Chapter 7 Something Happened!

The "Glory" replica scene was huge, and most of the players who entered the first time were confused, and there were even a lot of teams that had been in it for half a month and had not even met a boss. The first half of the scene in" glory" was full of robot monsters, ranging from tiny robots that emit laser beams to giant machine armor that was tens of meters in size. There was everything there was to offer, and the variety of monsters was unimaginable, but the robot monsters here had a common characteristic. That is, it will not drop any equipment, only parts and other debris." Bang bang!"" Bang bang!" Iron alliance elites were driving 10 combat vehicles, fighting a human mecha over 20 meters tall. After a round of heavy bombardment, the human mecha became ragged and was about to die. The human mecha isn't boss, it's just an' elite'monster in the copy of glory, level 85, and has 30 million blood. Bang! Bang! The humanoid mecha was covered in black smoke, and the electricity was running wildly. It was only after a long time that it lay on the ground." Destroy the invaders and protect lord Eugene..." The humanoid mecha was lying on the ground, unable to move, and was still saying the password. Li Yi jumped out of the chariot, ran to the humanoid mecha, and began to dismantle the parts on it. Only players who have studied" engineering" could dismantle the robot monster, and to dismantle a level 85 monster, at least the" engineering" professional would need to reach the level of a guru. Crackle, crackle, crackle! The electric current from the manicure disappeared and turned into a pile of scrap metal, while Li Yi had a large handful of rare parts in his hands. Clack! A piece of blue crystal rolled out of the head of the humanoid mech. Li Yi's face lit up and he bent over to pick it up." It's finally done!" He walked into the chariot with the' blue crystal'. The blue crystal is the memory system of the machine monsters. If players want to attack the" glory" copy, the first thing they have to do is kill one machine monster after another and get the blue crystal from them. Beep beep beep... Li Yi placed the blue crystal into the sensor on the tank, and a map immediately appeared on the screen. The first half of the map of the copy of glory! The oval-shaped map was opened in the shape of a fan, and at the handle of the fan, it was where the first guard boss was." Destroy the invaders, protect lord Eugene's body, war, death, immortality, new humanity..." Reading the memory in the blue crystal is very simple. If there is no chariot, you can hold it in your hand. After a while, the blue crystal will automatically reveal the memory content. This is the game setting, so it is very easy to solve the puzzle. In the fan area, tens of thousands of players were scattered around, but there was only one way to move forward, which was to gather near the fan handle and kill boss number one before continuing. Li Yi ordered: "Heading northwest!" Boom! Boom! If you don't get a copy of the map, it will be difficult to find the first guard boss. The scene is too big, and you can travel in all directions. If you accidentally take the wrong road, you won't be able to return for ten days and half a month. While Li Yi and the others were on their way, they saw the slut forget. After a long journey, the chariot that the slut had forgotten to drive had long been destroyed. When Li Yi saw them, they were all sitting on the chariot, densely packed, and a lot of people were sitting on the barrel. The chariot driver was also damaged. The Huashan association had no more chariots, but the' good friend' that the bitch forgot, and the president of the Huashan association,' Hua Feiwu', had them. Although Hua Feiwu had 10 chariots, he did not give them to the bitch to forget. He just let them sit on the cover of the chariot and hitch a ride." Flower girl, you are so beautiful, just like the moon in the sky, with a big snow-white butt shining on my heart. Brother Wang will never forget you..." This song was adapted for' Hua Feihua' by a slut. Today was the day to seize the opportunity. Hua Feihua could not run away in the chariot. He immediately called his men, holding a dagger as a baton, and hundreds of people began to sing in chorus..." Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" The 10 chariots driven by the Century flower guild collided with each other and dumped all the Huashan players on top of them." Dudu, dudu, dudu..." Ten chariots fiercely ran over the players in Huashan, and suddenly there was a cry of father and mother... Needless to say, the slut forgot her brother-in-law Hua Feiwu and got angry again. Li Yi and the others didn't see what was going on behind them, because the robot monsters around them had been alerted, and the red lights were flashing overhead, informing their companions that more and more robot monsters were gathering here... Li Yi and the others quickly left before the monster surrounded them. The copy of" glory" was full of monsters and could have been destroyed if it was surrounded by them. Take a look at the current status of the copy. Currently, 13 teams have been destroyed, leaving only 32 teams." There are 487 members of the flourishing dynasty guild, seeking to form a team..."" There are 213 