Chapter 24 I Knew It A Long Time Ago

This sneer scared me half to death. To be honest, just because of Chen Shien's warning, I also thought that when I came out, I would meet a gangster more ruthless than Li Xunhuan, more ruthless than Zhou De's men. I might be beaten, sold, killed, miserable, or even die.

But I never thought that I would meet a gangster so soon. Indeed, it's so late now. It's normal to meet a gangster.

How dare I ignore people calling me?

But when I saw my face coming out of the darkness, I was stunned.

This man is my father!

Yes, my father is here, waiting for me?

I was confused. He beat me up like this, then tried to persuade me to go back, or was he planning to draw a line with me here and cut off the father-son relationship in the future? Or do you want me to pay him back the money I spent raising him all these years?

But I still stopped. I wanted to see what he wanted to say to me.

Or do you want to beat me up? I can't stand his beating right now. If he comes back, I will definitely run away, or resist, and I won't be beaten up so foolishly again.

"Run away like a coward? Can't you stand the frustration of this life anymore? How many times do I hit you, and you get upset?"

His series of rhetorical questions confused me. What did he mean, was he going to persuade me to go back or scold me for getting out?

But it didn't matter. I glanced at him and said,

"Zhang hong, you don't believe me. You believe Chen Shien. Even your own son doesn't believe me. There's nothing else I can say. You beat me like this. To be honest, Li Xunhuan didn't beat me so hard. Sometimes I wonder if I'm your son."

At this point, I choked, but I held back my tears. I was about to leave, so I didn't want to get involved with him. Although I couldn't say anything about severing the relationship between father and son, I really didn't want to go back to live in that place. I had no fair treatment, and I still had to be beaten up like this. It was Chen Shien's mother and son's world.

"Haha, I have some backbone. I dare to call you Laozi's name."

When he came over, I thought he was going to hit me. He raised his hand, but I didn't avoid him. I stared coldly into his eyes.

"Call me. Anyway, it's the last one. I'll leave after I finish."

"Yoyo, okay, you want to break up with me? Bitch, Zhang Feng, you have the ability."

He mocked.

"Whatever you think, at this point, just leave me alone."

After I said that, I went around him and planned to leave, but he said something in a cold voice:

"What if I say I believe you?"

Originally, I was determined to leave. At this point, call me a bitch. It's none of my business if my mother is a bitch. But his last words stopped me. What did he mean?

When I turned around, he gave me another sentence that shocked me to death:

"Actually, I already knew that Chen Shien stole people."

"You already know?"

My whole body was in a daze. I turned around and looked at him stupidly. If he hit me like this, then he was crazy.

He lit a cigarette and asked me if I wanted it. I said I wouldn't smoke it yet, but he handed it to me anyway. I learned to smoke and choked.

He began to say:

"But I can't help it. Do you know that your father's business is about to collapse? You still owe a lot of money. Your mother gave you and Zi Han the living expenses. Oh no, Chen Shien gave them to you, and it's all because of her teacher's job!"

"She took out fifty thousand yuan alone, which made up for the deficit in my money. I've never given them anything. I can't even give them a good bed or a separate room."

In my heart, there was a thump. Yes, my dad wasn't very good at that either, so chen shien had needs, and he had an affair with the dean. If I had been playing dumb when Zhou De left last night, I wouldn't have been beaten. It was all for Zhou De and Chen Shien.

He sighed.

"It's useless for your father to let your mother run away. Chen shien is much better looking than your mother. She is so young and has a degree. You also know that she has a lot of men in her life. Can I keep her? Now she needs her job in life, and she has received a lot of teachers' bonuses."

"But that's the money she got from selling herself. Are you happy that you spent it clean?!"

I yelled at my dad.

"So what if you don't feel at ease? Do you want to eat and drink? Life is not what you call justice! If it weren't for Chen Shien's 50,000 yuan to fill the bill, I would have been killed by the dealer! And that director Zhou, you think he's an easy target? He had connections in school and knew a lot of gangsters in society. If I dare to expose him in person today, then he will do things with Chen Shien in the future. He won't be so secretive and scrupulous as he is now."

At this moment, I looked at his face. With the vicissitudes of life, my father was quite old. And I didn't expect my father to have such a side, to give in to me. Is this asking me to go back? It seems that he only sticks at me on the surface, but he still has me in his heart?

It was just for Chen Shien to see, for Chen Zihan to see, just so that I could stay in that house and not be kicked out.

My father, who was a good father, had done his best, at least in this regard.

My dad finished one and lit another.

"That's all I have to say. If you still want to go, just go. Without me as your father, your mother is the kind of person who runs away without saying hello. If you want to run too, just run. A bitch is a cub. After all, a bitch is a cub."

I don't know why, but when he said those last words, bitch, I didn't feel so harsh anymore.

And after he finished speaking, he walked back, still wearing slippers, kicking and kicking back, it seems that he found out I was leaving, and hurriedly came out to stop me.

I thought, if I hadn't insisted on leaving, he wouldn't have said such a shameful thing to his own son if he had died. He was being cuckolded, endured, and smiled. Was it all for me, to raise me up?

Damn Chen Shien!

Thinking of this, I hate Chen Shien more and more. This is the real bitch!

I can't help it. At this point, I can't go back. I have to live on, but this mother and daughter, I will find a way to get their money.

He would also find a way to study hard and earn more money so that my father and I could get through this.

However, through this matter, I have some hope for life. At least in my opinion, there is a caring heart under the cold appearance of my father. At least in this point, my heart is warm.

And Chen Shien wasn't that fierce to me anymore. Only Chen Zihan was still the same.

When I got back, Chen Shien still welcomed me and scolded my father, saying, "What are you doing? Beat the child up like this. If you do this again, I won't stop talking to you!"

My father also curled his lips, "What's wrong, a bitch, a bastard, who's talking nonsense and slandering you, and you helped him talk?"

Chen Shien frowned and shook his head.

"You can't beat a child like that. He almost ran away from home. By the way, where did you just go?"

My dad touched his nose and ran away with his pee.

At this moment, I wanted to laugh. My father pretended to be good for her. In fact, he was so bitter that he could only pretend not to know when he knew his woman had stolen someone.

On monday at school, Chen Shien smiled and said to me, "Study hard. Zi Han won't get in trouble with you in the future. Stop thinking about things that don't fit your age, okay? Your father still has you in his heart!"

I sneered and thought to myself that you would say the same thing. But I warned her:

"I'm telling you, let's just forget it this time. You and that Zhou De cut me off. In the future, treat my dad well and stay at home. Otherwise, even if my dad trusts you, I'll find evidence to prove your relationship with Zhou De and expose it so that both of you can be expelled from school!"