Chapter 8 Judgement of the Scorching Sun

The sword in Feng Yunjiuge's hand was slightly purple, wide and thick. There was no tip in front of it. It was as dark as a wooden staff and looked very strange. Even without the' God's Peephole', Li Yi recognized this weapon, the sword of holy light - the Lie Yue's Verdict! This weapon is the strongest weapon that can be used within level 100 of the mt class, and it is a level higher than the'sword of light' in Hupojianxin's hands. There are four special effects on'Lie Yue's Verdict', one of which has a 50 % reduction in damage. This one special effect alone makes this weapon the coveted equipment of all mt professionals. Purple quality equipment is a lot, but purple quality equipment is also good and bad, and this'Lie Yue's Verdict' is undoubtedly the highest level of purple. Li Yi was shocked when he saw the'Lie Yue's Verdict' in Feng Yunjiuge's hands. Lie Yue's Verdict will only fall in one place, the most mysterious place in the King of the gods, one of the seven great mysteries, the temple of life! Did Feng Yunjiuge have a'Lie Yue's Verdict' in his previous life? I can't get up... "I want to bet with you!" Just as li yi was lost in thought, Feng Yunjiuge pointed at the sword and explained his intention. Thump:" gambling?"" Bet on who will beat boss glory copy 1 first!" Riran thought for a moment and asked," what do you want to bet with me?"" Bet on the Orange bow in your hands. If I win, you will destroy it yourself." Li Yi smiled." What if you lose?" Feng Yunjiuge snorted." I'll do whatever you want!" The scene was a little awkward, and there was no sound around. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop on the ground. It was weapons again. The last time Arthur and Li Yi gambled, the Orange cane disappeared forever... Li Yi looked at Feng Yunjiuge and shook his head." A tl light guardian is not worth much now. A level 80' ring of light' is not bad. You will receive an additional 10 % of the treatment when you are treated. Besides this ring, you only have a'Lie Yue's Verdict' worth a few dollars. But do you think these can be compared to my Orange bow?" Li Yi held up the Orange bow in his hand like a flaming phoenix trying to fly. Feng Yunjiuge looked indifferent." If I lose, I'll give you all my equipment. Except for that, I'll give you 100 million!"" Laojiu, you're crazy!" The overlord feng yun could not help but say something. Li Yi was also stunned. He didn't expect Feng Yunjiuge to play such a big bet. Brother feng yun raised his eyebrows." You don't dare?" Li Yi smiled." It's not that I don't dare. It's just that I'm a little surprised. Why are you betting so much on me?"" Hmph!" Feng Yunjiuge snorted heavily and clenched his fists. His face was blue and he didn't say a word." I'll only ask you if you dare to bet!"" Yes!" Li Yi answered quickly." Okay!" Feng Yunjiuge wrote down the bet and threw it at Li Yi. Li yi glanced at it a few times, added one to it, and threw it back at him. The one he added was very simple. He wanted to know why Feng Yunjiuge was gambling with him." Ever since you killed my wife, she's been training so hard every day that she even dreams of calling your name for revenge. Tell me, did you do this?" Feng Yunjiuge's face was twisted and he sent li yi a private voice message. It was impossible for him to say this in front of an outsider. Li Yi was dumbfounded. He really didn't expect that his unintentional actions would change Feng Yunjiuge's wife..." Now my wife is like a different person, always hiding from me. Tell me, did you do this?"" Come on, in the game, it's normal to be killed, right? If your wife can't stand this, why don't you just let her play with shit? Just delete her account, okay?"" It's easy to delete numbers, but she's always talking about you. I can't stand it!" Well, li yi can tell that Feng Yunjiuge is also a jealous person..." If it's really like you said, your wife is afraid that I will kill him, so that's easy. You find a time to let me meet your wife, talk to her, untie her knot, and let her return to normal, that's all." Feng Yunjiuge's eyes suddenly widened and he grinned." See you? You want me to take the initiative to find my wife and talk to you?" Because of the excitement, Feng Yunjiuge didn't use his words to talk privately, but to say them with his mouth... The whole room was in a daze... Feng Yunjiuge's face turned red. Li Yi was also a little embarrassed, this kind of thing, outsiders heard this sentence, it is difficult not to misunderstand." What a pervert. Are they playing the game of exchanging wives?"" I've heard that Anyi is a henpecked man. I'll see you today. As expected..."" I really didn't expect Feng Yunjiuge to be so abnormal. He really knows the face and doesn't know the heart. Behind his gentle appearance, there is a heart of green hat." The players around started whispering. When Feng Yunjiuge closed his eyes, his intestines turned blue. Everyone misunderstood, and this time they jumped into the Yellow River. The atmosphere was even more awkward. To ease the atmosphere, Li Yi whispered," I agree. I'll bet with you!" The players around them exchanged