Chapter 481 Misfortune Does Not Come Alone

Du Mingqing also received a call from Zhou Jingwen.

Most likely, the two children were kidnapped.

He instructed Wang Wei to inquire in the hallway.

Then, he took two people to the bar.

In the corner, they found Du Xiao, who was unconscious, and Xiao Fan.

He carried them outside. Leaning against the door side by side.

"Hey, wake up! Brat, why are you drinking so much?"

Du Mingqing slapped both of them hard on the face, and they impatiently knocked off his hand.

Someone happened to be watering the lawn by the side of the road.

Du Mingqing borrowed the shower head and splashed it on two drunkards.

They were all excited.

"I don't think I can't cure you. Are you sober?"

Du Xiao opened his eyes in a daze and muttered unhappily, "Dad, what are you doing?"

Xiao Fan obviously drank more than du xiao. He still closed his eyes and staggered, unable to even stand.

"Get them into the car."

Du Mingqing drove away a street from the bar.

He kept looking around.

He couldn't help but complain, "What the hell is this place? There isn't even a fruit stand."

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard his brother shout, "Uncle du, look over there."

Du Mingqing saw it too.

He drove over.

Go buy a banana. By the way, isn't there a pharmacy nearby? You go in and buy a bottle of vcs, the cheapest kind. A bottle or two. Don't listen to the people who sell the medicine."

The younger brother answered, got out of the car and ran away.

Du Mingqing got out of the car and opened the door behind him.

Shouting at the two drunkards who were sleeping in the car, "Hey, Du Xiao! Xiao Fan!"

Du Xiao frowned, scratched his neck and said irritably, "Shut up. I'm so annoyed."

Du Mingqing was furious, "Brat, you dare to tell your father to shut up and see if I don't break your face."

Du Mingqing dragged Du Xiao out and slapped Du Xiao's face.

Du Xiao opened his eyes. "Dad, don't scratch me."

"You know your father again? Brat."

At this time, the younger brother just bought everything back.

Du Mingqing unscrewed the bottle and poured seven or eight pills into Du Xiao's mouth.

"What, dad?"

"Swallow it!"

Du xiao flattened his mouth and swallowed it. Then, with a bitter face, he shouted, "Give me some water."

The younger brother took out several bottles of water from the trunk and gave Du Xiao a bottle.

Du Xiao drank half a bottle.

At this time, Xiao Fan also drank the medicine and was drinking water.

Du Mingqing handed the bananas to the two of them.

Forcing them to eat two of them.

Then, on the way, he went to find someone.

On the way, Du Xiao and Xiao Fan kept going to the toilet.

After four or five times, they finally woke up.

Xiao Fan slapped his forehead and asked hoarsely, "Uncle du, why did you pick us up?"

Du Mingqing snorted before saying, "Your family is a disgrace."

Du Xiao immediately answered, "Xiao Fan, I said you drank like hell, so it's sister-in-law..."

Du Mingqing interrupted Du Xiao angrily. "Shut your mouth. I mean, the two little dolls of the xiao fan family are missing."

"What?" Xiao Fan was so excited that he got up and hit the roof of the car. He couldn't care less and asked hastily, "What happened?"


At this time, Han Yufei was in Zhou Jingwen's car, looking around the house.

If the children were not kidnapped, they would have been lost.

They're so young, they shouldn't be far away.

Zhou Jingwen slowed down as much as possible. Mother of Han and Han Yufei looked to one side and carefully looked at the roadside, not letting go of any small corner.

"Aunt Han, are Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye okay?"

Zhou Zeyang asked Han Yufei worriedly.

At this moment, Zhou Jingwen replied, "Xiaoyang, don't disturb aunt Han. Brother and sister will definitely find it."

"Oh, I see, mom."

As Zhou Zeyang spoke, he craned his neck and looked out. He also wanted to help.

Han Yufei was in no mood to answer Xiaoyang's question. She clenched her fists and kept looking at the roadside.

I can't imagine what happened to the children. My heart aches at the thought.

Tears blurred her eyes again.

She stretched out her hand and wiped it quickly, fearing that it might fall somewhere.

At this moment, the phone rang.

Han Yufei quickly picked it up.

"Hey, did you find it?" She didn't even see who was calling.

"Yufei, it's me."

"You also know how to make a phone call. Where did you die? The child is missing. What should we do?"

The moment Han Yufei heard Xiao Fan's voice, he could no longer contain his panic and sobbed.

"Where are you now?"

"On... Somewhere. We haven't found it yet..."

"Yes, I see. I'm in west city now. Looking for it. Don't..."

Han Yufei hung up before Xiao Fan could finish.

She couldn't help but blame Xiao Fan and herself.

If it hadn't been for the conflict between the two of them, Han Yufei wouldn't have been so careless and let the children go out alone in the dark.

Mother of Han knew what Han Yufei was feeling and persuaded her.

Han Yufei perked up and continued to look at the roadside.

Just like that, he kept looking and found more than eleven o' clock.

Han Yufei suddenly received a call from Mother of Xiao.

"Yufei, come on, something happened to your uncle Xiao."

Han Yufei's hands were shaking. She hung up the phone and said to Zhou Jingwen, "Jingwen, go to a certain street."

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

He called Xiao Fan again.

"Yufei, how's it going? Have you found it?"

Listening to Xiao Fan's tone, he probably didn't know about Xiaobaba. Han Yufei calmed down. "Xiao Fan, your dad... Something happened. Go to so-and-so street. I'm going to..."

There was a busy tone on the other end of the phone.

Han Yufei knew that Xiao Fan must be very anxious.

Mother of Xiao didn't say anything about Xiaobaba on the phone.

Han Yufei didn't dare to make wild guesses. It could be just an attack of bronchitis or a fall.

She dared not think of anything worse.

At this moment, Xiao Fan was completely awake.

His face was grim and terrifying, as if he was about to explode at any moment.

Du Xiao didn't dare to ask.

He just heard on the phone that something happened to Xiaobaba.

What a double whammy.

If I had known, when Xiao Fan asked him to come out for a drink, I should have listened to Zhou Jingwen and drank less.

If you drink less, you can go home early. If you go home early, none of this will happen.

Xiao Fan clenched his fist and was so anxious that he punched the front seat.

Du Mingqing almost bounced. Fortunately, he was a long driver and held the steering wheel steadily.

Also, keep your speed up and go to a certain street.

When they reached the street entrance, they saw a group of people surrounding them.

Xiao Fan pushed open the door and ran over.

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way!"

He yelled, and everyone was scared, so they immediately made way for him.

At this moment, the siren of the ambulance was getting closer and closer.

Xiao Fan finally saw the scene in the crowd.