Chapter 11 Is That How You Behave?

After that, Chen Zihan and the rest of them left laughing together.

You guys, you guys are dead. Just wait and see!

I gritted my teeth and wished I could kill these dead women and that Li Xunhuan. Instead, a waiter from the snack bar came to help me up and asked me, "Do you want to go to the hospital? Are you serious?"

He was also a man. Of course, he knew the pain. After about ten minutes, I could move. If my functions were to be disabled, I would have to ask that Xiao Xue to give me a new life!

I was so angry that I was half dead. I spent the afternoon in pain, and I was lying on my stomach in class. Fortunately, after an afternoon of recovery, my body was much better and my life was a little better. But this Chen Zihan, and Xiao Xue, I won't let him go. Instead, Li Xunhuan, I can't afford to provoke him. He promised not to bother me anymore. He's a murderer, and I have to hide from him.

When school was almost over, I called and texted. It was Chen Shien. I was so angry when I saw her. She asked me to see her, and she had to delete my videos. Otherwise, she would tell my dad not to let me go.

He was so angry at me. He was already half-dead from your daughter. Okay, I see why you didn't let me go. I promised her directly and replied, "Okay, I'll go to your music classroom after school and wait for me!"

She thought I had compromised, so she replied, "Okay, just think it through!"

In fact, I was suppressing a hundred thousand anger and pain, intending to torture her. Why, her daughter is so cheap, don't blame me for torturing her mother!

Because I was afraid of being found out, I waited until everyone was done, so I started to go to the music classroom. The music classroom was multimedia and not in the same place as the other classrooms, so it was convenient for Chen Shien and the dean to mess around. She asked me to go there for the convenience of having a secret talk with me, right?

It was only when I was walking that I realized that my legs were limping a little. It was so painful. It should have been Li Xunhuan and the others who beat me. My life was kicked. I was so mad that Chen Shien sent me a message asking me:

"Why haven't you arrived yet? What are you doing? Are you making such a joke on me again?"

With an angry tone, I replied directly, "I'll be there in ten minutes. Don't rush him!"

It was my message that led me to find out that she was with the dean, and that she didn't let go for ten minutes. Because I was just about to knock on the door when I noticed that they were in a hurry, as if they hadn't finished their work yet. After I knocked on the door and went in, the dean glared at me unhappily, probably blaming me for interrupting his good deed.

I said directly to Chen Shien, "Teacher, you called me. I'm here. What's the matter?"

The dean scolded me and said, "I don't know which class came in early and knocked on the door. It's a trick."

Instead of asking me, he turned to look at Chen Shien. Chen Shien said to him, "I asked him to come. I have something to do. It's settled for the director. You can go first!"

"Yes," the director left immediately.

As soon as he left, Chen Shien closed the door behind him and locked it behind him, as if he were afraid that others would find out about her scandal.

I sneered, "What? I can't help it for ten minutes, but you're still a good teacher!"