Chapter Five: Snatching Chariots

There were no other players in the area where the Iron alliance elite group was located, and the moment they stepped into the portal, the team was separated from the team. Sizzle... The white light net around them was continuously making an electric current sound, slowly shrinking towards the position of the group. Pitter-patter! The white light net touched the broken ji maple nearby, which immediately disintegrated into pieces... "What the hell, how are we going to fight? This net pocket is coming!" All members of the Iron alliance looked at Li Yi and waited for his instructions. They had never fought a copy of" glory." Li Yi was the only one they could rely on in the face of the situation." Crawl forward!" Li Yi ran to the white light net and lay on the ground. Everyone suddenly realized and followed suit. Li Yi had never played a copy of" glory," but he had seen it a few times. He had some memories in his mind, and he didn't dare to explain them all, but he was much better than an ordinary player." Zizi!" The white light net above their heads buzzed, and everyone crawled in, not even looking up to see the gap, fortunately, there were no The giants players in the team, or no matter how high his skills, he would die here." Don't look up, slowly climb forward. Also, I haven't typed this copy. I don't know how to type it!" Li Yi told them the truth as he climbed." No way? You're not an internal test..."" Test your sister, the list of 10 people in the internal test has been announced. The boss is a real player of talent, just like Hupojianxin in Southern continent. Isn't that the same?"" Oh oh..." Everyone crawled slowly in confusion." Squeak, squeak, alarm, intrusion alarm!" It was not easy to crawl under the white light net. Not long after they crawled, a group of tiny robots appeared in front of them, holding cute laser guns and shooting at them... Ziz - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... The laser gun of the micro-robot was not powerful at first, but the damage was sustained surname damage. As the laser beam continued to shine, the damage increased bit by bit, and became more and more terrifying." Damn, this is ancient civilization technology?"" What are you going to do? You can't cure it by crawling."" Climb quickly..." Li Yi sped up and moved forward... The" glory" replica is very complicated. As the team transmits to different locations, the playing method is also different. 100 teams transmits to 100 locations, there are 100 playing methods. 1000 teams transmits to 1000 locations, there are 1000 playing methods. This is the" glory" replica's strength. Li Yi was not a superman. It was not easy for him to remember a player or two from glory, which he had never played before. As for mastery, he was definitely not. He is good at single swipe. In fact, all team copies are his weaknesses... Li Yi and Jiao Jiao crawled out of the white light net one after another, followed by Shangguan Bailu and Hutuhuli. Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Hutuhuli and Li Yi attacked at almost the same time, killing the tiny robots in the optical network. The blood volume of the small machine was not much, and the appearance was ragged. It was not a defective product. Each one had only 2000 points of blood, which was very crisp. The tiny robots around them were constantly cleaned up, and the pressure on everyone was reduced, one by one, as they emerged from under the light net. There were lucky players, but there were also unlucky ones. When they crawled through the optical network, at least 50 or so players encountered the optical network and were electrocuted. More than 50 players who died were revived by the' holy light amulet' and the team of 500 was finally able to escape from the area of the optical network. Kaka! Not far ahead, several self-propelled turrets appeared. They sensed the enemy and were gathering here. Li Yi and the others were about to face a group of intelligent machine maple monsters!" The glory of the evil god will shine on the world. Who are you? Why are you here?" Before the self-propelled turret came up, a high-ranking cursed priest dressed in red rode a blue ancestral dragon and slowly descended from the sky to ask Li Yi and the others." The glory of the evil god will shine on the world. We are the people who came to save pope Shirley. This is..." Li Yi politely stepped forward to greet the high level curse. In the honor copy, skillful interaction with the friend npc would be the key to the clearance copy. The red-clothed cursed priest nodded." Well, I received a secret order from the pope. I know about it." At this time, the name of the red-clothed curse was displayed, and it was called' glory communicator - Lara'." The monsters in the ruins of ancient civilization are unimaginable. If you make a bold move, it is likely that the entire army will be destroyed." Lara pointed to the northwest and said," it's a supply point for the enemy. You can occupy it and capture some chariots to march forward."" May the evil god bless you forever." Lara mounted the blue ancestral dragon and helped Li Yi and the others to finish the self-propelled mobile turret in front of her. It flew higher and higher and disappeared in the end." Let's go to the supply point!" Li Yi summoned the light horse and headed northwest. Glory only restricted the use of flying mounts. There were no restrictions on land mounts, and they could be used whenever they wanted. Lara cleaned up the monsters very well. Li Yi and the others were not stopped and soon arrived at supply point 3. The supply point in front of him was about 100 meters long, and in the middle stood a tall pipe with a three character written on it. From a distance, you could see countless robots running around." Fight!" At Li Yi's command, the arrows filled up and shot out! Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak! The arrows went through the bodies of robots one after another and ended up nailed to the chimney." Alert, eliminate intruders!" Robots ran over and attacked with their laser guns, laser cannons, and light cannons." Charge, occupy supply point 3, grab the chariot!" Just as Li Yi was struggling to fight the droid army, a group of players suddenly emerged from behind the supply point and rushed in shouting and shouting. Boom! Boom! Dudu, dudu, dudu... There was a roar, and ten huge chariots drove out of the" supply point," rolling over the robots blocking the road and leaving. Only when ten chariots drove away did Li Yi and the others end the fight... The supply point had been turned into a wasteland, and no chariots could be seen. Huakucha was furious." Damn, who's so mean?"" Taking advantage of us to fight monsters and steal chariots, this is not a proper thing to do." Hutuhuli was indignant. Li yi's face was as heavy as water, and four words popped out of his teeth:" Heaven Defying Tyranny." The players who took the opportunity to steal the chariot just now were the three great harmony alliance elites led by Heaven Defying Tyranny!" Damn it, these b's just owe it to me!" Huakucha was furious when he heard that." Damn it, Heaven Defying Tyranny doesn't want to get out of here. He dares to steal our chariot!" The entire elite of the Iron alliance was furious. In the copy of" glory," besides the monsters such as small robots, there are also many super large fighter planes, maple. Without the assistance of combat vehicles, it is difficult to defeat them by personal strength alone. Huakucha was depressed." Do you think the chariots here will be refreshed?" No one answered him. The question was too profound..." Bang! Bang! Bang!" Bang! Bang! Just as the entire elite of the Iron alliance was fuming, the direction of the three great harmony alliance's chariot suddenly heard a loud noise, fire impulse, who they seemed to fight." Let's go and have a look!" All the Iron alliance elites mounted their mounts and followed behind Li Yi. In an open space, the three great harmony alliance drove ten vehicles to shoot out shells continuously, while shooting at the opponents while shouting at each other, the scene was fierce and extremely. It was the same 10 vehicles that were bombarded by the 10 vehicles, the difference being that the three datong alliance was driving a blue vehicle while the other side was black." Damn it, can you keep your eyes open? We're on the same team. Beat your mother!"" I really said, why are you taking our car for nothing? You don't have any experience taking it. What are your benefits or what?" At this time, the three datong alliance players were very popular." Can you believe me if I say this is a misunderstanding?" A harsh and obscene voice came from inside the black chariot." It's a misunderstanding. What are you fighting for? Don't you stop?" Hearing the other party's shout, Heaven Defying Tyranny quickly called for the people to stop shooting. Although the blood volume of the chariot was very thick, it could not be repaired. The copy information obtained from flying against the sky was quite limited. If the chariots were destroyed, where could they get it? It was completely unknown. In the copy of" glory," players from any camp can't kill each other, but there is one exception: there is no friendly enemy between the chariot and the chariot. If the barrel is aimed at the chariot, the members of their camp will be able to shoot at each other. Bang bang! Bang! Heaven Defying Tyranny called out and stopped, but the other party was still beating, as if there was no intention of stopping. Heaven Defying Tyranny panicked." Friend across the street, you said it was a misunderstanding. We've stopped fighting. Why are you still fighting? From now on, stop fighting, ok?" A shrill, shrill voice cried out," I told them to stop long ago? Brothers, pay attention to the quality. All of you stop fucking me. Stop beating." Bang bang! Bang! The black chariot was still firing shells, which made Heaven Defying Tyranny angry." Are you fucking kidding me?" Heaven Defying Tyranny roared. Bang! Bang! Heaven Defying Tyranny was furious." Fuck your mother. If you dare to fight again, we will fight back!" The enemy's shelling stopped." If I say this is a misunderstanding, do you believe me?" A shrill, shrill voice called out again. Heaven Defying Tyranny:" of course I do, or why do we stop fire?" Bang bang! Bang bang! The other party's shelling began again. This time, the artillery was concentrated enough to destroy one of the three datong alliance's chariots." Damn, you dare to play with me!" Heaven Defying Tyranny was furious and immediately ordered a counterattack. At this moment, the shrill voice shouted again," if I call your mother a misunderstanding, will you believe me? Will you forgive me? As for whether you will believe me, I don't believe it anyway! So brothers, beat me!" Bang bang bang! Bang bang! Black chariots and cannons fired at the three great harmony alliance... (To be continued