Chapter 488 Human Trafficker

Feng Mo refused to speak.

The trial had to be suspended.

The police officers went next door to discuss it with Xiao Fan and the others.

Police officer Wu, see if you can bring xu jia over and let her talk to Feng Mo. Maybe Feng Mo can talk."

Du xiao said that.

At this moment, he was the only one who could think calmly.

Xiao Fan's concern was messy. Now all the nerves in his brain were in a mess.

Han Yufei was no better.

Police officer Wu thought about it. "That's a good idea. But first, I need to talk to the people at the prison and explain the situation."

Police officer Wu said, straightening his clothes, and then said, "Well, I'll go to jail right now. You guys wait here."

With that, he left with the video and transcripts from the interrogation of Feng Mo.

The three of them had no choice but to wait.

At this moment, Xiao Fan's cell phone rang again.

His phone was in his hand, but he didn't answer it.

Du Xiao saw a flicker on the screen. "Mom."

He patted Xiao Fan's hand and took his phone.

He picked it up.

"Hello, Mother of Xiao."

"Hello, Du Xiao? What about the children? Have you found them yet?"

Du Xiao had long thought that Mother of Xiao must be asking this question.

He replied calmly, "Mother of Xiao, don't worry. Listen to me. The children couldn't find them now, but they had caught the kidnappers. We're in the middle of an interrogation. I'm sure we'll find it soon."

When Mother of Xiao heard this, his tone was not as anxious as before.

"Just catch it."

"Mother of Xiao, I won't tell you about it. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything."

Du Xiao hung up and handed the phone back to Xiao Fan.

Xiao Fan and Han Yufei had never been so eager to see Xu Jia.

There was something else going on in police officer Li's office, so he left first.

Xiao Fan and the others waited in this room for an hour.

Finally, police officer Wu came back.

Along the way, Xu Jia.

Xu Jia's hair was cut short and his prison uniform was covered with a purple coat.

He didn't look as bad as before, but he wasn't that bad either.

When she saw Xiao Fan and Han Yufei, she apologized. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all because of me."

Police officer Wu reminded him, "Xu Jia, this is not the time to talk about this. You should hurry up and see Feng Mo."

If we knew where the children were earlier, we could have saved them earlier.

Xu Jia followed police officer Wu to the interrogation room.

Xiao Fan and Han Yufei clenched their fingers to give each other strength.

At this time, Feng Mo was also caught in the interrogation room.

The moment he saw Xu Jia, he was stunned for a long time.

It was as if he didn't know Xu Jia, and it was as if he couldn't believe that Xu Jia was right in front of him.

Xu jia said first, "Feng Mo, long time no see."

Feng Mo's eyes turned red.

He took a step back, then turned around and tidied up his hair, collar, and cuffs.

When she turned around, she had a smile on her face. "Xu Jia, I'm so happy to see you."

At this moment, police officer Wu said, "Feng Mo, take your seat."

After that, Xu Jia sat beside police officer Wu.

Feng Mo stared at Xu Jia for a moment. There was joy on his face.

Xu Jia was so familiar with Feng Mo that he looked up at him with admiration in college.

She always knew that Feng Mo liked her.

However, Xu Jia clearly rejected Feng Mo.

I don't know how many times I rejected him.

Feng Mo never gave up.

In order to get rid of Feng Mo, Xu Jia took him to see Xiao Fan.

Of course, from afar.

"You see, he's the man I like."

Xu Jia only said one sentence, which was enough to hit feng mo.

Feng Mo looked at the handsome Xiao Fan and immediately felt ashamed.

"Xu Jia, I will always be behind you."

Feng Mo said this and disappeared into Xu Jia's world.

Xu Jia had long forgotten that such a person existed. If it hadn't been for such a thing.

However, she could not talk to Feng Mo in a questioning tone.

Police officer Wu told Xu Jia on the way that he must carefully guide Feng Mo to open his heart and tell the truth.

"Feng Mo, remember when we were at the same table in college."

Feng Mo's face was full of longing. "Yes, that was the happiest time of my life."

"You always take my seat, get me water, and sign me in. Feng Mo,"

Xu jia called Feng Mo.

Feng Mo immediately focused and responded gently.

"I owe you a word."

Xu jia paused and said, "Thank you. And, I'm sorry."

Thank you for all these years of love.

I'm sorry I can't accept your love.

This is often the end of a one-sided relationship.

A man who loves deeply loves someone who doesn't love himself for the rest of his life.

This kind of deep love, I don't know whether it is worth praising.

After suffering for the rest of his life, he might also make his beloved feel troubled and guilty.

Xu Jia, don't say that. I'm willing to do all of this."

Feng Mo was a little anxious when he spoke, and he even stood up.

He was pressed back into his seat by the police next to him.

Feng Mo, can you tell me where you hid those two children? They were so young. I'm sure you won't hurt them."

Xu Jia finally got to the point.

In the next room, Xiao Fan and the rest of them pricked up their ears and listened attentively.

"Xu Jia, I really don't know."

Feng Mo replied the same way.

Xu Jia tried to calm himself down. "Didn't you tie them up?"

"I tied it up."

"So what?"

"I..." Feng Mo hesitated.

Xu Jia couldn't help but say, "What's wrong with you? Tell me!"

Feng Mo replied, "I gave the children to a human trafficker in Linxi province."


Now, everyone couldn't sit still.

Xu Jia ran to Feng Mo and asked angrily, "Are you crazy? Tell me everything you know, or I will never forgive you in my life. I never want to see you!"

Xu Jia, I said. Don't do this."

Next door, Han Yufei was drenched in cold sweat. If there was no hope of the children's whereabouts, she would have fainted.

Xiao Fan was also enduring it.

Du Xiao had already cut Feng Mo into pieces.

What he hated the most in his life was scum who trafficked women and children.

This Feng Mo, is really hateful. He hurt two innocent children under the banner of deep love.

No, it's insane.

Besides, they were two cute kids like Xiaoxiao and Xiaoye.

It turned out that Feng Mo had learned about Xu Jia's feud with Xiao Fan when she was being tried.

In his heart, Xu Jia was a fairy.

It must have been Xiao Fan who had wronged Xu Jia before Xu Jia became like this.

Just like that Wang Feng. If he hadn't defiled Xu Jia, how could Xu Jia have killed him?

He swore to avenge Xu Jia.

Wang Feng is dead, and the only remaining target of revenge is Xiao Fan.