Chapter 486 The Kidnapper's Request

Some people's affections are ultimately to be let down.

Meeting the right person at the wrong time is doomed to be a tragedy.

Han Xueying cried like a child, huddled in the car, one small.

Ye Fengqin's heart tightened.

At this time, Xiao Bing went back to the hospital to look for Wu Xiaogang.

Wu xiao had just come out of the office.

When their eyes met, Wu Xiaogang complained, "You're a guy who values sex over friends."

Xiao Bing was in no mood to joke with Wu Xiaogang.

Wu Xiaogang saw Xiao Bing's gloomy face and put away the joke. "Where is she?"

"Let's go."

"Then why don't you chase me? I forgot everything I taught you. They're pestering me."

Wu Xiaogang looked at Xiao Bing with an expression of hatred.

Xiao Bing just hung his head.

He couldn't bear to see Han Xueying sad, so he could only follow her.


On the seventh day, the kidnapper sent a voice message.

The last time Xiao Fan dropped his phone, Du Xiao bought him another one the next day.

"Daddy, mommy, come and save us, boo..."

It was the voices of Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye.

The surroundings were empty and there was no noise at all.

There was no way to determine where the children were.

The cries of the children broke the hearts of the adults.

The kidnapper called again, still in a processed voice. "Xiao Boss, is the money ready?"

"Didn't you say tomorrow?"

It's tomorrow. I'm just concerned. Don't make any mistakes tomorrow."

"How can I give you the money tomorrow? When will you let them go?"

"I'll give you an account tomorrow. As long as the money arrives, I'll give you an address the day after tomorrow. When you go, you can see your child."

The day after tomorrow? I gave you all the money, so why did you delay it for another day?"

"Xiao Boss, you are so resourceful that the Glory world gang and the giant xiong gang are looking for me. I have to think about my own safety. So, I can only let you and the child be separated for another day."

"Then how can I believe that you will really let my child go?"

"You can only trust me. Hahaha..."

"You... Hey, hey! Damn it!"

Du Xiao stood by and looked at Xiao Fan, whose veins were popping out. Afraid that he would lose control of his cell phone, he grabbed his hand.

"Brother, calm down."

Du Xiao took the phone.

"This number is different from the last one."

After he finished speaking, he said to Gu Minhao beside him, "How is it? Did you track the location of the call?"

Gu Minhao looked at the screen of the machine and replied, "I got it. In the city."

"Wang Wei, call the brothers at this location right away."

Wang Wei received Du Xiao's instructions and called quickly.

A few minutes later, Wang Wei received a call.

"This number is used by the owner of a fruit stall. He said that a man gave him two hundred yuan and borrowed his cell phone to use."

When Xiao Fan heard this, he quickly called police officer Li.

Ask police officer Li to help find a man in a blue sports suit with a hat and about 1.7 meters at the intersection near the fruit stand.

This is the description of the person who borrowed the phone from the fruit stall owner.

Ten minutes later, police officer Li called Xiao Fan back.

The surveillance cameras at the nearby crossroads did not find the kind of people he described dressed up.

There were no surveillance cameras near the fruit stand, only at intersections.

The clue was broken again.

None of the brothers Du Xiao sent out these days were found.

Gu Minhao studied communication abroad and borrowed a portable signal tracker from his classmates.

It accurately indicated the exact location of the signal.

Du Xiao had settled in many places in City a, but there were still not enough people. Otherwise, in seven days, he would have found the children.

The kidnappers had solemnly threatened Xiao Fan before, so they couldn't call the police.

As long as the police call, the child will definitely lose his life.

Xiao Fan could not and dared not gamble with the child's life.

"We can only wait for tomorrow."

After Du Xiao finished speaking, he sat down in a chair dejectedly.

Xiao Fan had a stubble and his eyes were bloodshot.

Han Yufei was no better.

After a few days, her chin was sharp.

Just like a sick person.

Mother of Xiao and Mother of Han didn't look well either.

"Tell me, don't you think this kidnapper knows that 50 million is such a large sum that even if he were to be transferred, he would be found out. As long as it's at home, the money won't move. If we go abroad, we won't be allowed to do so much in a day or two."

It was Du Xiao who spoke. He could not understand the confusion.

Gu Minhao echoed, "Yeah, what is he trying to do? You can't spend the money. Isn't that a waste of time?"

Xiao Fan had a terrible thought in his mind.

This kidnapper is not targeting money.


He didn't dare to think about it.

Han Yufei hadn't thought of that yet.

She was full of thoughts that she would transfer the money tomorrow and see the children the day after tomorrow.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

The next day, almost everyone was staring at Xiao Fan's phone.

The bell rang.

Xiao Fan immediately picked it up.

But I didn't expect it to be a phone call to sell a house.

Xiao Fan hung up and joined the blacklist.

The call made everyone even more nervous.

A few minutes later, the phone rang again.

This time it was an unfamiliar number.

But it was a familiar smell.

Processed sound.

"Xiao Boss, I've kept you waiting. I'll send you my account right away."

Xiao Fan received it very quickly.

At this moment, the other end of the phone asked, "Did you receive it?"


"That's it, dudu, dudu..."

There was another busy tone on the other end of the phone.

Xiao Fan took the phone and left with Du Xiao.

They had to rush to the counter to transfer the money.

Xiao fan was a vip customer of the bank, and he had a good relationship with the president of the bank.

Naturally, there was no need to line up.

He did not transfer the money directly, but said, "Please check for me. Who is using this account?"

The staff knew Xiao Fan, so they quickly found out who was using the account.

"Feng Mo."

"Phone number, work address?"

The staff said apologetically, "This is the privacy of the customer. We can't reveal more."

Xiao Fan had to ask police officer Li for help.

Police officer Li knew about Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye's disappearance and immediately contacted his classmates at the Public security bureau.

Help find this Feng Mo.

There are dozens of Feng Mo in city a.

There were more than a dozen of them, excluding height and age.

At this moment, Xiao Fan received another call from a stranger.

"Xiao Boss, your movements are too slow. It's been almost an hour. Why hasn't the money arrived yet? I'll give you another half an hour. The consequences of being late are at your own risk."

After that, the phone was hung up.

Xiao Fan could only transfer the money first.

Because of the large amount, the bank staff confirmed it repeatedly before transferring the money.