Chapter 23 Acting Is Useless

At this moment, the faces of Chen Shien, my father, and Zhou De changed instantly. No matter how obvious my hint was, it was only a hint. My father might not understand, but I said it directly. He was a fool, and he wouldn't understand.

Zhou De must have never expected me to say anything. He came here to warn me that if I did, I would be bullied to death at school. But I still opened my mouth, not for anything else, just for being bullied these days and being made like this, I couldn't stand it any longer.

He doesn't want me to be happy, and I don't want him to be happy, that's all.

"You and him..."

Zhou De couldn't stand it any longer. Just as he was about to explode, he didn't seem to be afraid of my father, and he didn't seem to care about my father at all, so he planned to do it, but Chen Shien broke the awkwardness at this moment.

"Hey, Xiaofeng, what are you talking about? Did you watch too many tv shows? If you talk like this again, director Zhou will be angry. If you talk like this in school in the future, you will be expelled. The opportunity to study is not easy. You should cherish it!"

Chen Shien seemed to be trying very hard, but I knew this was a warning to me. If I don't miss it and don't want to study, I will continue. This is indeed my fatal injury. If I don't study, what can an underage like me do?

Zhou De was pulled by Chen Shien's collar:

"Director Zhou, I'm so sorry. After my child lost his mother, I went into his house. After all, he was his stepmother. It was only right that he didn't like me, so he would slander me for having an affair with you in front of his father. Don't be angry with him. The father of the child, I'll leave the child to you. I won't lead the family to visit again!"

With that said, Chen Shien pulled Zhou De with an ugly face:

"Let's go, director. I'll see you off!"

My dad listened and thought about it. I looked into his eyes to see if he could tell who was telling the truth. I added:

"Dad, I'm telling the truth, but she forced me to delete the video evidence."


All of a sudden, the loud slap stopped me. I thought it would be Zhou De, but it was my father.

He looked at me angrily, grabbed the broom from the side and hit me:

"You bitch, you're really lawless and arrogant, aren't you? I'll beat you to death and talk nonsense in front of me!"

As he cursed, he greeted me with a stick:

"If you don't respect your mother, if you insult her, I'll kill you, you bitch!"

I struggled desperately, shouting:

"Dad, it's not like that. They lied to you. They... Ah!"

I was beaten even harder. I didn't even have the strength to scream. I was already injured all over. It was even worse now.

Zhou De and Chen Shien looked at me and shook their heads. I could see a sly smile in Zhou De's eyes and they went out.

My whole body was covered in wounds, and I was treated casually in the hospital. Because I didn't have any money, the doctors and nurses took pity on me and gave me some free medicine to bandage it. But now, I look more and more miserable.

At the back, I was too lazy to resist. I cried and asked my dad to hit me. I gritted my teeth and said:

"Just hit me, kill me, hehe."

I cried and laughed at the end.

"Yes, my mother is a bitch, I am a bitch, and Chen Shien is not a bitch, but she goes out every day to play with other men. You are so funny. Then you can fight."

"Shut up!"

My dad hit me in the mouth with a stick, and my teeth were bleeding. I never thought that my dad would have hit me so hard. If I hadn't shut up immediately, my teeth would have been knocked off.

After a stick came down, I was knocked out from behind. I didn't know how I got to bed or how I fell asleep. All I knew was that when I woke up the next day, my whole body was in pain, as if I had a big dream.

I smelled it. I smelled like medicine. It seemed that someone had drugged me. I slept in my broken bed in that small warehouse. I felt hungry.

It seems that everything that happened yesterday was not a dream. From the time I threatened Chen Shien to the moment, it was like a dream, but this was what really happened. What disappointed me the most was my father and the bitch Chen Shien. I won't let them go.

I know. My dad doesn't believe me. I might not be able to stay in this family. Things have come to this point. He still doesn't believe me. He trusts Chen Shien and that adulterer. I don't know if he's retarded or not.

