Chapter 21 Strategizing

"According to your request, I deleted all of them. It's time for you to fulfill your promise!"

She suddenly looked at me and smiled, not panicking. To her, she didn't want to do this with me, but now it's not up to her. The door is locked. I think she should do something else.

She was embarrassed and angry. Suddenly, she looked at the door and didn't know what she was thinking. She screamed, "You wait, Zhang Feng, you wait."

I looked at her like this and cried impatiently, "No, you must be stalling, aren't you?"

"Chen Shien, what do you mean, you're going back on your word?"

She gritted her teeth and said angrily, "Yes, I am your teacher and your elder. I can't do this kind of thing with you. If you die, I won't open the door. I've been touched by you so many times. You're not satisfied. I've already called the police. You wait for someone to come and catch you."

After that, she let me go.

I was so angry that I couldn't believe she was playing this game. I tried my best to smash and kick the door, but she didn't open it and scolded me, "If you don't want to be shameless, it's illegal to secretly shoot this kind of thing. You still want to have sex with me. Dream on!"

I scolded, "You bitch, I deleted all the backup videos for you according to your request. How dare you fool me? You're dead!"

Then there was a knock on the door.

Bang, bang, bang.

But did the police arrive so soon? Did she really call the police? If the police were here, I would be dead.

I was wondering if I could open the door. Someone had already opened the door. I should have contacted the hotel staff. I wanted to hide, but I couldn't.

Sure enough, there was a waiter who came in. Besides her, there was a leader. I took a closer look at him. Isn't he our grade director? Why is he here? Even if I lay down by the bed and tried to avoid his sight, I couldn't avoid it now.

"Sure enough, it's you. I heard you secretly took our video. You're going to threaten Mr. Chen, aren't you?"

This grade director, his surname is zhou and his name is Zhou De. Although his name has a moral character, he is not a good person. He is the grade director of the first year of junior high school, not our third year of junior high school, but it is said that he came in through connections. Otherwise, why did he become the grade director at such a young age?

"Pull it up!"

He also brought five or six people, all of whom looked like gangsters.

These five or six people immediately pulled me up and controlled me. Zhou de went to knock on the bathroom door.

"Okay, okay, I'm here. I've subdued that little beast. You don't have to be afraid."

Sure enough, Chen Shien's voice immediately came from inside, "Okay, I'll be right out."

Oh, I cursed in my heart, bitch! I called her hundreds of times and ignored me. This week, when de called her, she came out.

After she came out, she was dressed neatly, a brand new professional suit, and I also saw clearly that there was a bag in the bathroom, which should be her new clothes. It seemed that they had planned everything out.

He was just trying to trick me.

At this point, I was really furious:

"What about you, Chen Shien? You're cheating on me. You wait for me. You wait for me!"

But Chen Shien's face was red. Ever since I found out about her secret, she was no longer so arrogant and cold. Even at this time, I was a prisoner, but she didn't taunt me. Instead, she looked at me and said:

"Who made you shoot videos and threaten me? This is not what you should do! You're still a student!"

"Fuck you! Even if I delete all the videos, so what? I know about you and him. When I tell my dad, tell the school, and let them investigate, you two won't be able to afford it. It doesn't matter if I lose my face. You two have a good reputation in school, so don't lose your job!"

Even at this point, when I was subdued by them, I still didn't admit defeat.

But as soon as I finished speaking, someone hit me in the face with a mouth. The corners of my mouth were salty and even bleeding. You can imagine how hard this man hit.

The person who did it was none other than Zhou De.