Chapter 19 Date

I even dressed up. Before I left, I sent a text message to chen shien, "I went out. You better remember, don't stand me up, or your video will be known to the whole school!"

She replied, "Okay, then come quickly."

Soon, I arrived at the hotel. Because I was a little young, the waiter didn't let me in at first. Later, I said I was looking for someone. She was too busy to greet me.

He knocked on the door and it didn't take long for it to open, as if he was waiting for me.

I took a look at her. She was so excited. She even dressed up today, but that alone made me want to stop.

"Come on! I've been waiting for a long time."


"Delete the video first, or I won't be at ease."

I hesitated. "Okay."