I was wondering who gave me the medicine when suddenly a beautiful figure came in. It should be afternoon by now. I didn't go to class either. I was so injured that I couldn't go to class. But when I saw who this beautiful figure was, I was angry.

It was Chen Zihan, the bitch.

She didn't seem to notice that I was awake and wanted to change the medicine for me. There were some places on my body that my father had beaten so badly that she bandaged them for me? What do you mean, her mother did this to me, and she bandaged me?

I spoke directly:

"Go away, you don't have to cry!"

"Hmph, you are so bold. How dare you accuse my mother of stealing men? That is, my mother is kind-hearted and asked me to drug you. Otherwise, you will be beaten to death and no one will care!"

After she finished speaking, she proudly walked out, and I was half dead from anger, shouting:

"Get out of here."

At the same time, I plan to get up and refute her, "Your mother is a thief... Hiss..."

But my wounds and the strain on my muscles made me unable to move. I never thought that my own father would hit me so hard. This is a dead hand.

I lifted the quilt and looked at the black patches on the bone shelf. It was not a matter of bruises anymore, but of being beaten so hard that I almost saw the bones.

I'm ready to leave this house. This kind of father is not worth staying here, even if I go out and wander, it is better than staying here.

But before I went out, it was dark. Chen Zihan said I had slept all day, and it was night again. Looks like I was lucky I didn't die.

Just as I was about to go out, Chen Shien came in and tried to stop me.

"What are you doing? You're hurt like this, and you're running out. Do you want to die?"

When I saw her, I was so angry. Even if I was hurt, I didn't need her pity. I even let her daughter come to see me. It was funny.

"Go away! I didn't do this because of you! You don't have to care where I go!"

"You're lying. You lied to me about deleting all the videos. You're a good liar!"

I pushed her away and wanted to leave, but she was not strong enough. Maybe because of my injury, I couldn't push her past.

But she pressed me down with both hands.

"Xiaofeng, I've told you before. I'm your elder, your teacher, and I can't do that. Besides, there's no other way. If you get beaten up, who told you to say that in front of us adults..."

"Even if you're good, only my father, that fool, will believe you. But we'll see. You and your daughter are the only ones who can stay in this wretched house. I don't want to stay any longer. This book, whether you like it or not, hehe."

After I finished speaking, my body began to push again, intending to break through her barrier and get out.

But then she calmly said,

"Zhang Feng, for no other reason, think about it for yourself. You are still a minor and a student. When you go out into society, you will starve to death in a few days, or even be killed. You will be kidnapped and sold out of the country, or even be sold abroad to do illegal things. At that time, you will die without knowing how to die! If you insist on leaving, then do as you please. I've said all sorts of good things."

When she finished speaking, she stepped aside and let me go.

I was confused. Indeed, she was right. As a child, I didn't dare to resist my father before. Because of this reason, there were so many different kinds of people in this society. The people who kidnapped and sold children abroad were beaten to death, sold to Golden Triangle, sold to the bottom of society, forced to work hard or even do ducks. I often talked to Ergou and the rest of them about it, and at that time, I just laughed and talked about it, thinking that things were unlikely to happen to us.

So when she stepped aside, for a while, I didn't dare to leave, but for the sake of face, I gritted my teeth and decided to leave.

Chen Zihan just got up to go to the bathroom and found me. He snorted and ignored me.

I washed my face, drank some water, didn't eat anything, took a few dollars and saved it for the past few months. Yes, that's my last possessions. Let's go out. I'm scared in my heart, but in the face of such a father, I don't know what reason I have to stay in this family.

There was also a mother and daughter who were so disgusting.

After pushing the door open, I left without looking back.

It was dark outside. It was almost ten o' clock at night. It was so late. I looked back at the house, and it wouldn't belong to me anymore. May my mother, who had stolen someone and run away, wish me a better life.

I pinched a few dollars in my hand and decided to go to the internet cafe for the night before going to Ergou to see what to do.

But before I could walk out of the end of the street, a cold voice came from a dark corner.

"You want to just leave?"