Chapter 25 Back to School

Chen Shien listened to me and wanted to explain, but I was too lazy to listen to her. But from today on, I have to equip myself with knowledge. I have to study hard. I can't go on like this anymore. Even if I can't study, I should find a way to make money in this period of time. I'm only a few years old and I'm not young anymore.

After going back to school, I haven't been to school for a few days, and the pain on my body hasn't recovered yet. The pain in my heart isn't so bad anymore. At least now I know that my father still has feelings for me. At least I'm not so helpless in this world.

When they got to school, Ergou saw me coming and patted me, "Brother Feng, what's wrong with you? You haven't been to school for a few days. What's wrong with you? By the way, I heard about it, Brother Feng. It's my fault that I didn't remind you. Li Xunhuan and the others were at the door of our class before school ended that day. No one dared to stop them. You know that, so..."

I shook my hand and said to him, "Forget it. You don't want to offend them either. I know what you mean. It's all right. I shouldn't have any more interactions with them."

He saw that I was a little cold and didn't want to talk, so he couldn't say anything to me. After all, he didn't remind me that someone was coming to stop me that day.

In fact, I don't blame him in my heart. Li Xunhuan wanted to hit me. Even if he reminded me, I couldn't run away.

After the first class, this cheeky Ergou came back and asked me with a smile:

"By the way, Brother Feng, I still don't know why they hit you. It can't be true. What do you have with goddess chen?"

As soon as the gossipy Ergou said this, many of the students around her were still looking over here. Chen Zihan is really beautiful, and she is one of the school beauties. After all, junior three is already the highest grade in our school.

It was okay for him to be so gossipy, but I didn't want to cause any more trouble. I just wanted to study hard, so I hit him hard.

"Get lost. Don't talk to me about Chen Zihan anymore. I'll kill one of them when I see one of them!"

But when I said that, I regretted it. It was as if I had been dumped by her. Immediately, Ergou's face changed and asked, "What's going on?"

Seeing that my face was getting uglier and uglier, he stopped asking, but many students were looking at me. Whispering about me.

I just didn't expect anything to cause trouble.

It was probably after the second period of recess exercises that I saw Chen Zihan and her gang of female gangsters coming towards our class. Chen Zihan was standing behind us, as if she had said something to Ao Xiaoxue, but she didn't come. Only ao xiaoxue came to us with her people.

The exercises were over and the radio was still ringing. Many students were a little afraid of them. After all, they heard that these female gangsters and the outside gangsters played very well and got along very well, so they could not afford to provoke them.

However, there are some people who are not afraid of anything. Like Ergou, he wiped his saliva on my side and said to me:

"Brother Feng, look at Ao Xiaoxue. She's so white. She's the only one who's prettier than goddess chen in the school flower. What is she doing in our class?"

I cursed with disdain, "It's none of my business. These women just walk around all day with nothing to do. They think they're beautiful."

It's not for no reason that my mouth is cheap. When I think of the kick that Ao Xiaoxue kicked me, my balls hurt. If it wasn't for my hardware, I would have been crippled by her kick.

Ergou suddenly didn't dare to make a sound. I pulled him and said, "What are you doing? Go back!"

But he pointed behind me, and I suddenly felt bad. Sure enough, my clothes were pulled up. I turned around and saw that it was Ao Xiaoxue!

Oh, didn't she hear what I just said?

But no matter what, it was her fault. It was light of me not to retaliate for what she did to me last time.

I took off my clothes and when I pulled them back, I frowned at her, "What?"

Ao Xiaoxue's female gangsters surrounded me immediately. Ao Xiaoxue looked at me coldly.

"Why are you still asking? Why are you insulting us in your class? Did our female gangsters offend you? You've really put on a lot of guts, have you? What did you say just now? You haven't been educated enough last time, have you?"

If she didn't mention it, I wouldn't be angry, but if she did, I was really upset. Besides, in front of the girls in our class, she treated me so badly, so I forced myself to say:

"What do you have to do with what I say? It's not him talking about you!"

