Chapter 490 Red Cloud Bar

"Why didn't anyone tell me what happened?"

Tang Miaomiao could not help but complain.

Xia Minglang took her shoulder and whispered, "Miao Miao, this is not the time to talk about this."

"I know."

Tang Miaomiao lowered his head and said, "I'm going to Linxi province, too."

Xia Minglang reminded him, "The trial is tomorrow."

"It's all Han Xueying's fault. What a nuisance!" Tang Miaomiao said and stamped his foot.


Xiao Fan, Han Yufei, and du xiao arrived in Huairou city, Linxi province.

This is a famous scenic area. It is a good time for tourists to visit.

To Han Yufei and the others, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, they didn't want to see it.

The three of them had a hard time finding a hotel to stay in.

Only the presidential suite.

The three of them lived in a suite.

Just as she entered the room, Xiao Fan received a call from police officer Li.

"Hey, Xiao Fan, we found the car. You can go to the Huairou city Public security bureau now."

The three of them rushed to the city's Public security bureau without stopping.

They were greeted by a police officer surnamed sun.

"Look, this is the car. It did end up in Huairou city, on this street."

According to Feng Mo, the car Wang Meng was driving was a silver van. As for the license plate, it must be fake.

Wang Meng is an old hand. There was no way the police could get a clue by leaving a real license plate behind.

Fortunately, the time was fixed.

Police officer Li found the car at the intersection near xiao fan's house.

Then he searched the whole way.

He also worked with the Linxi provincial public security department and spent several hours trying to locate the last location of the car.

"This Wang Meng is quite cunning. That car hasn't shown up in the past few days."

Xiao Fan asked quickly, "Police officer Sun, where is this place?"

Xiao fan was referring to the location of the red circle on the computer screen, which was also the last place Wang Meng's car appeared.

"This is an old alley. They were about to be demolished. It was a mess inside. We are also going to this place. Come with us."

Police officer Sun took two small police officers and opened the road ahead.

Xiao Fan and the others took a taxi and followed.

Han Yufei's face had been ghastly white ever since he knew that the children had been tied up so far away.

Her hands and feet were all cold.

Xiao fan held her hand, trying to give her some warmth.

It's just that no matter how hard you cover it, it's not hot.

Xiao Fan felt that Han Yufei would faint at any moment.

Han Yufei won't let herself faint easily. She hasn't found the children yet.

Du Xiao was in the passenger seat, looking back at the two people behind him.

After one look, he couldn't bear to look any further.

He turned around, clenched his fists, and made up his mind to find the children no matter what the price was.

There was a police car driving ahead and it was very smooth.

In ten minutes, a few people arrived at their destination.

At the entrance of the alley, I saw the name of the alley called powder alley.

It was full of bars, discos, ktvs and so on.

No wonder it's called powder alley. I guess the people who came to this alley were all young pink girls or something.

"This alley was only demolished two months ago. The first part has been removed. There's only half a street left."

It was daytime and the shops were closed.

It's not hard to imagine the bustling scene here after dark.

Police officer Sun knocked on the door of a bar.

Inside, a man with red hair was bleary-eyed and growled unhappily, "Do you understand the rules? It's only three in the afternoon. Come back at night."

After he finished speaking, he barely opened his eyes.

Then he froze for a second and immediately changed his face.

"Ouch, what's the matter with this officer coming to the store?"

The tone was a little like that of a madam. It was so motherly.

Police officer Sun's face was full of seriousness, "Let me ask you, do you know a man named Wang Meng with a mole on his mouth?"

Feng Mo found out this name when he saw his id card.

After all, they ate and lived together for more than half a month.

Wang Meng told Feng Mo his name was Zhang Hui.

Maybe he just made it up.

Police officer Sun checked all the people named Wang Meng in Huairou city and sent the photos to police officer Li.

Police officer Li asked Feng Mo to identify it.

Found the real Wang Meng.

He's from Linxi province, and he's from Huairou city.

Wang Meng had been in prison for a year for theft.

My family lives in the east of the city.

Police officer Sun had been to Wang Meng's house before Xiao Fan and the others came.

His parents were the only ones at home.

The parents had not seen their son for more than half a year. He had no idea what Wang Meng was doing.

After coming out of prison, Wang Meng told his parents that he was doing business with friends outside.

He would send money back every other day.

They would go home to visit their old parents during the new year.

Police officer Sun took out Wang Meng's photo and handed it to the red-haired man.

He took a closer look and replied, "No."

"Think about it. Or, think about who you might know."

"Oh, if you say so, I can recommend someone. She might know him."

After the red-haired man finished speaking, everyone became nervous.

"Tell me quickly. Who is it?"

It was Du Xiao. He had long disliked this red-haired man. A good man is not a man. The words were still grinding.

"Go to the red cloud bar and find a woman named Su Hong. As long as she's a gangster, there's nothing she doesn't know."

Before he could finish speaking, Du Xiao and the others had already left.

The red-haired man muttered, "Why don't you hear me out? Hmph, you'll regret it."

Han Yufei had sharp eyes and soon saw red cloud bar.

Of course, the door was closed.

It was still police officer Sun who knocked on the door.

After knocking for a long time, the winding gate was raised.

Then a girl in revealing clothes came out.

He was only in his teens and twenties.

"Hello, we're looking for Su Hong."

It was police officer Sun.

He had a special identity and was more likely to get the right answer.

In any case, the police still have authority.

"Officer, we don't have elder sister Hong. You can come back another day."

The girl spoke arrogantly.

It seems that this Su Hong has quite a background.

When she finished speaking, she stood at the door with her arms folded across her chest.

His eyes darted around Xiao Fan's Du Xiao, then fixed on Xiao Fan.

He looked Xiao Fan up and down.

"Tell me about Su Hong's contact information."

"This is privacy. I can't tell you."

"What about her address?"

The girl smiled charmingly and said, "I would like to tell you this, but I don't know."

Du Xiao panicked. "Then tell me, how can I find this Su Hong?"

"Handsome, why are you so anxious? Look at this handsome man next to you. He's much calmer than you are."

As the girl spoke, she put her hand on Xiao Fan's arm.

Han Yufei frowned.