Chapter 15 You're Too Young to Do This

"Zhang Feng!" She screamed, "That's not possible. Absolutely not. You're still young. You can't do this. Let your father know. I..."

I covered her mouth with my other hand and said coldly,

"You said it yourself. Other than your daughter, anything else is fine. That's not what I said!"

"Then, then, stop! Wait!"

"What? What's wrong again? Can't I? Come with me once and I'll delete the video right away, no different!"

She shook her head and said, "It's not that. I promise you I can give you my body, but it will take time. It's not now. It's a school and a music classroom. If I find you, I won't be able to get rid of you. And it's already so dark. If your father finds out that we haven't returned, what if he finds us? Have you thought about this?"

When she said that, I remembered and broke out in a cold sweat. Yes, when I came to ask the duty teacher, he immediately said that Chen Shien was here. If my father came to ask, he would definitely say that he was here too. If he saw me and Chen Shien working here on the spot, wouldn't he be dead?

Oh, my god, I really forgot everything.