Chapter 482 The Lion Opened His Mouth Wide

Han Yufei, Mother of Xiao, Zhou Jingwen, Mother of Han, Zhou Zeyang were all around Xiaobaba.

And Xiaobaba was lying on the ground.

A knife went straight into his abdomen.

The ground was covered in blood.

Xiao fan stayed where he was. Not daring to step forward.

Mother of Xiao saw Xiao Fan. "Where have you been? You don't want your home anymore? Come and see your dad."

Mother of Xiao held Xiaobaba's colder and colder hand, tears streaming down her face.

"Dad, you must be fine."

Han Yufei stood up and ran to Xiao Fan. He took his hand and dragged him almost to Xiaobaba.

At this moment, the ambulance stopped.

The nurses came over.

They checked Xiaobaba's injuries first.

"Get him in the car. Be careful not to touch the wound."

After that, Xiao Fan left in the ambulance.

There was only room for one more person in the ambulance.

Worried about Mother of Xiao's health, they finally managed to persuade her to let Xiao Fan get into the car.

When Mother of Xiao got up, his eyes darkened and he fainted.

Du xiao picked up Mother of Xiao and put him in the car.

Together, they followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Xiaobaba was sent to the emergency room.

Zhou Jingwen waited for a while, then went back with Mr. Wu and Zhou Zeyang.

The child was too young and had fallen asleep.

Mother of Xiao was still unconscious.

Han Yufei stood by the bed.

At this time, Du Xiao was with Xiao Fan outside the operating room.

Xiao Fan kept his head down.

Du Xiao understood his feelings.

There was no use in persuading her.

So he stayed silent.

The sudden ringing echoed in the corridor.

It was Xiao Fan's phone.

But he didn't respond.

Du xiao said hurriedly, "Big brother, take a look. Maybe Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye have news?"

Xiao Fan was still stunned.

Du Xiao reached out and took out his phone from Xiao Fan's pocket.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Du xiao picked it up for him and gave a tentative "Hello."

"Hello, Xiao Boss. Wait, I'll send you a picture first."

The voice on the other end of the phone was very strange, especially as if it had been processed with voice modification software.

Du Xiao quickly received a message.

He opened it and immediately handed it to Xiao Fan.

In the picture, it was Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye.

The two of them were tied to a stool with their backs to each other, and their mouths were taped.

The background was also blurred, and it was impossible to see where the child was.

Xiao Fan snatched the phone.

He shouted at the other end of the phone, "What do you want?"

"Xiao Boss, don't worry. I won't hurt the two children. I'm just a little short of money recently, and I want to borrow some money from you to spend it."

"How much do you want?"

"Xiao Boss is just forthright."

"Be happy."

"Fifty million. Of course, I know this money is nothing to you. I also know that you need time to prepare. Well, I'll give you a week. I'll call you again in a week."

"Hey, hey! Bastard!"

With a snap, the phone fell to the ground.

Everyone in the corridor was shocked.

Du xiao quickly picked up his phone. The screen was broken and he couldn't turn it on.

"Xiao Fan, why are you so impulsive? I just recorded it for you. It's all gone now."

Xiao Fan didn't say a word and ran away like an arrow.

Du Xiao chased after him.

Xiao Fan ran, ran out of the hospital, ran to the street, and roared, "Ah! Ah! Ah..."

Each sound was more tragic than the last.

Passers-by could feel his pain.

Du Xiao went over and grabbed Xiao Fan's arm. "Big brother, you must calm down. What did that man say to you just now? Do you want money? How much?"

"Fifty million."

"What? Is he crazy?"

Xiao Fan didn't answer.

Du Xiao continued, "At least we know that the children are safe now. Let's go back to see father xiao first. Maybe he's already out of the operating room."

Xiao Fan said nothing and walked to the hospital.

Du Xiao sighed quietly.

Then he gritted his teeth and cursed, "The kidnappers are tied to the young master's head. I'm really tired of living."

He took out his cell phone and called Wang Wei.

"Hey, Wang Wei, the child is definitely kidnapped. Go ahead and find out who the bastard is that dares to touch me. If you don't want to go against the entire Glory world gang, hand over the person immediately."

Du Xiao also called Mr. Wu.

Mr. Wu had the same attitude and made the same decision.

When the two gangs joined forces, du xiao thought bitterly, "Bastard, you're dead."

After hanging up the phone, he rushed to the hospital.

The "In operation" light was still on.

At this moment, Mother of Xiao also woke up.

He was sitting on the bench, wiping his tears.

Han Yufei and Mother of Han were right and left by their side.

Xiao Fan stood leaning against the wall with a dark face.

Du Xiao walked to Mother of Xiao and asked, "What happened between you and Xiaobaba?"

It turned out that Xiaobaba and Mother of Xiao were also looking around the apartment.

He called Xiao Fan, but no one answered.

Later, they simply stopped fighting and focused on finding people.

Around eleven o' clock, it was very dark and there were very few people on the road.

The two old men were so focused on finding their grandchildren that they didn't notice that someone was following them.

When they reached a certain street, the people behind them saw that there was no one around and suddenly rushed to the two of them.

Even someone as calm as father xiao was shocked.

The man came with a mask over his face and a rather thin figure.

"Take out all the valuable things you have on you. Otherwise..."

According to his accent, he was not from City a.

As he spoke, he pulled out a stick from behind him.

Mother of Xiao held Xiaobaba's arm tightly.

"Don't do anything. I'll get it for you right away."

Xiaobaba probably saw this man holding a stick, so it wasn't very dangerous. She patted Mother of Xiao's hand gently to signal her not to be too nervous.

But Mother of Xiao didn't want to get involved with this kind of person. She withdrew her hand and took off the necklace around her neck.

Here you go. I didn't bring my wallet. Cell phone, look, this old man's phone, do you want it?"

Looking at Mother of Xiao's phone, the masked man said in disgust, "No, no. Take off the ring on your hand!"

"Young man, this ring is my wife's wedding ring. It's very important to us."

"Cut the crap!"

As the masked man spoke, he grabbed Mother of Xiao's hand and rubbed the ring down roughly.

In this way, he had only one hand left.

Xiaobaba didn't say anything, just waiting for the right time.

At this moment, he made a move and kicked.

I didn't expect to be avoided by a man.

He reached out and hugged the stick again.

The masked man let go of Mother of Xiao's hand.

Seeing this, Mother of Xiao went up to help.

She had no strength in her fists and feet, so she had to talk.

She bit the man's arm.

The man shouted and kicked Mother of Xiao in the stomach.

Mother of Xiao was in pain and let go.

She covered her stomach and lay on the ground.

Xiaobaba took the stick with all his might.