Chapter 485 "you Go!"

"Xue Ying, you're pregnant with Xiao Bing's child, and you'll never be able to break up with him in your life. Don't make things difficult for yourself."

Ye Fengqin tried her best to persuade Han Xueying.

"Mom, I can break it no matter what. Well, I know everything about Xiao Bing."

Such conversations have often occurred in the past few days, and the results are the same.

Ye Fengqin sighed in his heart.

In the afternoon, they went to the hospital together.

Ye Fengqin was still embarrassed when he faced Mother of Han.

She handed the flowers to Han Yufei.

After a brief chat, she left with Han Xueying.

"Xue Ying, your scar remover seems to be gone. Let's go to the dermatologist and open a few more boxes. Just in time, let the doctor see how the scar on your face is."

Han Xueying remembered what Ye Fengqin said.

After that, they went to the dermatology department together.

There were quite a few patients today.

Ye Fengqin took the registration form, looked at the seven or eight people waiting in front of him and said unhappily, "You should have made an appointment earlier, so you don't have to wait in line now."

"Mom, we have nothing to do anyway. Just sit down and wait for a while."

After Han Xueying got pregnant, her mood became much calmer.

In the past, she must have thrown her hair and left.

Ye Fengqin saw Han Xueying sit down and sat beside her.

Sitting opposite them were two girls who looked like they were eighteen or nineteen years old.

She was dressed very maturely, with big wavy hair, a snow-white face, bright red lips, a low-cut skirt, and the most popular fishnet socks of the day.

And a leather jacket.

I can't see the vitality of a young man at all.

They were discussing using a laser to remove the mole on their face.

Ye Fengqin looked at her so straightforwardly that the girl was not satisfied.

"Hey, auntie, have you seen enough?"

His tone was very arrogant, which made Ye Fengqin very unhappy.

She replied rudely, "Aren't you just for show?"

"Auntie, even if I wanted to be seen, it was for men to see. Aren't you afraid that an old woman won't be able to sleep at night?"

The other girl immediately answered, "It must be inferiority complex."

She said and brushed her hair.

"Shame on you, let the man see you? It's too low." Ye Fengqin said and gave a sneer.

The two girls stood up and walked up to Ye Fengqin, asking, "Who are you calling low? Keep your mouth clean."

Ye Fengqin was as steady as a mountain and replied, "Whoever talks to me is who I am talking to."

"You old woman, you must have a foul mouth because no man likes it."

"Are you two done talking? If you've said enough, get out of here!"

It was Han Xueying. She had been pulling Ye Fengqin's clothes, but it didn't work.

However, the two girls' words were a little harsh, so she naturally wanted to stand by Ye Fengqin.

"Ouch, there's an ugly monster here. What an ugly man!"

"Pa..." A loud slap sounded in the corridor.

People looked at a man who suddenly appeared in surprise.

"Apologize to her!"

Han xueying looked at Xiao Bing standing in front of her.

His fists clenched in anger.

The two girls were frightened by Xiao Bing's momentum.

His voice was like a mosquito and a fly, "I'm sorry."

Then, he ran away in a hurry.

The moment Xiao Bing turned around, Han Xueying had already looked back.

"Why are you here?"

Xiao Bing immediately turned into a fool in front of Han Xueying.

He scratched his head and smiled, "Wu Xiaogang had a hot pot in the dormitory yesterday and burned his hand. I'll change his dressing."


Xiao Bing added, "He's in the toilet now. I'll wait here first."

Han Xueying did not speak.

"We are really fated. Right, Xue Ying."

Seeing that Han Xueying did not answer, Xiao Bing turned to say hello to Ye Fengqin, knowing that Han Xueying was here to get the medicine, and then asked, "Aunt Ye, what number are you?"

"Number 8."

"I'm number nine."

Xiao Bing had just finished when someone called him from behind. "Xiao Bing."

Xiao bing pulled the man over and introduced him to Han Xueying and Ye Fengqin, "This is my college classmate Wu Xiaogang."

Then he introduced them to Wu Xiaogang.

Han Xueying looked at Wu Xiaogang.

Is this man the one who taught xiao bing to kiss her?

His face was unsightly, only a pair of bright eyes. His back was quite straight, which made him look very energetic.

As a whole, he was quite a decent person.

Xiao Bing had a good eye for making friends.

Han Xueying nodded at him.

Wu Xiaogang smiled and nodded.

Then, the four of them waited outside the office together.

The doctor was very efficient. In ten minutes, four people had already entered.

Xiao Bing did not speak and only stared at Han Xueying.

Han Xueying lowered his head uncomfortably.

The hair on her forehead fell out.

Xiao Bing naturally tucked her hair behind her ear.

Han Xueying's ears turned red.

This idiot, why are there so many small actions now?

I didn't learn it from wu xiaogang again.

Because the two girls left, it was soon Han Xueying's turn.

She saw her number appear outside the office door and almost escaped to get up and enter the office.

Xiao Bing's eyes were too hot.

Ye Fengqin followed in.

The wound is recovering well. Just apply two more tubes of ointment. In the future, you can apply it with aloe vera gel and vitamin e, which will reduce the scar."

The doctor gave the order and prescribed the medicine.

Han Xueying took it and left the office.

After leaving the house, without looking at xiao bing, he walked straight to the corner.

Behind him came the sound of hurried footsteps.

Han Xueying knew it was Xiao Bing without looking. She said in a deep voice, "Don't follow me."

Then, he walked away.

Xiao Bing did not catch up with her, so han xueying sighed with relief.

She went to the pharmacy, lined up, and took the medicine.

He left the hospital.

When they reached the parking spot, they found Xiao Bing standing by the car.

As soon as she saw Han Xueying coming, Xiao Bing quickly put up a smile.

Han Xueying suddenly lost his temper. He walked up to Xiao Bing and scolded, "Go, I don't want to see you!"

As he roared, he threw a bag at xiao bing.

Xiao Bing just stood there and let her smash him.

"Let's go. Do you have to see me cry to make you happy?"

As she spoke, her eyes were really red.

Xiao Bing hugged Han Xueying and gently coaxed, "Don't cry, I'm leaving."

"Let me go!"

Han Xueying struggled in Xiao Bing's arms and finally pushed Xiao Bing away.

She screamed, "Let's go!"

"Don't get excited. I'm leaving. I'll go."

Xiao Bing retreated as he spoke.

Han Xueying opened the door and sat in. Then he covered his face and sobbed.

Ye Fengqin was watching from the side.

I don't know what to do, what to do.

She patted Xiao Bing on the shoulder and comforted him, "Don't blame her."

Then, he got into the car.