Chapter 12 Show Some Respect

"You! Zhang Feng, don't go too far."

But I was so angry that I couldn't care less. I gritted my teeth and looked at her, while she looked at me in a daze and asked:

"Why are you like this again? You're all wet and fighting again?"

"Where am I going to fight? Where am I not being beaten?"

I couldn't open my eyes. I glared at her and said angrily, "It wasn't your stupid daughter who did it. It's your mother and daughter. How are you going to humiliate me and torture me? Are you going to give up and draft it?"

"Ah? Zi Han did it. She got someone to hit you again. I, Ming Ming, told her that she couldn't disobey me!"

Chen Shien said, looking confused and a little aggrieved.

I snorted.

"She didn't call anyone, but those bastards knew she hated me, so wouldn't they take the initiative to hit me?"

I told her all about it, and about being kicked by her partner, Ao Xiaoxue.

She was stunned and asked, "So, are you okay here? If you don't explain this big misunderstanding to Li Xunhuan, this student is too violent!"

"Explain it!" I yelled at her. "Will he listen to me?"

"All right, all right, Xiaofeng, you delete the video and give me your phone. I'll take care of these things. I'll try my best to get the director to give Li Xunhuan a disciplinary action and even stay in school for observation. Zi Han won't stay in the same room with you in the future. He won't mess with you anymore. Okay, I'll pay for the medical expenses!"

"No! Chen Shien, your daughter did this to me because of your daughter. Your daughter's fault, you take responsibility for her! There must be a price to pay for this!"

I suddenly reached out and held her in my arms.

"No! No way! Zhang Feng, stop it. I'm your elder and your teacher. Even if I'm not related to you, you can't do this to me!"

"What about me?" I gritted my teeth and looked at her. "I have nothing against you. When you and your daughter come to my house, they will do evil deeds. Let me do all the dirty work. You should do this to me."

I gnashed my teeth and said angrily:

"I've been beaten up like this by your daughter over and over again. Is that all? Just tell her not to go against me in the future, and that's it? Chen Shien, you take me too lightly. I'm such a worthless person, huh?"

"Chen Shien, don't forget that you're not only sorry for me, but I also have a video of you having sex with the dean. Even if you take my phone, it's useless. There are backups on my computer, in my email, in my cloud, on my netdrive! You still dare to challenge me like this because you want me to be exposed, don't you?"