi could not catch him at all. These days, Li Yi used the' Frogman tribe teleportation stone' to send clothes to queen Wa every day at the'mourning cave'. The popularity and prestige rose rapidly, and the relationship between the two sides had become'respect'. As long as they continued to do so, it was only a matter of time before they could buy the Overlord's arrow. Li yi had been the most comfortable during this period of time. All the family affairs were done by Jiao Jiao. Even at night, there were people warming the bed. However, the relationship between the two sides has never progressed further. It's not that they can't, but that Li Yi doesn't intend to use force for the time being... Huobinger has officially become Li Yi's secretary. He gets paid every month, and there is a year-end bonus for the new year. His salary is not low. Although the level was temporarily determined by the Seal, among the kings of the gods, the factor that measured the level of players was not the level, but the equipment. Li Yi used his past life's experience to run around the mainland with his friends every day, beating out all the equipment he could hit, and his equipment level increased to a terrifying level of 275. God's stone added special effects, the rare items explosion rate increased by 3 %, no matter how low the explosion rate, as long as Li Yi wanted to go to a few more times, all came out. The "Glory" team replica kept reminding people that they didn't meet the criteria and couldn't get in, which made li yi very angry. You know, the" glory" replica was completely different from the previous two team replicas. Li Yi had never played in his previous life and had always expressed regret. During this period of time, apart from the above, there was another very important thing for Li Yi, but nothing happened. That is,' Gongsun Chuqian'didn't enter the game... Qian er... In his previous life, at this time, Lin Qian, whose game name was' Gongsun Chuqian', had already started playing, but Li Yi used' God's Peephole' almost every day, but the tips he got made him very helpless. This player doesn't exist! This player doesn't exist! I have changed so much in this life. Has even the fate of Qian er, whom I have never met in this life, changed? He was a little confused. He was very Mao Dun. He thought it would be good to be like Jiao Jiao and never look for qian' er. On the other hand, he thought that he must make up for the regret of his previous life and find Qian er. Both thoughts were churning in his mind, and he didn't know what to do now. On this day, Li Yi had a few drinks, but after all, he couldn't control himself. He called Lin Qian according to the number he remembered in his previous life. Lin Qian, when she went abroad to study, she accidentally came into contact with the' King of the gods'. When she came back from her graduation, she was already famous in the' King of the gods'. However, Lin Qian was very competitive. Because her parents arranged for her marriage, she ran out of the house in a fit of anger and didn't bring anything. She lived alone in a rented house. Because of his parents, Lin Qian couldn't find a job and could only earn money by playing' King of the gods'. Lin Qian was very good. He had won three south continent arena quarterly championships and a year championship. When Li Yi met her, his name as a big liar had already become famous all over the world, but Lin Qian didn't take it seriously and instead took the initiative to make friends with him. Her reason was that you haven't lied to me yet, and when you did, I won't treat you as a friend anymore. She was the first woman willing to listen to Li Yi talk about the past and talk nonsense. She was the first woman to believe in Li Yi. She was... Li Yi's first woman." Hello, who are you looking for?" The phone was connected and a soft voice came. Rene was excited." I... I'm looking for qian. I'm looking for Lin Qian." Lin Qian was obviously stunned and asked," I am. Who are you?"" I... I... I don't know who I am either." He had already finished the draft, but when he heard Lin Qian's voice, he was so excited that he forgot all the finished draft..." Do we know each other?" Lin Qian asked again. Li yi opened his mouth for a long time and didn't say a word. What should he say now? Saying that I am your future boyfriend, that you will sleep with me in the future, and that you want to marry me, is this something she can believe? Lin Qian didn't know whether Li Yi believed it or not. Li Yi only knew that if he said so, his relationship with Lin Qian in this life would probably be tragic." Qian er, let's go eat!" Just then, a voice familiar to Li Yi came from the phone. Although it was very weak, it was still heard by Li Yi. Li Yi asked," was that your friend?"" Yes, who are you, please?" Lin Qian sounded a little impatient. She hadn't hung up the phone because she wasn't sure who li yi was." Xiao Xue?"