members of the snow song guild, seeking to form a team...""500 Members of the dragon alliance, team up, 10 chariots!""500 Members of the godslaying family, search for a team with a map!" The regional channel kept rolling. After more than three hours of clearing, the players gradually became enlightened. In order to survive in this copy, to pass the level, it was not enough to rely on the strength of one team alone." Iron alliance 500 people, now open a group, there is a team that wants to join m I hit 1, I will repair the war car!" Li Yi also shouted. As the chariot went deeper and deeper into the map, the monsters they encountered became more and more abnormal. With the strength of 500 people alone, it was almost impossible to support them." Boss, add me..."" Is it Anyi? Plus plus plus plus plus me...""11111111 ..." Li Yi shouted. A lot of the teams that had joined the other team had retreated and ran to join his team. There was no way. The names of the people, the shadows of the trees, and the name of the first arrow god on the continent were there. They didn't refuse and didn't even look at their names. As long as someone added them, they were all in the group. The 500-member team snowballed and grew. In just 10 minutes, Li Yi compiled 11 teams, totaling more than 4,000 people!" Coordinate 5114477: 84442134, everyone, gather quickly!" A coordinate was used to stop the chariot and wait patiently. It was already very close to the location of boss no.1, and all the robot monsters that appeared here were in the shape of spiders, ranging from fingernails to a small mountain, with weapons all over their bodies, which were dozens of times more powerful than the robot monsters they had encountered before. The spider shaped robot monster's blood volume could not be measured by numbers, and it was all 100 %. Its ability to resist attack was very ridiculous. It only killed 5 % of its blood volume after 10 chariots bombarded it for more than a minute. More and more people gathered here, including many of Li Yi's friends, and of course, many enemies, but because the" glory" copy does not allow players to pk, and for common interests, unless they encounter a mortal enemy, they will temporarily put aside their prejudice and work together. Huo Binger, the first secretary of the Little drunken cat association, finished counting and reported to Li Yi." All the teams were present, and none of them missed."" Okay, let's go, full speed ahead!" Boom! Boom! Dudu, dudu... Li Yi's order to advance at full speed had just been given. The army had not moved yet. Twenty red chariots were coming from afar. Someone in the Iron alliance shouted," who is it? Stop moving now, or we will fire!"" We are from the fengyun family!" Twenty red chariots aimed at the chariot where Li Yi was. Shells fired in unison and launched a fierce bombardment." Bang! Bang! Bang!" It was just a slap in the face, without any ambiguity." These idiots are tired of living. Give me a beating, brothers!"" Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang..." There were more than 50 chariots in a large army of nearly 5,000 people, and 20 of them were just for fun. Five minutes later, all 20 red chariots were smashed, and the iron alliance suffered losses. Nine of them were smashed. The Fengyun family men got out of the broken chariot. Two of them led the way. One was Feng Yunjiuge and the other was the leader of the storm. When they entered the replica, they were two teams, but they were lucky to meet up here quickly." Fengyun old dog, do you want to make trouble or what?" Chen Yang opened the lid of the chariot and shouted at him through his neck. The last time Feng Yunjiuge came to attack the city, he died in Feng Yunjiuge's hands several times and had always harbored a grudge against him. Feng Yunjiuge looked normal and pointed to the regimental commander's chariot, signaling Li Yi to come down. The cover of the chariot opened, and Li Yi got out. Just now, Feng Yunjiuge and his men were pounding the chariot with all their strength. It was the other chariots blocking the front that saved the chariot." Brother ninth, are you looking for me? You don't want to reminisce with me, do you?" Feng Yunjiuge raised his chin and was about to speak when a black chariot rushed over and started at full speed. Feng Yunjiuge tried to avoid it, but he was hit by a solid object. He turned several times in the air before sitting on the ground with half the blood on his head. It wasn't anyone else who hit him, it was Chen Yang. He had been looking down on ninth brother for a long time and wanted revenge. Now that he had a chance, how could he let it go?" Shit, we, Brother ninth, are talking to your boss. Why are you pretending to be a b?"" Damn, who are you scolding? Did you scold brother weimeng too? Who are you?"" Scum who only knows how to sneak attack, who am I not going to scold him for?"" Shit, there's a one on one, damn it!"" Damn it!"" Pretend to be your mother..." The two sides cursed at each other, and there was a strong smell of gunpowder. With a wave of his hand, the whole team quieted down." Brother ninth, just tell me what you want from me." Feng Yunjiuge glared at Chen Yang with hatred, drew out his sword and walked towards Li Yi..." I only came to you today for one thing!" (To be continued