Chapter 17 Finish It Earlier

When my father heard this, he immediately hugged her and sighed, "If this son of a bitch was half as understanding as you are, I wouldn't be so angry. It's been so many years."

The next day in class, I couldn't wait to find Chen Shien. I wanted to ask her when that so-called time was. After all, she promised to let me go to her once, but she didn't say how many times I could go to her. Although she was so old, a teacher and an elder, and so coquettish, her figure, her appearance, without exception, were all of the best, for a person like me who had never held a girl's hand, it was undoubtedly a temptation bomb.

At noon after class, I ran to her side to look for her, and she was also shocked. Many people in the first grade of junior high school should have guessed that I was coming, pointing at me and saying, "Isn't that the third grade of junior high school? How did we come to the first grade of junior high school?"

Chen Shien was so scared that he dragged me to the music classroom and scolded me as he walked.

"Zhang Feng, are you shameless? Is it still daytime? What are you doing here?"

At school, no one knew that I was with her family, only that Chen Zihan was her daughter, and they were ashamed to have anything to do with people like me. So some students would be surprised to see it.

"You said so. After you had sex with me, I deleted the video and won't threaten you anymore."

"Is this day or night? Zhang Feng, can you stop thinking about these things as a junior? Since I... Promised you, I will give them to you sooner or later. Why are you in such a hurry?"

I shook my head and said, "That won't do. You're delaying my time every day. How can I stand it? We're not related by blood. We're not even friends. You don't have to worry that I'll leak the video every day, do you?"