Chapter 50 You Are Destined to Be Straddled by Me (2)

At the foot of the black rock mountain, li yi rode the sacred light horse and shot a few arrows from time to time. He kited Onyxia all the way and led her to another map. Riding a flying mount was too dangerous. Onyxia flew so fast that she exhaled in large areas and had nowhere to hide. Using the terrain on the ground to avoid her breathing in large areas, the safety factor was greatly improved. "Onyxia, I can ride you!" As Li Yi ran, he used words to provoke Onyxia's anger. To him, the kite black dragon brother and sister were no problem at the same time. Now it was just a kite, Heilong princess, and it was even more relaxed." Bold mortal! You have angered me!" Onyxia's hatred level shot up, chasing after him. Soon, li yi and Onyxia left the map of Black rock mountain. Li Yi only had one" Soul oath scroll," which clearly stated that success was possible only when the target's qi and blood were below 10 %. The success rate was not 100 %. There was a lot of luck in it." Damn it, Onyxia!"" Anyi is kiting her. Oh my god!" Li Yi flew kites all the way to fight monsters, and inevitably met other players, but fortunately, most of his enemies were at the next level, not many of them wandering in the wild, or someone messed up, it would be troublesome. Li Yi led Onyxia all the way to the remote map, but there were still more and more spectators following him." Chairman of the dark wing, do you want help?"" We'll do it for you. If you explode, you don't want anything. Just take us in."" Yeah, let's play fast together." A soldier in a cloth coat shouted with a wooden sword in his hand." No, don't follow me. I'll be fine by myself." Li Yi frowned and refused. As the military advisor of' Invincible continent', queen Jiao's man, li yi's words were still very forceful. When the players heard his refusal, they did not dare to follow him. One by one, they stopped and watched Li Yi's figure gradually walk away. Li yi was getting further and further away, finally leading to the ideal single brush map, the deadly poison swamp. There were too many poisonous swamp insect monsters, each of which was densely packed with poison. The monsters had little experience and were not concentrated. There were some on the ground, some on the trees, and everywhere around them. If they were not careful, they would become vegetarian and get quite a headache. Onyxia led her to the northwest of the swamp, where there were fewer poisonous insects and jagged rocks, suitable for avoiding breathing. Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! He kept attacking Onyxia with his orange bow. After removing his armor all the way, one arrow could kill her 15,000 + qi and blood." Mortal, you will pay for your actions!" Onyxia was enraged and took a deep breath in midair. System prompt: after five seconds, take a deep breath! Li yi ran as fast as he could into a strange rock pile and into a cave. A blaze of flames shot down, and with just one blow, all the poisonous insects below were burned to death... Onyxia's'deep breath' was terrifying. If Li Yi hadn't dodged in advance, he would have been killed in a second. Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Li Yi waited until he took a deep breath before coming out of the cave and continuing his attack. Onyxia's blood volume was amazing, but Li Yi's attack wasn't bad either. One shot was 15,000 +. With bandages and advanced healing potions, his blood volume remained above 80 %. Onyxia kept breathing, turning the bottom into a sea of fire, where Li Yi kept losing blood on his head, and finally couldn't stand it, so he began to shift position. Brushing Onyxia alone was extremely dangerous, and li yi almost died several times. Fortunately, he had too many bandages and advanced healing potions on him and saved him from death again and again." Heilong princess, don't be so arrogant. You should be my mount and surrender honestly!" While Li Yi was fighting, he provoked Onyxia and made Onyxia roar angrily. The Dragon's breath spat out one after another like they didn't want money. In the King of the gods, monsters and players are the same, not only have life value, but also magic value. When the magic value of monsters is exhausted, people will not be able to release their big skills. Li Yi kept provoking Onyxia to lure her into using her magic power." Abominable mortal!" Onyxia was so angry that the cockscomb on his head turned red. He opened his mouth and sprayed Dragon's breath for a long time, then suddenly flapped his wings and fell to the ground. Onyxia went down to the ground and entered the second stage! Li Yi retreated and summoned the king of the Bear bear to hold him back. After Onyxia landed, she would use her huge body to attack her opponent. If she was too close to her, she could hit her claws or tail with a flick. At worst, she could hit 50000 + damage. Basically, if it wasn't an mt job, she would have died. Not too close to her, not too far away, not too far away, if too far away, she