Chapter 49 Animals Are Worse Than Animals

Jiao Jiao was sleeping soundly with her fingers in her mouth, and Huo Binger buried her face on the pillow, unable to tell if she was sleeping or awake... Li Yi was stunned for a long time, then pinched a few more times to make sure it wasn't a dream, so he quietly withdrew his hand. Huo Binger moved slightly and let out a weak breath. Fortunately, she was sound asleep... Li yi let out a long breath, and his uneasy heart finally fell to the ground. It's strange. Why is Huo Binger here to sleep? Did Jiao Jiao dare not stay and call her here? Li yi was puzzled. Just as he was about to get out of bed, Huo Binger suddenly stretched under the quilt. A jade hand reached out and accidentally touched his place. Teng teng - although he only touched it lightly and returned immediately, Li Yi immediately reacted. He was a normal man and slept with Jiao Jiao every day. He was already at the peak of his outburst. Are you going to be an animal, or are you not even as good as an animal? This is a problem! Suddenly, she got into the quilt and climbed the two small peaks in front of fire Bing er's chest with her big hands. Huo Binger let out a groan and stretched his arms to hold Li Yi. In a low voice, he asked, "Hey, hey, Bing er, are you awake?" Huo Binger breathed harder, but he didn't answer. What do you mean? Don't mind if I touch the wrong person. If you really don't mind, let me touch it a few more times. Can this work? No, Jiao Jiao is right beside me. If she sees this, I'm afraid I'll die... Li Yi struggled for a long time, but in the end, his reason overcame the beast's desire. He got out of the quilt and ran out of the bedroom. Five minutes later, Huo Binger, who was flushed, peeked out of the quilt and stared blankly at the bedroom door, suddenly covering his face with his hand. She wasn't asleep. In fact, she woke up when Li Yi walked into the bedroom. Wash your face, wash your face, get dressed, go out, run... By the time Li Yi came back from his run, Jiao Jiao had already finished cooking." I was a little scared to sleep alone yesterday, so I called Bing er to accompany me. Hee hee, nobody touched me last night. I slept really well." During dinner, Jiao Jiao said proudly. The speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional. Li Yi and Huo Binger were embarrassed and both of them lowered their heads. Li Yi went online, and the email prompt tinkled. When he opened it, he saw a total of 389 messages in languages, all from Qiu Zhilian. Yesterday, Li Yi was offline all day. Hei Qiu had been texting him all day since morning. The first message was bargaining. She wanted to betray the country and pay her own fee, but the" protection fee" was gone. The second message was to raise the price. Hei Qiu raised the' protection fee' to 300 gold coins per month. The third message was that Hei Qiu raised the price by 301 gold coins per month... The fourth message, Hei Qiu raises the price by 350 gold coins per month... The fifth message,... From morning till night, Li Yi deleted the message in the middle and only looked at the last one. Hei Qiu added the' protection fee' to 50,000 gold coins per month, followed by a heartbroken expression. Li Yi replied happily," one hundred thousand gold coins a month, not a penny less." Qiu Zhilian immediately replied," brother, you are my brother, but you are up, 5555 ..." This time, instead of using email, she sent a private voice message. Only players on both sides can use private voice over a short distance. If the two sides are too far away, they can only send it back and forth via email, which is a setting in the king of The gods. After a while, he asked," are you here to betray your country?" Qiu Zhilian replied," yes, I betrayed my country yesterday. I'm wandering around the holy city now." Even before the bargain was settled, they rushed to coax the traitors. What kind of blow had Hei Qiu suffered in Western continent? Li Yi's curiosity about the love of autumn suddenly rose. Qiu Zhilian said," one hundred thousand gold coins per month is fine, but I can only pay it for six months at the most, and I have to join the Little drunken cat association for protection." Instead of answering her, she browsed the Western continent section on the official website and collected some information about Qiu Zhilian. I don't know, but I was shocked to see that the original information about this' Qiu Zhilian'student post, the theory is completely the same, bombarding Hei Qiu. Qiu Zhilian had done all these things, such as opening a gambling house, borrowing money, buying and selling things, raising prices, hyping up equipment, gangsters, making trouble for no reason, and so on. Of course, the most unbearable thing for players in the western continent is not this, only one, Qiu Zhilian is an internal testing player! In a game, as a player, the most repulsive thing is that it is unfair. Qiu Zhilian relies on the experience of in-game testing to raise prices. If it really explodes, will she have good fruit to eat? From morning till night, Qiu Zhilian was constantly being hunted down, and even her former friends ignored her, leaving her completely alone. Qiu