Chapter 22 Little Beast

"Little beast, it's not your turn to be wild here, understand?"

After Zhou De finished hitting me, he still didn't let me go. He grabbed my hair, hit me hard with his elbow, and my nose was bleeding.

Another mouthful.

By this time, I could no longer control myself and was about to resist. Just as my body was about to move, a few people beside me had already held me down. That feeling was unimaginable, and my arms and legs could not move at all.

The strength of a few social hooligans is far greater than that of a junior high school student like me.

"Oh, you still want to resist? You still want to do it?"

Zhou De tilted his head and looked at me.

"My grass, little beast, you are quite capable!"

As soon as the words fell, he punched me in the eye. This time, I felt dizzy and dizzy. I saw stars in my eyes. I almost didn't kneel on the ground.

"Come on, Zhou De, he's still a kid. He's not the only one who's responsible for this. If you hadn't insisted on messing around in the classroom, you wouldn't have been photographed."

At this time, Chen Shien seemed to have discovered her conscience and actually interceded for me, but I would never thank her. She was a bitch! And that's exactly what she said. These people were people from society. Unlike Li Xunhuan's gangsters, they were ruthless, and sometimes they were all underhanded. It was possible to kill or maim them.

"Educate him and let him go. Don't go too far!"

Chen Shien said this with an inexplicable bashful expression on his face.

Then he looked back at me and said coldly, "I knew you were in the third year of junior high school. I told you plainly, if you dare to talk about this outside, you will die. You know that I am not lying to you. With your poor father, you can't do justice for you!"

"Besides, not many people would believe what you said, right? Take care of your broken mouth and walk around with me and teacher chen in the future, understand?"

"Fuck you!"

My eyes hurt so much, but the humiliation and deception I suffered today made me so angry that I exploded.

"Beat him until he gets out, and make this little beast talk! I'll treat you to dinner tonight!"

Then the gangsters were overjoyed that they could kill Zhou De, and they immediately said in unison:

"Don't worry, brother de. This little brat dares to be so cocky. We'll make sure he doesn't get up!"

After Zhou De left, these rascals didn't disappoint him. They beat me up directly. I really couldn't get up. If I hadn't screamed a few times in the end, I would have broken my legs.

In the end, I really crawled out. If it weren't for the kind waiter to help me, I would have spent the night inside.

This was the second time I was beaten like a bird. I was so angry that I wanted to die. The kind waiter stopped a car for me and took me to the hospital. I asked him, "Which room did that bitch and zhou de go to? Do you know?"

The waiter looked at me and sighed.

"Don't worry about it. Take care of your own safety. That person is not a good person at first sight. If you still provoke him, you should be looking for death. You should still be a student. It's the right way to study well. Don't be a waiter like me in the future."

The waiter's eyes were a little downcast. I guessed that when Zhou De and his gang rushed in, he couldn't stop them. Instead, he could only help open the door. He was powerless. This is society, a place where dogs fight against others.

When I got out of the hospital, I planned to go home. When I got back, it was inevitable that I would be beaten or scolded again. My father would not care about my life or death.

How about I just tell my dad about Chen Shien and the dean? Let these two damned fellows have a hard time eating!

Yes! Zhou De is not afraid of that bastard, so I will tell my dad to try. My dad is not a good person. They bite the dog, and I will see how he deals with it!

Damn it, bullying me like this, I won't let you guys have a good time.

However, to my surprise, I was shocked when I got home.

When I got home, it was already dinner time. I pushed the door open and went in. I found a pair of men's shoes. Besides, Chen Shien, my father, and Chen Zihan all came back. That is to say, I was the only one left.

I was wondering if there were any guests at home, so I was stunned, because the man who came was Zhou De!

My eyes widened. I was just about to scold you. Is he crazy? How dare he come to my house?

But Zhou De spoke first.

"This must be your son. He's a bit of a wimp. What's wrong with him? He's fighting outside again? Brother zhang, what's going on with him?"

Indeed, as soon as I came back, I was sloppy, my eyes were beaten into panda eyes, my legs were crippled, and no piece of flesh on my body was intact. But I was especially surprised how this dog came to my house.

And my dad, Chen Shien and the others seemed to be having a good chat with him.

But when my dad saw me, his eyes changed.

"Another beating? Why are you so useless? Go in and take a bath and come out to eat. Useless things!"

After that, my dad and Zhou De smiled.

"Director Zhou laughed. My son was left by his bitch mother. He's as useless as his bitch mother, trash! But thank you so much for taking care of Zi Han's mother at school. Thank you! If it weren't for you, she wouldn't have been able to work here steadily!"

Chen Shien nodded and toasted Zhou De.

I hid by the side and listened to them for a while before I realized that Chen Shien's job as a music teacher was originally just an internship teacher who had not been promoted and had no qualifications to sign a contract. The salary was low and could be fired at any time. Besides her good looks, Chen Shien's other abilities were not very strong. If Zhou De's relationship in the school hadn't helped her, She really didn't want to be promoted or have a stable job.

But my dad was stupid. He toasted people, took care of Chen Shien, and took care of him in bed. What a fool.

After I took a bath, changed my clothes and came out, I was a lot cleaner, only my eyes were still black and panda eyes, and I was a lot more energetic. Chen Shien looked at me like this, gave me a bowl of rice to eat, and Chen Zihan looked at me with disdain and said to them,

"Mom, dad, uncle, I'm done eating. I'm going to study first."

Zhou De kept praising her for being sensible. I wanted to laugh in my heart. Are you going to study?

My dad forced me to toast Zhou De and call uncle zhou so that I could see him at school. I had to respect him or I would have to look good.

I could only snort coldly:

"Hehe, it's really the weasel paying new year's greetings to the chicken. Some people are treated as fools and don't know yet. I'm afraid it's too green."

After I said this, Zhou De and Chen Shien frowned, but my father said:

"Little brat, you've been acting weird ever since you came back. How dare you yell when you're beaten up like this? When your uncle zhou is gone, I won't skin you!"

After saying that, he was angry and said to Zhou De, "Director, don't be as sensible as this little brat. A motherless child is not disciplined, and it's my fault for not being disciplined!"

Zhou De smiled, waved his hand and took a sip of the wine, "It's okay, it's okay. It's a kid. He's a normal kid."

But I could see the darkness in his eyes. He came here today because he was afraid that I would say this in front of my father, so he came to warn me, but today, I was going to go all out.

Zhou De also said, "However, it's not right to hit a child. Brother zhang, the best way to educate a child is..."

He had a lot to say, and he was a teacher. He could force and talk nonsense. Chen Shien, on the other hand, cooperated with him and said, "My father nodded."

"Good, good, I know I shouldn't hit the child, but you know, this bastard's mother stole someone and ran away. When I saw this bastard, I thought of her mother, so I didn't hit her in anger. Well, then I'll teach him well in the future and let shi en teach him more!"

Zhou de nodded hypocritically and said, "Well, brother zhang, let's call it a day. That is to say, teacher chen wants to treat me to a meal. I also took the time to come over! Take a look at brother zhang's demeanor!"

My father quickly got up, laughed and said, "Yes, director Zhou is very busy. Shien, don't let director Zhou come here for nothing in the future. It's quite a waste of time."

Chen Shien immediately said, "Yes."

My dad patted me and said, "Why don't you say goodbye to your uncle zhou and send him off?"

At this moment, I raised my head, smiled grimly, and said in a loud voice that I thought was the loudest:

"Are you done?"

Zhou De turned around, "Acting, what acting?"

I smiled and stared at him with my beaten black eyes:

"Even if you act again, it won't change the fact that you and Chen Shien are having an affair!"