Chapter 6 Engineering Master

In the blink of an eye, three more chariots were destroyed. Heaven Defying Tyranny was so angry that he cursed and ordered a fierce beating. Heaven Defying Tyranny was very happy to have snatched the' Iron alliance' chariot. Anyway, he managed to save face and put Li Yi in a tight spot, but he didn't expect to run into a group of two guys here and beat them without saying anything. By the time he ordered a counterattack, he had already lost the upper hand. The gunfire was raging, and in the blink of an eye, all ten vehicles of the three great harmony alliance were hung up... But the black chariot across the street was no better. Nine were hung up, leaving only one bloody chariot smoking and barely able to walk. Both sides were hurt! The players on the black chariot got out of the broken chariot, one by one, with crooked melons and rotten dates, some with sacrificial armor and some with soldiers wearing cloth clothes. The group of people gathered together, it was hard to find them in the sky and on the ground. It was not easy. "Bitch, forget, you fucking don't want to be a gangster anymore!" Heaven Defying Tyranny recognized him at a glance." Shit, who the hell are you talking to, mom? Believe it or not, I'll tear your mouth apart!" When she heard someone scolding her boss, the bitch forgot that one of her boys with a wooden sword and a cloth armor was unwilling to do it. She screamed. If it weren't for the people pulling on both sides, he would have rushed up to" fuck" Heaven Defying Tyranny." Quality, pay attention to quality." At this moment, the slut forgot to get out of the last broken chariot. She stared at Heaven Defying Tyranny with her triangular eyes and was stunned for a long time. Heaven Defying Tyranny was really angry." Bitch, forget, wait, wait until you make a copy. If I don't kill you to level zero, I'll take your last name!"" Can you die if you don't brag?" The slut forgot to point at Heaven Defying Tyranny's nose and said," my brother Shanpao used to be under you, right?" Heaven Defying Tyranny spat." I don't have scum like that!"" I remember, my brother told me that you kicked him out of the guild. It was just a misunderstanding that I hit you today, but I didn't expect you to be Heaven Defying Tyranny. This time, it's just right. My brother got angry from you. Bitch, I reported it to him!"" Poof!" The slut forgot to touch the ground with her hands and summoned a black donkey to ride. She trotted towards Heaven Defying Tyranny. Before the system turned gray, Nitianshanpao left everything on him to the bitch and forgot. Among them was this rare epic black donkey mount. It was a gift from Blood rose to Shanpao, and Shanpao never wanted to use it. Today's slut forgot to change guns. She was riding Shanpao's mount and wearing Shanpao's equipment. The two broken kitchen knives in her hands had long been thrown away. The only thing left was his engraved green cloak. The slut forgot to hold a dagger and pointed at the sky." Single fight or group fight?" Heaven Defying Tyranny was stunned for a moment, and the slut forgot all about him." Hahaha... Damn it, if there was a pk in the glory copy, I would have killed you a hundred times." The slut forgot to try a few times to make sure she couldn't launch an attack. Riding on the black donkey, she shook her head and sighed as she approached Heaven Defying Tyranny. Looking at him, she seemed very unwilling." If you want to fight me, make a pair..."" Drink - bah!" Just as Heaven Defying Tyranny was speaking, the bitch forgot to open her mouth and spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm. Coincidentally, she spat into Heaven Defying Tyranny's mouth." Whine -" stomp... The slut forgot to turn around and ran away. Heaven Defying Tyranny took a deep breath and fell to her knees... Even though it was just a game, it was so disgusting that Heaven Defying Tyranny took off his glasses controller in disgust and vomited incessantly in reality..." Bitch, what's this called? It's so damn handsome!" The slut forgot to caress the black donkey in her crotch and smiled faintly." Little slut flying phlegm!"" High, really high!"" Retreat!" The slut forgot to ride the black donkey first and ran away. His life motto was never to give his opponent a chance to vent, so he must run away at this time... Boom! Boom! The last ragged chariot also started, and the Huashan sect cheered and followed the bitch, forgetting to blink and run away... After a long time, Heaven Defying Tyranny put on his glasses again and the character slowly stood up from the ground. Her face turned white, and she retched from time to time, trembling with anger..." Issue an order, issue a three datong alliance hunting order, and never stop vomiting until you forget to kill the bitch to level zero..."" President tyrant, who are you playing pk with?" Li yi arrived on the sacred light horse and looked around at the broken chariots. He was delighted. Heaven Defying Tyranny's face turned cold and he snorted heavily. Even if he ate the saliva that the bitch forgot, the person he hated the most in his heart was still Li Yi. You know, without Li Yi, he would have unified Eastern continent long ago. Today, the three great harmony alliance is in danger, and its momentum is no longer the same as before. If it weren't for the old brothers who followed suit, the three great harmony alliance would have been dissolved long ago. He looked around at the broken chariots and lamented," what a pity... These ten chariots, eh."" If Chairman of the dark wing likes it, I'll give you these chariots. Hahaha..." Seeing Li Yi's heartbreak, Heaven Defying Tyranny's face glowed again. To