Chapter 487 Avenger

The transfer took 20 minutes.

Xiao Fan did not leave, but waited at the counter.

A few minutes later, the staff said, "Mr. Xiao, Feng Mo's account has just been transferred to 100,000."

"Can you help me find out which account this hundred thousand was transferred to?"

The staff nodded and tapped on the keyboard with their fingers.

"Wang Meng, however, this account is from Linxi province."

Foreign province?

Xiao Fan left the bank.

Before leaving, say hello to the bank. If anything happens to Feng Mo's account, let him know immediately.

During this day, the money in Feng Mo's account was never moved again.

The uneasiness in Xiao Fan's heart grew.

In the evening, Xiao Fan and Han Yufei sat in chairs outside the icu.

Neither of them said a word.

I didn't sleep last night. I was tired, but I was nervous.

They leaned against each other and barely closed their eyes until the wee hours of the morning.

When du xiao came to the hospital, he could not help sighing when he saw the two of them looking haggard.

Children are always the weakness of parents.

In a few days, the spirited Xiao Fan disappeared.

He stood far away with breakfast in his hands.

Let them sleep a little longer.

I don't know what's going on later.

Xiao Fan's cell phone rang at this time.

He opened his eyes quickly and took out his phone in a panic, almost falling to the ground.

Du xiao rushed over.

The message said the children were in a residential building in the city, in the basement.

The three of them left immediately.

To that place.

This place, they really did not expect.

At the bottom of the residential building, Han Yufei's nervous palms were sweating. She unconsciously approached Xiao Fan.

Xiao Fan put his arm around her shoulder.

Only then did Han Yufei realize that Xiao Fan was shaking as well.

The two of them supported each other and found the basement in the message.

The door was not closed.

A few of them rushed in.

However, there were no Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye in it.

There was a bed, clothes, a job or something.

In the basement, there are usually only sundries. I didn't expect anyone to live here.

Han Yufei collapsed and fell to the ground.

Xiao Fan also lost his footing and fell against the wall.

Du xiao quickly helped Han Yufei up.

"Where's Xiaoxiao? Where's Xiaoye? Are we looking for the wrong person? Du Xiao, Xiao Fan, look at that address again. Didn't you say you would return the child as soon as the money arrived?"

Han Yufei stood up trembling with du xiao.

Grabbing Xiao Fan's phone, he looked at it again and again.

"Why is this happening? Xiao Fan, what should I do? Say something. Where's my child?"

Han Yufei's tears welled up.

Xiao Fan was about to crush his silver teeth. Who was it?

He threw everything on the bed to the ground.

Empty the suitcase.

No useful information was found.

At this moment, the phone rang.

It was police officer Li.


"Hey, Xiao Fan, come to the police station."

Xiao Fan hung up the phone and stumbled out of the basement with Han Yufei.

Du Xiao followed behind, fearing that one of the two would fall, and was ready to lend a hand.

As they approached the car, Du Xiao took Xiao Fan's key.

"You guys take my car."

He was worried that xiao fan would drive like this.

Xiao Fan punched the car.

The car alarm immediately went off.

The people in the neighborhood looked sideways, and many people came closer.

Du xiao pressed the key.

Only then did people put away their skeptical eyes and continue to work on their own.

Han Yufei held Xiao Fan's hand and his knuckles swelled up.

In the end, Xiao Fan followed Du Xiao's instructions.

Du Xiao drove them to the police station.

Police officer Li was waiting for Xiao Fan at the entrance of the police station.

After they got out of the car, they rushed up to greet them.

"Feng Mo turned himself in."

Xiao Fan and Han Yufei were delighted at the same time. "Did the children find it?"

Police officer Li shook his head.

"I don't know the details yet. Let's go in first."

The three of them followed police officer Li into the room next to the interrogation room.

There was a video in this room that could be used to broadcast the situation in the interrogation room.

The three of them looked at the strange face on the screen, and had no impression of Feng Mo at all.

The police officer asked, "Feng Mo, repeat the reason why you turned yourself in."

"I kidnapped Xiao Fan's two children."

Xiao Fan's eyes almost burst into flames. He really wanted to rush into the interrogation room and beat Feng Mo up.

"What about the child?"

"I don't know."

The police officer was shocked when Feng Mo said that.

Feng Mo, please correct your attitude. Be frank and lenient, resist and be strict! Tell me, where did the child go?"

Feng Mo continued, "I don't know."

"Bastard, Du Xiao, get out of the way, or I'll beat you!"

Xiao Fan rushed to the door and wanted to go out.

Du xiao stopped at the door.

"Brother, calm down. The police are asking. Wait patiently."

Xiao Fan couldn't calm down and punched Du Xiao in the face.

Du Xiao fell on the door.

Police officer Li and Han Yufei rushed over and grabbed Xiao Fan.

Xiao Fan still struggled.

Han Yufei shouted, "Xiao Fan! Calm down, will you?"

Xiao Fan was shocked by her.

He slowly lowered his arm.

Han Yufei held Du Xiao and said with concern, "I'm sorry, Du Xiao, are you okay?"

Du Xiao shook his head.

At this time, the police officers in the video also finished discussing, and then asked, "Feng Mo, why did you kidnap Xiao Fan's two children?"

Feng Mo was silent.

The officer knocked on the table and reminded, "Feng Mo?"

Feng Mo looked up, sneered and said, "Because I hate him."

"Feng Mo, please elaborate."

Because he hurt the woman I love the most. She was the best woman in the world, beautiful, hardworking, talented, and caring. But just because I fell in love with Xiao Fan, I ruined my life."

"Who is this woman?"

The police officer asked questions that everyone present and absent wanted to know.

A gentle smile appeared on Feng Mo's face, as if she was thinking about it, and then she said slowly, "Her name is Xu Jia."

The words struck Xiao Fan and Han Yufei like thunder.

"Xu Jia? Is it that young painter?"

This police officer tried the Xu Jia case. This name is still fresh in my memory.

"You know her too?"

Feng Mo asked, and without waiting for the police officer to answer, he continued, "Yes, she's so dazzling. Who wouldn't know her?"

This result shocked both Xiao Fan and Han Yufei.

It's been so long since Xu Jia's incident, and now a vengeful messenger has emerged.

The problem was that the target of his revenge was actually two six-year-old children.

Only those whose hearts had to be twisted to the extent that they could bear to attack children.

And he was still talking, not knowing where the children were.

Not to mention Xiao Fan, even the police officers in the interrogation room couldn't help it.

If not, the police couldn't do anything private. They all wanted to beat feng mo up.

"Feng Mo! To be honest, where did you hide the child? It's not too late to say it now."