Chapter 16 Apologize

Chen Shien and I went back in the evening, but my dad still gave me a sideways glance.

"Come back so late, I'll break your legs!"

I immediately said, "Not next time, because someone beat me up."

He glanced at me and cursed, "Useless thing, not half as elegant as I used to be. I was the only one who beat people up. When I came to you, I was beaten up every day. A bitch is a bitch, a bitch is a bitch, a loser."

The words were awful, but I was tired of hearing them. I heard them from the day my mother left.

Chen Zihan, on the other hand, watched. This time, he didn't interrupt me. It was because of her.

Chen Shien, on the other hand, peeked at my expression from time to time while eating. She didn't dare to say anything when she saw me glaring at her. My dad asked her again:

"Is there a problem at work? Have you been back so late lately? Do you need me to go to school and ask for you?"

"Ah? No need, no need." Chen Shien answered quickly.

Of course not, I thought. What if you go and find out they're having an affair? It's a green hat.

I don't know what happened at night, but Chen Zihan came to my room to apologize to me. It should be Chen Shien's intention. It seems that she really respects and obeys her mother. Mother and son love each other. After all, a widow, who else hurts besides her mother?

"Well... Sorry about today."

I snorted and sneered, "You're the only one who can say sorry?"