Chapter 295 Your Sister-in-law Was Bullied. Help Or Not?!

One chapter on the recommendation ticket, "Chapter one" catalogue," and the next chapter added to the popular bookmarking recommendation: douluo continent iii, legend of the dragon king, tianhuo road, holy ruins, douluo continent, legend of the dragon king, dream awakening, silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo continent 4, ultimate doctor huang of the great wealth of douluo, don't even think about it. What would li yun let these guys chew at lady Du's place? Her dark history was nothing more than bad grades, bad grades, chasing after Shen Xichuan all the time! Lu Beixiao knew all this, and he didn't care about her past. Ye Qiao went out the back door to a deserted place and made several phone calls to find Lu Beichi. Chizi, is your sister-in-law being bullied? Help or not?! Lu Beichi was drinking at cheng dafei's house. It was rare for them to get together now. He was holding a microphone and smoking. Hearing his sister-in-law say this, he immediately got excited! Who dares to bully my sister-in-law? As soon as Lu Beichi said this, the few who were drinking in the midst of the foul air came to their senses! Who is so bold to bully them, Master qiao?! Li Yun! Yah has made a comeback. He has a little old man who has exposed your sister-in-law's dark history in front of your aunt! Your sister-in-law needs to redeem her image in front of your aunt!" Whether lady Du listens or not, she has to give herself a chance to defend herself. Lu Beichi's group of people were witnesses to her transformation from scum to progress! Li Yun? How dare this scum come back?! Ye Qiaoqiao! Don't worry, my brothers are here! Whether Shen Xichuan is here or not, let's clean it up together! I don't think he's happy, master!" Lu Beichi shouted. Ye Qiao calmed him down and told him about her plan. Ye Qiao didn't know exactly what lady Du had heard, but she could make a guess. If she had heard from her daughter-in-law's classmates that her daughter-in-law was not good in the past, her heart would have been more or less uncomfortable, not to mention that Ms. Du was a very good face. Lu Lady, is this miss The gu family? A middle-aged man walked up to them and greeted lady Du. Sun Boss! Hello, hello! This is Gu Boss's daughter of the wind corporation! Lady Du said enthusiastically," Yan Zi, this is Sun Boss from fuyuan hotel!" Sun Boss, hello! Gu Xueyan smiled politely. That's true! The last time I drank with Gu Boss, I heard that your two families were going to be in-laws!" President sun said hurriedly. At this moment, lady Du and gu xueyan were stunned. How embarrassing... Ye Qiao and comrade Du Jun were standing by the side. When they heard president sun's words, they were all embarrassed for Gu Xueyan! Sun Boss! You misunderstood. This is my niece and daughter-in-law! Comrade Du Jun hurriedly pulled Ye Qiao forward and shouted," start the mode of protecting niece and daughter-in-law!" President sun was also a member of the hotel industry. He knew Du Jun, and he knew Du Jun's relationship with lady Du! Yes, Sun Boss, Yan Zi is just my goddaughter! Ye Qiao is my daughter-in-law! Lady Du quickly pulled Ye Qiao over and smiled. Gu Xueyan, on the other hand, was so embarrassed that her face had already turned red to her ears. She felt even more ashamed when she thought about how she had previously spread the word that she was Lu Beixiao's girlfriend! Isn't this Ye Boss?! Sun Boss said excitedly when he saw Ye Qiao. Lady Du:" do you know each other?" Auntie, sun is always an old customer of my company!" Ye qiao said quickly. Lu Lady, the software we use in our hotel is from her company! This software saved us a lot of trouble! You are so lucky to have such a daughter-in-law! President sun praised Ye Qiao from the bottom of his heart. Lady Du laughed from ear to ear when he was praised like that. Sun Boss! You flatter me! However, I am glad that our software can bring convenience to your hotel! Give us more advice in the future! Ye qiao smiled and nodded. One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapter