Chapter 10 Don't Forget I Have Yours

"What's the big deal?" She stood up, and her sisters stood up as well. There were a few female gangsters among them, and they were also good-looking.

I said directly, "Li Xunhuan hit it. You can ask him yourself. Don't blame you for the money?"

Chen Zihan paused for a moment, went over to take his phone, and called Li Xunhuan. Without a few words on the phone, I could tell that it was Chen Zihan who didn't make it clear that she had made the wrong call. Li Xunhuan was a jerk. He called whoever he saw. He didn't care if he called the wrong number. He laughed on the phone.

"I think that idiot deserves a beating. I'll teach you a lesson. Aren't you happy, my good sister?"

Chen Zihan just giggled and said, "Happy, how can you be unhappy? Then don't bother him anymore. He's coming to me."

Li Xunhuan cursed on the other end of the phone, "Okay, okay, this idiot. Don't let me see him in the future. I want to beat him up when I see this idiot. Haha."

Then he hung up the phone, and I was so angry.

I pointed at Chen Zihan and cursed,

"Is that how you talk for me? No, it can't be done."

"Can't I count you out?"

All of a sudden, one of Chen Zihan's sisters came out with a rainbow head, colorful, should be dyed color, that is, long hair floating, mostly black, the bottom corner and bangs, red, green, blue and white several colors, non-mainstream should be like her.

When she came over, she grabbed my hair and slapped me, "Where did you come from? Zi Han has already called you. What are you going to do? If you can do it with Li Xunhuan, a big man and zihan will be here. Shameless. It's noon, and you're still eating. I won't be as knowledgeable as you, or I'll cut you off early!"

And then he kicked me on the egg with his long legs, right, that's right, he kicked me on the egg, or else I really have the strength to fight with these dead women. Damn, at that moment, I really don't want to care if these people are women, even if they are women, I want to kill them.

But I couldn't help it at all. I remember when I was a kid playing football with someone, they accidentally kicked me on the balls. I couldn't move for an hour and almost died. This is where men are most vulnerable. Chen Zihan cursed and said, "Let's go. This guy stinks. He's disgusting. He doesn't have any appetite. Let's go!"

The other female gangster, who seemed to have a conscience, looked at me suspiciously and asked the long-legged female gangster, "Sister xiao xue, you said he couldn't have been kicked out by you, right? That's the foundation of a man!"

She then stuck out her tongue. The bitch's name was xiao xue, and the dead woman named xiao xue looked back at me with a sly smile and said, "A trash like him, it's useless to have that thing. It's better to be useless!"