Chapter 13 In Exchange for Your Daughter

Her whole body trembled, as if she had just realized that I was the one who had the absolute initiative, and she could only obey, or else she would end up in a terrible situation.

I smiled and said, "Even if you kill me and kidnap me, it's useless. My email has been set up to send automatically. A month later, it will be sent to every school leader and my father's email. If I die or something happens to me, then you will be done in a month! I'm the only one who's fine. I'll go up every day to extend the timing of the transmission so that your video won't be exposed!"

Chen Shien looked at me in a daze and asked, "You, you're still a junior. Why are you so vicious and have you thought of a way out?"

"Hmph!" I sneered. "In a family like this, if I didn't grow up, I might have been kicked out of the house by you and your daughter. A child without any ability would have been kidnapped and killed on the street. You and your daughter wouldn't have thought of that at all."

She fell to the ground in a dejected state. She knew that I had taken her. She blushed and looked down for a while before finally raising her head to ask me.

"Then what do you want to do? How can you solve it all at once? Delete this video directly. Just say it! I know you're a straightforward person too!"

"Well, since you said so, let me be clear. I have three conditions."

"Which three?"

I closed the curtains of the music classroom to prevent people from peeping. I was a peeper myself, so I was afraid of being seen.

Then I sat in a chair and stretched out my fingers.

"First, in the future, I will be equal at home. You and your daughter must never discriminate against me or bad-mouth me in front of my father and drive me out. I don't expect you to treat me like a family member, but I want justice."

"No problem with that." She sighed. "What else?"

"Second, you promised me that you would do it. Let Li Xunhuan stay in school for observation. If he makes one more mistake, he will be expelled. He is not qualified to take the middle school examination. In addition, if you beat your daughter up again, let her have a taste of my pain!"

She hesitated, looked at it, and said,

"I can do my best about Li Xunhuan. I have a good relationship with the dean and the principal. It shouldn't be a problem for me to stay in school for inspection, but it's difficult to expel him directly. The child's family has power and will put pressure on the school. I also heard that his family has something to do with the principal! And Chen Zihan, I will teach her well and beat her up for you! Don't worry, is that okay?"

I nodded. After all, I didn't expect her to hit Chen Zihan. After all, she was a girl. How could she beat her up? Besides, it was because Li Xunhuan was so mean that day.

"But the third thing is not that simple."

I pointed at her angrily and said coldly,

I want your daughter's body! She's so cheap, so contemptuous of me!"