At this time, many people came to watch the show. It was not a big deal to watch the show. Seeing me surrounded by so many female gangsters, even Li Xunhuan and the others came over and looked at the scene with a smile.

"What's the matter? Did a fool run into a big sister? Sister ao, what's the matter? Take your little sister and get ready to fuck him?"

After that, a lot of people laughed, and Ao Xiaoxue was not happy with him, so he scolded: "Li Xunhuan, either take your people away, or shut up if you want to watch the fun!"

"Haha, okay, okay, let's shut up!"

Li Xunhuan and the others really shut up. A bunch of gangsters, a bunch of students, our class, and of course, Ergou and the others. They just watched the fun. I took a look at Ergou. He had never seen this kind of battle before, and he really didn't dare. So I didn't blame him for not coming.

Ao Xiaoxue continued to look at me, pointed at my head and said arrogantly:

"For Zi Han's sake, it would be fine if you didn't make a fuss, but you have to keep your mouth shut today."

She was about to come over and hit me, slap me in the mouth, and I dodged, but the second time, I didn't dodge, she gave me a solid slap.

How could I put this face down in front of so many people? I hit her nose directly with my head. She probably didn't expect me to resist, so she had a nosebleed all of a sudden.

She was so angry that she kicked me in the thigh and I almost fell. However, her female gangster companions immediately went over to wipe her nose blood and scolded:

"Sister xue, let's go. We'll help you educate this bastard! It's not a thing!"

Li Xunhuan, on the other hand, was getting more and more excited. He laughed and said,

"What's wrong, sister ao? Can't you do it? Do you need any help? You're bleeding right now. Haha, haha."

"Get lost!"

Ao Xiaoxue was so angry that she wiped her nose and directed her men:

"Sisters, come on! Beat him up!"

At that time, I was confused. There was no Chen Zihan among them, probably to avoid suspicion. After all, she promised her mother not to trouble me, but it doesn't mean that these female gangsters didn't trouble me.

Now, I can't beat them all by myself. They're all female gangsters. One or two of them I might be able to cope with. A group of me is no match at all. They fight a lot. I don't fight often.

"Are you convinced?"

At this time, I saw Chen Zihan running over and persuaded her, "Forget it, Xiao Xue. He's been beaten up like this, and he's been educated."

But Xiao Xue shook his hand and said,

"Zi Han, if it weren't for your sake, he would have been killed here today. How dare he fight back!"

She continued to step on my hand, ignoring my howling and questioning:

"Are you convinced?"

Chen Zihan had no choice. I think she did plead for me, but I felt even more ashamed. On the playground, in front of almost the whole school, I was beaten like this and pressed to the ground to ask if I was convinced.

If I said I was convinced, then what face would I have to live?

Li Xunhuan and the other gangsters were still laughing and saying,

"A fool is a fool. Even girls can't fight. Haha, if I were you, I'd rather die."

His companion, black skin, was smiling and nodded repeatedly.

"That's right, that's right. He's really not a man. How dare he? I despise you on behalf of the moon!"

Hahaha, Li Xunhuan laughed out loud. "Do you still represent the moon? Why are you so disgusting?"

Black skin shouted, "Didn't I write it in the text today? It's all caused by the moon. Can I use it?"

"It's so elegant and disgusting." Li Xunhuan hit him.

These people, they used my business as a joke, a joke, a topic of conversation, I was so pressed on the ground, unable to move, but also forced to ask whether I was convinced or not. In the end, one of Ao Xiaoxue's female gangsters spat on my face and cursed:

"I can't believe it. Sister xue is asking you a question. Oh my god, he just grabbed me. It hurts me to death."

At that moment, I was furious. The man's blood made me angry. I bullied me like this and spat on my face. I couldn't stand it. Even though so many people were pressing on me, I still gritted my teeth. Under Ao Xiaoxue, under Chen Zihan, under the gaze of these female gangsters and Li Xunhuan, I roared out loud:

"I'm not convinced!"

"I'm not convinced!"