My New Husband Lives Next to Me

My New Husband Lives Next to Me



Author:Cicadas Pinellia







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"Bo Hanchu, I desperate to marry you!" When Lei Xinbao was a child, she kept a vow for 15 years. By all means, she finally got the marriage certificate, for exchange, she slept alone for 730 days. "Love me once, is it that hard?" Once she got drunk, a girl who always has a brave and strong heart, cried in front of him like a child. His eyes were cold and he turned away without hesitation. Later on, Xinbao's father died, her familial declined, she was also sentenced for attempted murder 5 years. she understood, that man, Bo Hanchu, who she liked for half of her life, doesn't love her, even heather. In prison, his true love who slept for many years finally wake up, Xinbao signed the divorce agreement and send to him."The last favor for you is letting you go." Before long, the Lei family's young lady commits suicide in prison. -- Five years later, Bo's annual meeting, the now-famous director Shu Mingxi with her husband attend, hug a cute baby. Bo Hanchu pushed her against the bathroom wall, his voice is dangero

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