glances, obviously misinterpreting Li Yi's words again... Feng Yunjiuge threw the contract to Li Yi, Li Yi signed it, and the contract was made into two white lights, which penetrated into each of them. The content of the contract is very simple. Whoever wins the first kill of boss 1 of the" glory" copy first wins. If both parties can't get the first kill, the contract will be revoked automatically when the first kill of boss 1 appears. Feng Yunjiuge shouted around," 500 gold per person, unlimited recruitment of team members. If I want to sign up, if I can win the first kill of boss 1, I will not treat you badly!"" Brother ninth paid...""500 Yuan each, you're really rich..."" Yes, I am." At least 1000 people from the team were shaken and left to join Feng Yunjiuge's team. Money makes the world go round. Feng Yunjiuge has no other ability but money! Boom! Boom! Boom! Dust was flying in the distance, and more than 50 red chariots stopped in front of Feng Yunjiuge." Brothers who have just joined the team, please get on the chariot. Besides, who else wants to join? Come on, we are leaving soon!"" Yes, brothers, anyone who wants to come can come over and accept people indefinitely!" Heaven Defying Tyranny peeked his head out of one of the red chariots and waved to the crowd. Feng Yunjiuge did not dare to gamble with Li Yi on impulse, but had been planning for a long time. Although there were only more than 50 chariots, there were more than 10,000 people on Feng Yunjiuge's side than on Li Yi's side. Almost all the Grand duke's association in Western continent, except the Grand duke's association, were bribed by Feng Yunjiuge. It was just killing boss 1, not helping him get the whole copy first. The dukes were worried about finding a good team, and Feng Yunjiuge was throwing money at them. Who would refuse?" Brothers, what else do you think? My name is Heaven Defying Tyranny, and I have a little brother called flying against the sky. Have you heard of him?" Heaven Defying Tyranny said only half a sentence and retreated back into the chariot, because his purpose had been achieved, so there was no need to continue." Flying against the sky? The only player on the 10-person internal test list who has ever made a copy. By the way, he has also made an honorary copy!"" Yeah, I saw it on the official website."" Fly against the sky and hit a copy of glory, so to speak..." Because of Heaven Defying Tyranny's half sentence, many players were moved. To most players, who is not working with? As long as they can defeat boss, they don't care who is leading." Let's go. 500 is 500!" More than 1,000 people withdrew and joined Feng Yunjiuge's team. After two robberies, there were only 2, 300 people left on Li Yi's side. There were only 10 chariots left, and there were no chariots left for players willing to follow the' Iron alliance'..." Let's go!" Feng Yunjiuge was overjoyed and led a large army of chariots to the location of boss 1 ... Li yi was able to hit the' blue crystal', so were the other players. The first half of glory's map was very easy to obtain, and the difficulty was very low. Li Yi walked towards the wrecked chariot and began to repair it. The 20 red chariots were soon fully repaired and incorporated into the team. Their appearance and color had also changed, all turning black. There are now 30 chariots on Li Yi's side!" Brothers, we don't have to worry about the small number of people. At least when we divide the equipment, no one will snatch it. We should divide each of them into at least two pieces."" Hahahaha..." Li Yi's joke immediately livened up the atmosphere. The team members got into the car and waited for his instructions." Let Feng Yunjiuge and the others clean up in front, and we'll just walk slowly behind them." Li Yi's latest instructions were given. Surrounded by spider-shaped robot monsters, it was not difficult to encounter a small one. If you encounter a big one, even if 50 chariots were to bombard together, it would take more than ten minutes to fight. Fortunately, the big spiders didn't gather in groups, or they wouldn't have been able to pass at all. Beep, beep, beep! Just as Li Yi was carefully following Feng Yunjiuge and the others, the question mark of overseas strange fate lit up. It was a voice message from the Shae. Li Yi and the Shae had known each other for more than a month, but until now, Li Yi did not know what the name of the Shae was, so he could only give her a nickname in his heart," the internet explorer."" I suddenly don't want revenge."" What's wrong?"" I don't know either. I just think it's the same whether I take revenge or not. It's no big deal."" Well, that's a good idea. The most important thing to play games is to be happy. It's not worth getting angry." Shae sent a smiling face, looking very happy. After a while, goofy sighed," if only my husband thought the same way."" What happened to your husband?"" He calls out my enemy's name sometimes in his dreams at night. I'm so scared..."" Uh..." Hearing the Shae's words, Li Yi's mind suddenly flashed with a wild idea, this... Is this Shae Feng Yunjiumei? I'm not going to play like this... (To be continued