Chapter 484 Give You A Wedding Card

Wang Pengfei kept asking Huo Feng what kind of friend he was.

Huo Feng was annoyed. "Dad, do you want to borrow it or not?"

"Okay, okay, you wait. I'll go ask the finance department. By the way, when will your friend want it?"

"In six days."

"It's so urgent. Then I can't guarantee that I'll get it."

"Dad, why are you like this? I used this money to save my life. You should hurry up. Even if you can't, you have to."

"You little brat, it seems that this friend is very important to you."

"Oh, come on, come on, go ask. I'm waiting to hear back."

Huo Feng said and hung up.

Then, he anxiously waited for Wang Pengfei's call.

He was also wondering what kind of friend Han Yufei was.

There is appreciation. And gratitude.

As for the rest?

When Huo Feng thought that Han Yufei had a child with Xiao Fan, he immediately stopped thinking.

Never be someone who breaks up other people's families.

He knew how much the emotional breakdown of his parents had affected his children.

He himself was a living example.

Just as he was thinking about it, the phone rang.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"You're in a hurry. Your friend is lucky. The company just finished a project and the money has just been paid."

"You mean you can borrow it, right?" Huo Feng could not hide the surprise in his tone.

"Yes. I can borrow it. But is your friend reliable? This is not a small amount."

"Absolutely reliable. That's it. I'll hang up first."

Huo Feng strode to find Han Yufei.

Han Yufei had already seen Huo Feng and she came up to him.


Han Yufei was momentarily stunned and speechless.

Huo Feng patted her on the shoulder. "Hey, wake up."

Han Yufei thanked him repeatedly.

"Thank you so much."

Du Xiao looked at the two of them, confused.

This man seems to care a lot about Han Yufei. What's their relationship?

Yesterday, Xiao Fan drank. Did it have anything to do with this kid?

"Huo Feng, I don't need your help."

An angry voice rang out in the corridor.

Then, the crowd looked down the corridor and Xiao Fan walked over with a calm face.

When he approached, Han Yufei quickly advised, "Xiao Fan, don't do this. Huo Feng has already agreed. Then you don't have to sell your shares. After this time, just give it back to him."

"I never owe anyone anything, not to mention you!"

Xiao Fan ignored Han Yufei and turned to Huo Feng.

Huo Feng smiled and said, "I didn't expect Xiao Boss to have such backbone."

Du Xiao also came to advise, "Big brother, save the children first."

Finally, under Du Xiao's persuasion, the two reached an agreement.

Xiao fan traded the company's equivalent shares for the ten million yuan.

That doesn't count as borrowing.

Solved the problem of raising money.

Everyone began to think about calling the police.

The proposal to call the police was, of course, more insurance.

He didn't call the police because he was afraid that the kidnappers would harm the children.

In the end, for the safety of the children, they decided not to call the police.

It was about how to find the place where the children were tied up seven days later.

Du Xiao found someone to hide.

Afraid of angering the kidnappers.

Xiaobaba's condition had been recurring.

Mother of Xiao must guard Xiaobaba.

On the third day, he fell ill.

Han Yufei and Xiao Fan took turns guarding Mother of Xiao.

Fortunately, Xiaobaba's condition stabilized.

After hearing the good news, Mother of Xiao's spirits improved a lot.

Han Yufei and Wang Qing asked for leave.

He went home every day to make soup and brought it to the hospital.

Forcing Xiao Fan to drink a bowl too.

His face was very haggard.

On the fifth day, wang qing and Huo Feng came to the hospital together.

When she looked at xiao fan, her face was full of worry.

"Xiao Fan, don't worry. Uncle will be fine."

Xiao Fan replied softly, "Thank you."

Then he put his arms around his chest and closed his eyes.

Wang Qing took the nutrition to Mother of Xiao's ward.

He looked at Mother of Xiao and asked for warmth.

Mother of Xiao was in no mood to deal with her.

Wang Qing didn't mind either. Before she left, she said, "Auntie, take care of yourself. Even for Xiao Fan, it's hard now."

Mother of Xiao looked up at Wang Qing and nodded.

Wang Qing was right. Cheer up. Otherwise, it would be Xiao Fan and Yufei.

However, she also saw that Wang Qing was overly concerned about Xiao Fan.

Miss wang, thank you for your help. When Fan Fan and Yufei get married, make sure they send you an invitation."

Mother of Xiao's tone sounded fine, but Wang Qing's face turned white.

To her, Mother of Xiao was tactfully warning her not to interfere with Xiao Fan and Han Yufei.

Wang Qing clenched his fists and turned around as gracefully as possible.

After a few words of concern, Huo Feng left with Wang Qing.

After they left, the atmosphere between Xiao Fan and Han Yufei cooled down.

These days, Xiao Fan and Han Yufei had very little communication.

Because both of them were busy and not so obvious.

Now that she was free, she realized that there was no topic to talk about.

Both of them had their own knots in their hearts.


Ye Fengqin also knew about Han Youwei raising money from the company.

This time, she didn't stop her.

Those two children were indeed very likable, and as long as she thought that she was going to be a grandmother, she could not bear to be cruel to them.

Moreover, Han Yufei had forgiven Han Xueying many times, and Ye Fengqin kept it in mind.

However, Han Youwei was supposed to be recuperating and running around to raise money.

Ye Fengqin was a little worried about his health.

"You Wei, haven't you raised enough money? Why are you still going out?"

Han Youwei put on his suit and replied, "I have to make sure all the money is transferred to Xiao Fan's account."

"Can't you just make a phone call?"

"How can you explain such an important matter over the phone? You don't have to worry, I'm fine."

Then he left home.

Ye Fengqin sighed.

At this moment, Han Xueying came down from upstairs.

The trial was supposed to start on monday.

There was a problem with the police files, so the trial was postponed until next monday.

"Mom, tell me if I should go see Yufei."

Ye Fengqin hurriedly advised, "You're pregnant now, so don't join the fun. There are so many people over there, you're not the only one."

"Others are others, I am me. I'm Yufei's sister no matter what. I should have helped her with such a big problem."

"One by one, all of you have to get close to that family. There's really nothing you can do about it. Forget it. I'll go with you this afternoon."

Han Xueying smiled. Walking into the living room, he poured a glass of cold water.

"Xue Ying, mom asked you something."

"What is it?"

"You really don't want to see Xiao Bing. He's been calling me a lot lately and asking me how you are."

Han Xueying paused as he drank.

"Mom, don't contact him anymore."