Zhilian had been opening a bank, earning about 100,000 to 300,000 a day, but since her id was announced, no one had gambled on her bank, and her income plummeted. Plus, she was killed every day, so she had no way to survive in Western continent. Qiu Zhilian had a good relationship with the big boy. She wanted to betray the country and go to Southern continent, but unfortunately, the big boy, who was also an internal test player, was now unable to protect himself. How could she care about him? Li yi was delighted after reading the forum post. The last life of black autumn had been dark for five or six years, and this life finally got its retribution. Li Yi had a plan in mind and sent a message to Qiu Zhilian:" the protection fee will be paid for a year. Besides, the Little drunken cat association is not short of people. If you want to join my guild, you can only go to another one."" The other one?"" Drunk World association, mine too."" What kind of guild is this? It's not famous at all..." Drunk World association was founded by Li Yi after he succeeded in'taking the king'. The president was'Demonic realm elf' and he now holds the position of vice president of'Little drunk cat' and'drunk world'. Compared to the famous'Little drunk cat', the'drunk world' guild was much more low-key. The guild was very powerful, never picky, and had no conditions to join. It added or withdrew if it wanted to. It was much less restrictive than the little drunk cat guild. Li Yi's tone was unquestionable." You can only get drunk if you want to. You wouldn't even think about the Little drunken cat association."" Why?" Qiu Zhilian refused." If you want to join the Little drunken cat association, you just have to meet one condition: character." Qiu Zhilian stopped talking." Up to eight months of protection..."" No less!" Before autumn's love could finish her sentence, Li Yi' teleported' to her and gently shook his finger. Qiu Zhilian was startled and quickly took a few steps back." How did you find me?"" You're an internal beta player, don't you know?"" I won't ask you if I know," Qiu Zhilian said angrily. Li Yi chuckled." Yes or no, one word. If you don't agree, I'll blackmail you immediately." Qiu Zhilian bit her lip and looked at Li Yi. After a long time, she nodded her head fiercely. Qiu Zhilian got into the drunk world guild and gave her a small official to be the deputy of the Demonic realm elf." There are no rules, but there is one thing you should remember, just don't do things in my name." She was awakened by the knowledge of heiqiu's character." Hmph..." Qiu Zhilian snorted and did not speak." One surname, pay up." Li Yi reached out to Qiu Zhilian carelessly." If you want money, it's in your eyes!" Qiu Zhilian took out 180 gold coins as if he had cut off his flesh and traded them to Li Yi. Qiu Zhilian was in deep pain." From now on, I'm your man. If I'm killed, you have to protect me, or you'll break the contract."" No problem." After killing Qiu Zhilian's money, he was in a good mood. Qiu Zhilian pointed to his feet." By the way, I want to buy this land. Can you accommodate me?" Li Yi didn't even blink and said," 10 million."" Damn, why don't you grab it? I just went to the real estate developer and asked. This land is up to 3 million yuan. You're even darker than the system. No wonder your name is Anyi, Hei Yi!" Qiu Zhilian left in a huff. Li yi used' teleportation'to rush to the npc property developer and adjusted the holy city land price in the name of'military advisor'. Li Yi left. Five minutes later, Qiu Zhilian came to the npc real estate company, only to look at the price and almost fainted... I just saw that it was still 3 million, but now it's okay. After adding zero, it became 30 million! Hei Qiu wanted to cry but didn't cry. He quickly contacted Li Yi." Elder brother Anyi, my brother..." At this time, li yiji had passed through the' Black rock mountain' and rode down on the black feather Golden eagle to reach the nest of the black dragon king, farian. It had been more than a month, and Heilong princess had not refreshed yet, which made li yi very anxious. He came to Black rock mountain almost every day to see if Heilong princess had refreshed. Today, he was lucky. He just got 1.8 million from Hei Qiu and flew to Farian's lair. He was happy again. Heilong princess was lying on the ground, refreshed. Farian, king of the black dragon, was not nearby. Heilong princess was the only black dragon in front of him. Li Yi was overjoyed. He pulled his bow and shot! Poof! Poof! - 5343-5733 Li Yi's attack power was very strong, but Heilong princess's defense was not bad, two arrows hit, only to kill her more than 10,000 points of blood." Roar -"" mortal, how dare you break into my territory!" Heilong princess was furious and opened his mouth to spit out a hot Dragon's breath to Li Yi. The system mounts, dodges a Dragon's breath, and keeps shooting at Heilong princess. Without a flying mount, he could fly the black dragon siblings to Windy city. Now that he had a flying mount, he had no scruples." Mortal, pay attention to your situation. You can't afford to provoke the black dragon!" Onyxia spat and chased after Li Yi. (To be continued