..." You even know xiao xue. Who are you?" Lin Qian was even more surprised. Li yi made up a lie." I'm Xiao Xue's... Well, big brother, I just called her cell phone, turned it off, and I called your cell phone." Lin Qian suddenly realized," oh, then I'll let her pick it up, you wait, xiao xue, your big brother is looking for you!"" My big brother?" Xiao Xue's confused voice came from inside the phone." You are?"" Your big brother."" Li Yi?" Xiao Xue exclaimed in surprise." It's your big brother!" Li Yi continued to remind Xiao Xue. Xiao Xue was surprised." Why did you call qianer's phone? Well, don't...""It's a long story. Just listen to me." I didn't expect Lin Qian and Xiao Xue to know each other. Li Yi was surprised and happy. He talked to xiao xue without a word. When Li Yi and xiao xue were chatting, xiao xue's breath was always long and short, which was very strange. Although Li Yi could not see the scene across the phone, he only guessed that it must be qian er who was touching xiao xue... Qian er's favorite thing in her previous life was to rub her hands up and down while her partner was on the phone..." Okay, do you have anything else to do? I... We're going to... Dinner." Xiao xue was so touched by qian' er that she felt weak all over and had no strength to speak." I'll call you next time."" Mmm, 88!" When the phone hung up, Li Yi couldn't calm down. He really didn't expect that Xiao Xue and Lin Qian were classmates and roommates... Was Lin Qian's entry into the The gods in her previous life influenced by Xiao Xue? A possibility flashed through li yi's mind. If Xiao Xue was misunderstood in her previous life and told qianer about her experience in the game, it was not impossible. So, it was not a coincidence that Qian er and I met in the previous life? Li Yi's mind was in a mess. The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. He remembered very clearly that when he first met qianer in his previous life, her attitude towards him was very strange, neither good nor bad, until one time when she was sick... Only then did the relationship become normal. Maybe, maybe... Forget it, I don't want to. Li yi opened a few cans of beer and drank it again. Toronto university, canada, room 107. Qian er, with long ponytail hair, reached into Xiao Xue's collar with two small hands, each holding a bright red, and gently kneaded it. Xiao Xue blushed." Don't be like that, Qian er. It's so embarrassing."" Hee hee, who made you this small and cute, full of surnames." After a while of rubbing, Qian er was not satisfied. He actually stretched out his finger and flicked it lightly. Xiao Xue bit her lips and glared at qianer." Big-breasted girl, you are so abnormal!" Qian er rubbed her big breasts against Xiao Xue's back and hummed," what's the use of big breasts? It's not me who's happy. Hmph, I just like small ones like you." Qian er was tall, slim, big, small, and seductive, but he was such an exquisite person who liked to play with lilies. If she hadn't met Li Yi later, she would never have met a man in her life. Xiao xue blushed and grabbed Qian er's hands." Pervert, I suddenly feel that you and some pervert are quite compatible."" Pervert? Who is it?"" Li Yi, I just called... Brother."" He's a pervert too? Tell me why he's a pervert. Is he? Are you guys forbidden to play with siblings?" Qian er exclaimed." I'm dead, I'm not..." Xiao Xue's face was so red that it reached his neck. Xiao Xue asked," do you know the King of the gods?" Qian er shook his head absent-mindedly as he pulled Xiao Xue's red with his two fingers." That's where I met the pervert..." That night, li yi didn't even play games. He drank too much and slept on the sofa all night. Jiao Jiao wanted to carry him back to his bedroom, but he insisted on sleeping alone. The little girl had no choice but to compromise and bring him a quilt to cover her body. The first half of the night was nothing, and the second half of the night was full of alcohol. Li Yi ran to the toilet and vomited for a long time, and his mind became dizzy." His grandmother. Next time, she won't drink too much..." Li yi's mouth was dry and his tongue was irritable. It felt like he was going to die... People who drink too much are all like this. While sleeping in a daze, li yi dreamt of Qian er. He told qianer everything he had to say, but in the dream, Qian er just kept smiling, as if he was not touched at all." Qian er, listen to me. I didn't mean it. You're sick. I..." Li Yi was still explaining in the dream, but Qian er disappeared." Qian er!" Li Yi screamed and woke up. Outside the window, the sky was getting brighter. Rubbing his heavy head, Li Yi sat on the sofa for a while, then walked to the bedroom with the quilt on. He hadn't slept well all night, and he wanted to hug Jiao Jiao to sleep for a while. In the bedroom, Li Yi only saw a quilt and a head of hair. There was a habit of sleeping with a little girl. She liked to sleep with her head covered. She yawned, got into Jiao Jiao's bed, reached out to Jiao Jiao's chest with one hand and gently rubbed it." Hmm? Why is it getting smaller?" After a couple of pinches, it felt pretty good, but it felt a little smaller, and the shape changed from bowl to bamboo shoot. The more li yi rubbed, the weirder he became. He couldn't help but lift the quilt. Under the blanket, Jiao Jiao lay quietly on the side, and the object of his hand massage was not her, but... Huo Binger! (To be continued