Chapter 305 Even An Old Bachelor

"Ye Cheng. He doesn't want to live anymore! Just show off your love and ask him for a red envelope! Ye Cheng! Don't try to hide! Brother is not easy to call!" Ye Qiao said relentlessly. Give it to him! I'll give it to you tomorrow when we get engaged, okay?! Ye Cheng said angrily, with a bitter face and shaking his head." I used to wear a pair of pants with A Xiao, but now..." In front of my wife, you are nothing!" Lu beixiao made up for it. Ye Cheng, pawn. - 301, General hospital of the people's liberation army. There was only one bed in the room that smelled like disinfectant, and there was a large red" quiet" written directly above the head of the bed. The table in the ward was filled with flowers and fruit baskets. The hospital bed. The man lying on the bed was pale. Slender, white hands, like feathers, caressed this resolute face to the side of his lips. The weak man suddenly reached out and grabbed the woman's hand tightly. Even for a seemingly weak patient, his strength was still astonishing! He opened his eyes, his eyes gloomy, staring at the intern female military doctor in a white coat and shaking off her hand with all his might. Chief, it's time for you to change the water! The young female military doctor, who was not flushed or panting, smiled at him, picked up the water bottle on the trolley, stood on tiptoe, hung it up, and pulled out the needle that was about to finish the bottle. Into the new one, the movements were skillful. Old Cai's face was still gloomy. Chief, change it. Call me whenever you need me! My name is Leng Yao! When the girl spoke, the hospital bed. Old Cai's eyes were cold, and he didn't even look at her. See you later, chief! The female military doctor wheeled the cart to the door, closed the door of the ward, and looked at the bed again. Said the cold and heartless man with a sweet smile. The other party, still did not respond! - Old Cai! Haha! You have a day!" As soon as the door of the ward was closed, someone poked his head in. It was Ye Cheng, with a fruit basket in his hand. Old Cai! It was great to see you sitting on the bed. Lu Beixiao led Ye Qiao in and made up for it. Old Cai stared at him! Ye qiao put the fruit basket on the bedside table in a proper manner." Squadron cai! Hello!" Old Cai, who had been helped up by Ye Cheng, looked at her, raised her lips, and nodded. Old Cai! My wife! Ye Qiao! I'm engaged tomorrow. Unfortunately, you didn't have a good life and missed a wedding! But I still have to give you a red envelope, right? Lu beixiao said with a loud smile, walked over to Ye Qiao and circled her waist. Her Brother xiao really didn't even spare the poor patient from being a bachelor. Old Cai was in his thirties and fours this year. He had been single for the sake of his fiancee who had been dead for twelve years. This was also on the way, listening to them. She only knew that Old Cai was in danger, but she didn't know that there was such a touching story behind it. Old Cai took out a red packet from under his pillow. Old Cai was the one who did it! Wife, take it! Lu Beixiao said, took it and put it in Ye Qiao's hand. Thank you, Squadron cai! Take a good rest!" Ye Qiao said sincerely. Like Lu Beixiao, he was an affectionate and devoted man! In order to torture these kids, I'll get better soon!" Old Cai told Ye Qiao. Damn, I really want to punch you! Let you rest for a year and a half!" Lu Beixiao said grumpily. It was already past four in the afternoon when Lu Beixiao came out of the hospital. After checking the time, he asked Ye Cheng to take her home. He had something to deal with, and he seemed to keep it a secret.