Chapter 4 The Trial Is over

When a copy is repeatedly tried, it is not difficult to break through the past. Although it is not said that everyone can pass, but most teams have that strength, which is inevitable. Whether a commander is good or not depends mainly on his keen observation ability, like Hupojianxin. Just the first time he tried, he used the fastest speed to find out King of the split earth ox's general style of play. You can't use ridicule, otherwise you will definitely be flying. You will need an mt to lead it and run around in circles. If King of the split earth ox wasn't crazy, he wouldn't be able to run fast, but it wasn't easy for the kite to run, because King of the split earth ox would have a trembling effect. If he was too close to it, he would easily fall to the ground. If he was trampled by it with his hooves, he would basically hang up. Not too close, not too far, not too fast, King of the split earth ox's hatred will automatically move elsewhere, so the distance must be controlled perfectly. "Who is this mt? How awesome!"" I think it's Hupojianxin. He's the champion of the Southern continent arena season."" Awesome, that's amazing." The stands were full of praise, but there were also some discordant voices mixed in." What the hell? This kid was killed by our bitch several times in the wailing cave. If it weren't for the bitch, he wouldn't be able to stand up."" That's right. The three of us are no match for our bitch. Why should we brag about him?" This time, a copy of" glory" was opened, and the Huashan association came..." Guys, quality, pay attention to quality, keep a low profile, keep a low profile." The slut forgot to pick up her nose and stood up from the stand. She held up a sign and wrote," master lonely." In Arena, Alex saw that the bitch who raised the sign forgot. Her eyes were about to burst out of fire. If her eyes could kill, she would have been killed ten thousand times by him." Ah Li, what are you looking at? Watch your step!" Hupojianxin let out a loud drink, before Alex came back to his senses, but it was still too late. Ground splitting bull wang was running up to him, and the tremor came, making him fall involuntarily. King of the split earth ox stepped over Alex, and Alex's" invincible" didn't work. He killed him in a second and turned into a meat pie and stuck it on the ground." This bastard! Hahaha..." The slut forgot to hold the sign and was so angry that Alex almost vomited blood. After being killed several times by Li Yi, Alex was not angry at all, but what he couldn't stand was being humiliated by a bitch who forgot about such a thing. It was like you were driving a small gold cup on the highway and driving at 120 mph, but at this time, a lamborghini came from behind. He passed you in an instant. It's nothing. Who wants someone else's car? But at this moment, a broken bicycle suddenly came from behind. It was driving at a speed of more than 120 meters, and it overtook you in an instant. How do you feel at this time? To die in the hands of a bitch, Alex was not convinced. When Alex fell, the Association of concentrated minds lost a major force and it became even harder to fight. King of the split earth ox's movement speed was not always slow. When he was provoked, his movement speed would increase in an instant. At this time, the most dangerous thing was that the mt would fall by accident. With 200 million blood and strong defense, the battle was doomed to be difficult. If it weren't for Hupojianxin's skill and avoiding King of the split earth ox's fatal attack time and time again, the team would have been destroyed. Hupojianxin had been running with King of the split earth ox all the time, and King of the split earth ox had been speeding up as well. He had used a grid to reduce his injuries without speeding up. His blood volume had been maintained at more than 50,000. Li yi asked Wuyang Wushuang," Wushuang, can you pull a bull like this?"" You can do it!" Wuyang Wushuang answered quickly." Yeah." Li yi nodded. In his previous life, Wuyang Wushuang had always been ranked below Hupojianxin, and in the eyes of others, his second place of ten thousand years had already been established. Wuyang Wushuang also tried to surpass Hupojianxin. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, Hupojianxin was always on top of him, which made him very depressed. Li yi said," Hupojianxin's pull is flawed. He doesn't have to run in circles. With his actions, he can completely block most of the damage. If he keeps running like this, the close combat dps output will be affected. There is also the relationship between the angle of view. Sometimes the treatment can't add his blood."" Stand where you are and fight? What if the king of split earth bull comes up?" Wuyang Wushuang was stunned. He patted Wuyang Wushuang on the shoulder and said," run when you're up." Wuyang Wushuang's eyes lit up." What do you mean, stay where you are, and King of the split earth ox will run when he comes up and continue to fight when he's done?" Li yi smiled and nodded. In fact, what he said was very simple. If Wuyang Wushuang thought about it slowly, he could think of it himself, but because Hupojianxin's looping style looked very good, when other mts saw his style, they rarely thought about anything else." I understand!" Wuyang Wushuang clapped his hands and he learned another trick. Li yi couldn't teach him how to play and how to react, but there was probably no one in the world who knew more about boss's style and experience than he did. The battle in Arena had already turned white hot. King of the split earth ox's blood volume dropped to 50 %, and the attack became crazy. It was not limited to Hupojianxin, and hatred began to spread! The bosses in the replica are all kinds of weird, but the most troubling thing for players is the chaos boss without hatred. Because boss's hatred was chaotic, so mt couldn't hold him back. Boss could hit whoever he wanted. You know, the treatment and dps skin in the team were very thin, but once boss's attack hit them, they were dead and seriously injured. A lot of little white didn't understand. When they saw the hatless boss beating people up, they thought it was the responsibility of mt. They always scolded each other. Who didn't know that they couldn't avoid the boss's attack? It was all their own responsibility. It was wrong to blame others." Wushuang, look carefully. This segment is the most testing of mt's ability!"" Mmm!" In the stands, Li Yi was still explaining to Wuyang Wushuang. As expected, Hupojianxin did not disappoint anyone. When King of the split earth ox's hatred began to lose control, his way of pulling the monster changed. Instead of running around in circles, he rushed up and blocked King of the split earth ox's face, stopping him from approaching the team." Moo -" King of the split earth ox lowered his head to the top, and Hupojianxin dodged. When King of the split earth ox lowered his head and rushed over, he accelerated and blocked it again. Death won't let it pass. As an mt, the only responsibility in the team is to share the damage for his teammates! There are still more than a dozen mt members in the Focus team, but they can't compete with Hupojianxin at all. They also ran up to block the king of the earth, but their blocking skills were not up to par, and their prediction ability was poor. In a few seconds, they were killed by the king of the Ground splitting bull." I can do it too..." Wuyang Wushuang muttered to himself. With Li Yi by his side to explain, his gains were very great. Although it was not a thousand miles, but the ability to draw inferences from one instance, he had! Association of concentrated minds's damage output suddenly increased because they received a system prompt that King of the split earth ox would go berserk in five minutes. Life or death! Hupojianxin opened the shield of the earth, and the yellow robe offered to Ah Ye to release the Holy Light Shines Everywhere. All of them unleashed their great skills and bombarded them with all their might. King of the split earth ox's strength was stronger than the king of sand worms and Ice Roar combined, but King of the split earth ox did not deceive people, and occasionally made a mistake, not enough to exterminate the group, unlike Ice Roar, as long as someone was hit, the 99 % chance of exterminating the group. The Association of concentrated minds went to great lengths to take out all kinds of precious medicines and scrolls and finally put them down before King of the split earth ox went berserk. Calculating the cost, they used at least 10,000 gold coins for the potion and 20,000 gold coins for the scroll. In addition to the equipment repair fee, the price they paid this time was really not small. 378 People died in battle, and only one mt survived." Warriors, you have proved your strength with your actions..." Little Moguni went off to save the man, then came up to two high level cursed priests in black, and together they opened a portal." The entrance to the ruins of ancient civilization has been opened. Warriors, the future is dangerous. I hope you can complete your mission and the light will be with you!" Little Moguni and the two high level cursed black priests left, and the stands were in a mess again." What's going on? Are there only three trials? Did we pass without a fight?"" What do you mean? Did he let us all in?"" Is it the same whether we fight or not?" The players in the stands started talking. Although fighting or not has the qualification to enter the ancient ruins, fighting or not is definitely two concepts. He shook his head and did not say anything. He led the team members and was the first to enter the portal on Arena. The design of the copy of" glory" was very unique. The first three trials were just appetizers. Entering the ruins of ancient civilization was the real beginning. The scene in front of him changed. Li Yi appeared in a piece of broken ruins, surrounded by broken maples. From afar, there were countless fist-sized white light balls flying in the air... Ding ding ding! Congratulations on obtaining a' holy light amulet' (binding item, only for use in the glory copy). Congratulations on getting a summoning order. Congratulations on getting 30 dark Precious pearl... There were three happy crisp sounds. Li Yi had three more items in his backpack. These were the rewards for defeating the king of sand worms. In the" glory" copy of the map, the leader can not use the" summon order" at will. If he wants to use it, he can use one" summon order" at a time. At the beginning of the copy, the number of" summon orders" in the player's possession is zero. Only the team that has passed any of the first three trials can get one. Players in the" glory" copy cannot use the" resurrection technique." The" holy light amulet" that can resurrect with blood on the spot becomes the only prop that can save people. Its important surname is self-evident. Brush, brush, brush... After Li Yi arrived at the location, other team members were sent to him by the system one after another. Sizzle... The white ball of light floating in the distance sensed the intruders, each emitting light, tightly linked together, forming a large white net, blocking all the surrounding space... (To be continued