Chapter 483 The Way to Raise Money

With the stick in his hand, Xiaobaba immediately swung the stick at the man.

The man dodged.

At this moment, Mother of Xiao stood up.

The masked man suddenly charged at Mother of Xiao.

Moreover, he had a shiny knife in his hand.

Mother of Xiao tripped in a panic.

It was too late for Xiaobaba to hit the knife out of the man's hand with a stick.

Xiaobaba stood in front of her, unable to dodge.

Just like that, the knife went into Xiaobaba's abdomen.

At this moment, on the other side of the road, someone shouted, "Murder!"

The masked man was also frightened.

He fell to the ground first.

Then he got up and ran off.

Xiaobaba fainted after being stabbed.


"Xiao Fan, is your father okay?"

Although Han Yufei and Mother of Han were sitting next to Mother of Xiao, Mother of Xiao relied on Xiao Fan the most at a time like this.

It was the nature of blood.

Xiao fan walked towards Mother of Xiao.

Han Yufei automatically stepped aside.

Xiao Fan sat down and took Mother of Xiao's hand. "It's okay. Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to my dad."

It was already half past twelve.

Han Yufei didn't know that Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye had news.

She stood in front of the operating room, feeling uneasy.

Someone patted her on the shoulder.

She turned around and saw that it was Du Xiao.

Du Xiao whispered to Han Yufei about the kidnapping of Xiaoxiao Xiaoye.

Before Han Yufei could scream, Du Xiao said, "Shh, don't let Mother of Xiao know. She can't be stimulated anymore."

Han Yufei nodded.

Look at Xiao Fan.

His forehead wrinkled into a chuan word.

Han Yufei could only fret in his heart.

Fifty million, so much money, I don't know what xiao fan will do.

A few people were waiting outside the operating room.

At half past one, the door to the operating room opened.

Han Yufei at the door asked first, "Doctor, how is it?"

The others also gathered around.

The doctor's expression was solemn, and Han Yufei's heart thumped.

"I injured my spleen and had internal bleeding."

Xiaobaba was transferred to the icu.

All sorts of tubes were inserted into his body.

The second half of the doctor's sentence was directed at Xiao Fan and Han Yufei. However, the chances of recovery are only 10 %."

It means that Xiaobaba might not wake up.

Xiao Fan shook when he heard that. Fortunately, Han Yufei held him up.

This was how he reacted, not to mention Mother of Xiao.

So, everyone tacitly hid it from Mother of Xiao.

Mother of Xiao thought Xiaobaba was just sleeping. Just like Han Yufei.

At two in the morning, she was finally persuaded by Han Yufei and Mother of Han to go to the ward not far away to rest.

Mother of Han was worried about Mother of Xiao, so she stayed with her.

Han Yufei returned to the icu.

"Du Xiao, you've been tired all day. Go back and rest."

"Sister-in-law, I'm fine."

Du Xiao insisted on staying.

Han Yufei had no energy to persuade him.

Sitting next to Xiao Fan, he wanted to ask about the money several times. Looking at Xiao Fan's sad expression, he could not open his mouth.

He could only pat Xiao Fan on the shoulder.

Xiao Fan looked up at Han Yufei.

Then, he held her in his arms.

Han Yufei reached out and stroked Xiao Fan's back.

Perhaps silence was better than sound.

At this moment, all her complaints about Xiao Fan had vanished.

Du xiao said goodbye.

After a while, Xiao Fan said, "I plan to sell my shares."

Du Xiao turned around abruptly.

"Big brother, don't be impulsive. I've already sent someone to look for it. Even if we dig three feet, we'll find the children."

"Xiao Fan, you..." Han Yufei didn't know what to say.

"Fifty million. I can't get it all together in a short time. This is the only way."

"Big brother. Wait a minute. There might be news soon."

I can bet on my children. I can't afford to bet. You don't have to persuade me."

Du Xiao stamped his foot, turned around and punched the wall.

"At that time, you shouldn't have taken away the people who were protecting your sister-in-law."

Du Xiao was very upset.

Han Yufei consoled, "It's not your fault."

Or, I can ask my dad for help. Xiao Fan, don't rush to sell your shares."

Han Yufei suddenly thought of this.

Du Xiao echoed, "Yes, big brother, you can find your prospective father-in-law. And friends."

The next morning, Han Yufei called Han Youwei.

Told him about it.

"Yufei, don't worry. Dad will think of something."

An hour later, Han Youwei arrived at the hospital.

"Yufei, Xiao Fan, I can raise 20 million a week."

Xiao fan said in a deep voice: "My company can only raise 10 million, the beach villa sold, and can raise 10 million, but still less than 10 million."

The crowd fell silent again.

Mother of Xiao had a good night's rest and was much better.

When she heard Xiao Fan and the others talking about money, she pressed on to find out about Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye's kidnapping.

He could not stand any longer.

"What's wrong with our family, my Xiaoxiao, Xiaoye..."

The crowd urged Mother of Xiao.

At this moment, Han Yufei's cell phone rang.

It was Huo Feng.

She picked it up.

"Hello. Huo Feng, what can I do for you?"

"Yufei, are you okay? I want to talk to you about Liu Mingyong."

"Sorry, I have something at home. I can't help you for the time being."

"What happened? Do you need help?"

Han Yufei's heart stirred. Maybe he could help.

Huo Feng, you came to the Renheyiyuan to find me. I have something to ask of you."

After hanging up the phone, Han Yufei turned around and saw Xiao Fan's scrutinizing eyes.

She lowered her head, not intending to explain.

After all, it's not done yet.

Xiao Fan had to go back to the company and ask to leave.

Han Youwei also needed to discuss it with the company's finance department, so they left together.

About half an hour after Xiao Fan left, huo feng came to the hospital.

Han Yufei told Huo Feng what happened to the children.

"Tell me what you need me to do."

"You, can you tell your father that you can lend us ten million?" Han Yufei knew that she was asking too much, but for the sake of the children, she had no choice but to ask Huo Feng for help.

"No problem, just wait. I'll call old wang right away."

Huo Feng readily agreed, then left the corridor with his cell phone.

Han Yufei was at the door of the icu, looking at Mother of Xiao in tears, and then leaning against the window to look at Xiaobaba inside.

He prayed silently, "Uncle, you must be fine. The children must be fine. If I could, I would like to lose my life in exchange for your health."

At this time, huo feng just called Wang Pengfei.

"Hello, dad. Please do something."

"We father and son still need to beg, you say it."

"Dad, lend me ten million."

"Xiaofeng, what do you want so much money for?"

"I have a friend who has an accident at home. Money is urgently needed."

"What friend? Is it important to you?"