him, being able to pull strings for a while was the happiest thing he had ever felt." The tyrannical president opened his mouth, but it was hard to resist. I accepted these chariots." Li Yi jumped off his horse and walked in front of a straggling chariot, waving his hands and flashing red light. After a few seconds, a new chariot appeared in front of him. Heaven Defying Tyranny was very happy at first, but when he saw that Li Yi could repair the chariot, his face turned livid. The chariot in the" glory" copy was not unrepairable, and when the player's" engineering" reached the level of the master, it was easy to repair the damaged chariot. Heaven Defying Tyranny did not know that it was because of their guild's master engineer. Not only their guild, but so far, none of the craftsmen in the entire The gods game have appeared. The project was poor for three generations and was destroyed by archaeology for a lifetime. If Li Yi hadn't gotten Airen King's engineering book, he would have been a senior engineering master at best. Li Yi was able to repair the vehicles at an incredible speed, one in dozens of seconds, and five in a blink of an eye. Iron alliance players were not idle, fixing one car after another, the team of 500 people, one after another into the war vehicle. Li Yi only repaired 10, the rest of them were not repaired, 50 people and a chariot were already very reluctantly, there was no need to be more greedy." Chairman of the dark wing!" Seeing that li yi was about to leave, Heaven Defying Tyranny panicked and ran forward with a dry stomach, smiling all over his face." We can't fix these broken things. Look, I've given you all my chariots. The rest of them, why don't you just fix them?"" You want me to help you fix your war car?"" Yes, except for you, no one else is here."" No problem." Li Yi readily agreed. Heaven Defying Tyranny's face lit up. Just as he was about to say thank you, Li Yi reached out a finger." One hundred thousand for each vehicle."" I'm % # # $ %!""Anyi, don't go overboard!"" One hundred and one thousand, you can build a good chariot by yourself. The difference is that you can't use it here. You've seen black, you've never seen anything so dark!" Heaven Defying Tyranny hasn't said anything yet. His men can't stand it, because li yi's repair fee is too expensive. Li Yi sighed slightly." I heard that the bosses in the honorary copy are all big machines. It's not easy to fight without the assistance of a combat vehicle." Heaven Defying Tyranny's face was cloudy and uncertain. After a long time, he nodded his head fiercely and gritted his teeth." I'll fix it!" The two of them traded on the spot, and 900,000 gold coins were obtained. As Li Yi said, the money was received and the car was repaired immediately. The red light flickered and the nine vehicles were completed in a few minutes." President overbearing, happy cooperation." Li Yi waved at Heaven Defying Tyranny and got into a chariot. Boom! Boom! Boom! Li Yi and the others drove away in their chariots. Heaven Defying Tyranny and the others stood still for a while. Nine hundred thousand gold coins! Because a lot of the equipment in the copy of" light and darkness" can't be traded and can't be sold for money, now the price has been adjusted to 1: 1, 900 thousand gold coins is 900 thousand rmb, this money, Heaven Defying Tyranny gave a little heartache..." President, I think we've lost a bit." The little tiger was depressed." It's a loss, it's a loss. The glory copy is the last copy that we came into contact with when flying against the sky. Whether we can rise or not depends on this. It doesn't matter if we lose a little now. As long as we win the glory first kill, everything is worth it!" Heaven Defying Tyranny clenched his fists..." Brother Anyi, 900,000 gold coins is good, but I don't think it's good. As you know, the list of 10 internal testers has been announced. Although the Tyrannical dynasty's flying against the sky has been blocked, his previous experience in making copies can't be sealed. Give the car to Heaven Defying Tyranny for repair. I..." Huakucha was a little depressed when he was on his way in the chariot. He was a straight person, and he would say whatever he wanted and never hide it from him." Who said to fix the tank and hand it over to them? Heaven Defying Tyranny and the others stole our tank. It's not something we can pay for. I'm just helping them fix the car. I just want to be depressed for a while more. Brother, do you still need to worry?" Huakucha was stunned. He couldn't figure it out." Do something when you fix the car, old flower. Read more. Isn't your sister a teacher? Ask her to teach you. Oh, this stupid..." Hutuhuli shook his head and hit Huakucha again." How did this thing work?" Huakucha was even weirder. Chuckled and did not explain. Hutuhuli pretended to be mysterious and said nothing, pulling Huakucha's hair in frustration." Old fox, if you don't make yourself clear, I'll ruin your date. I heard you've been dating a girl named Floating Clouds recently? Hmph, you know." In the end, Huakucha threatened to go naked." Actually... I'm not sure either, cough." Hutuhuli finally told the truth under Huakucha's coercion. Li Yi still didn't explain, but just then, a regional shout from the three great harmony alliance came over." Anyi, the president of the Little drunk cat, has no character. He wants money to repair his war car, but he doesn't add blood to it. He is despicable and shameless..."" Didn't you add blood to the tank you repaired for them?" Huakucha was stunned. Li Yi stretched out a finger." One drop of blood per car."" Hahaha..." The three of them burst into laughter. (To be continued