will release the abnormal skill of' inhale' and draw the target to her side, the effect of this move is similar to the grip of death. Only by keeping a middle distance from her can the output be perfect! Li Yi was extremely precise about the distance, not too close or far away. Onyxia was so focused on hitting the king of the Bear bear that he didn't even look at him. When Li Yi was concentrating on brushing Heilong princess, behind a huge tree in the distance, there was a pair of eyes that had been watching him for a long time." Hehe... The first arrow god." The owner of those eyes smiled a few times, held a dagger, and made a few gestures to Li Yi in the air." Throat lock, bone pick, cut, poison, chisel..." The man mumbled for a long time and finally nodded with satisfaction." Even Anyi, the number one archer god on the mainland, couldn't catch my 13 bursts. Ah, life is so lonely..." The man stood up and looked at Li Yi with a pitiful look in his eyes. He took the dagger and carved a line of big words on the tree. Finally, he patted his butt and left quietly... Feng Xi of Huashan, the first archer god of the mainland is secretly here. The man had gone far away, but the line on the stone was particularly striking. In the distance, Li Yi adjusted the distance after running, and the battle with Onyxia was fierce." Onyxia, you have the guts to fight me. Do you dare to change?"" Mortal, be bold!" Onyxia opened his mouth and breathed. Li Yi started the rocket booster and was able to dodge it." Mortal, go to hell!" Onyxia raised her head high and breathed at li yi again, but this time, there was no fire, she just blew out a small stream of black smoke. Onyxia didn't have enough mana to last. Good chance! Li Yi took a few fierce steps forward, and the Orange bow continued to pull and launch a fierce attack. Onyxia's mana is recovering very slowly, so she can do whatever she wants during this period without worrying about her counterattack. Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Li Yi's arrow only shot in one place, Onyxia's mouth, which was the weakest part of her body, and it was easy to hit a crit - 35212 - 35211 with two blasts in succession, Onyxia flapped his wings in pain, trying to fly away. As an intelligent boss, Onyxia has a certain level of thinking ability and can make a reasonable response according to the situation in front of her." If you want to run, it won't be that easy. I can ride you!" Li Yi jumped up high and used the' flying' trick to jump onto Onyxia's dragon's back and shoot at her. Li Yi's move was very dangerous, but once Onyxia's mana was restored, her body surface would reject her, and any target that touched her would be knocked out by her for 10 seconds." Mortal, you are contemptuous of the dignity of a dragon. I will tear you to pieces!" Onyxia was so angry that he kept spitting out black smoke that he had forgotten to concentrate and restore his power. Onyxia's blood volume continued to drop, and the blood volume was already revealed, 10 million more than her brother Farian's, and this Onyxia's blood volume reached a terrifying 100 million! 15653787 / 100,000! Li Yi continued to step on the dragon's back and shoot until the black smoke in Onyxia's mouth gradually turned into flames before he started to fly away in" divine man mode." Black smoke turned into fire, which was a sign of Onyxia's power recovery." Kill! Kill! Kill!" Pa! Pa! Pa! In god-man mode, li yi killed Onyxia with three arrows and killed more than 300,000 blood in one shot. When her blood volume dropped below 10 million, Li Yi took out the Soul oath scroll. There's only one chance in the Soul oath scroll! Li Yi continued to export more than five million of Onyxia's blood before crushing the Soul oath scroll." Awakened from the darkness, the shackles of the soul will last forever. In front of the soul contract, even the dragon will lower its noble head..." The Soul oath scroll turned into little black stars and began to burrow into Onyxia's head." No, what is this? Hateful and dark power, I hate this power!" Onyxia shook his head in horror, trying to shake the black star out of his head..." All struggle is for labor, and all resistance is useless. Surrender, surrender to the shackles of your soul, and always obey me!"" Bang!" The Soul oath scroll in the movie explodes, turning into black stars and pouring into Onyxia's head." I... My body is out of control. I... My head hurts so much..." Onyxia rolled in the air in pain, unable to even attack Li Yi. Li Yi looked at Onyxia nervously and thought to himself," it must work!"" Father, brother, save me..." Onyxia suddenly gave a long roar, flapped his wings and flew away..." Damn, don't run!" Li Yi quickly summoned the black feather Golden eagle to chase after him. Onyxia flew faster and faster, and Li Yi's black feather Golden eagle could not catch up with her at all. In the end, they could only watch her disappear into the sky. Did his mother fail? Looking at the empty sky, Li Yi was depressed. (To be continued