Chapter 18 Farewell

"Oh, I know! I told you in a few days that I might be visiting my aunt in the next few days, so don't bother with me. Go back to class!"

Hearing her last words, I nodded.

A few days passed after such an opportunity. These days, Chen Zihan didn't pay much attention to me. I also met Ao Xiaoxue who played with her a few times. I didn't dare to touch her because I saw her and Li Xunhuan walking very close to each other. Once when I passed the gate and was seen by Li Xunhuan and them, Ao Xiaoxue lit a cigarette and looked at me with a sideways glance.

Li Xunhuan also asked, "What's wrong? Do you know this idiot?"

Ao Xiaoxue shook his head and said, "No, you said it was stupid. How could I know stupid?"

Li Xunhuan laughed and was right. Then he looked at me and said, "What are you looking at? You want to be kicked?"

On our side, being kicked means being beaten and beaten, and the children often say so.

He said that, and I could only walk away dejectedly. I had no ability, no strength, and no connections. I might not graduate from a fight, not be able to get into an ordinary high school, or be kicked out by my father. The consequences were not something I could bear.

I just cursed these bastards to die early in my heart. But I'm still secretly happy these days, because I've been urging Chen Shien these days.

It was the weekend, and the exciting moment had arrived, and my virginity was about to depart.